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1972. Arbat. Near the house a school number 59 named. Gogol. But my mother gave me a little box on the school № 58 with in-depth study of German (in Greater Afanasyevsky lane). Now that school is not. And the building was demolished, and the number of schools, which is built in its place, changed. Well, does not matter. Thus, the German special school. The language began to study from the second grade.

How we lived? Yes, usually. Steel Octobrists. In the classroom hung "stars" painted on sheets of Whatman and glued in the glow of photos of members of "Sprockets". The commander of the stars changed around - one week, second week, etc. I liked it when it's my turn to be the commander "Sprockets". And not much like it when the commander became some kind of a girl.

Benches we were old gymnasium of the sample, with a beveled top and a ... What's it called these wooden "doors" are discarded when it was necessary to get out of the party? So great was about to clap their desk. And draw on these parties, too, it was great.

In German lessons from his class, we went to the top, "senior" floors. Once in the game, I found the blotter on which was depicted the fight: disciple unknown depicted battle beetles felts, roofing felts still some things. Then my friends and I were constantly trying to reproduce exactly this pattern.

Some time, I went to prodlёnku. On prodlёnke was fun. Once all the lessons are made, each one doing what he wants. The girls were busy constantly in a circle, made of papier-mache puppets for the play to any holiday. Mostly it was the wolves (the play was about something there is and how many wolves out there).

But more often I was returning home after school. And quickly made the lessons ran into the street. We wandered through the streets with friends, climbed in attics, roofs, "forest" under repair buildings, building, the garage. Once, when we were sitting on the roof of the garage and talking about something, a man walked past. We caught up with his right hand man made "gun", he took aim at us and said, "Kky!" And then winked and walked on. And one of us said, "Did you see? It's Vitsin! "Vitsin! And yet the same makarom I saw Yuri Solomin. Near the school № 59 was filmed an episode of "Road to Calvary" and we - our children, and all the neighboring courtyards - reverently looked at the adjutant of his excellency, who came to us - in the form of a White Guard (as we then thought) - and said: "Guys, go away, do not disturb, film set here ».

A May 9, the father of one girl all the boys brought a pair of lieutenant epaulets and we put them - the real chase! - To his white shirt, and on his head, we had blue caps "Rila", which is "almost like the real thing." And we're showing something on the stage. And then go for a walk in this form. And they were sure that we all envy. Still would! We have real epaulettes!

Sometimes, with the class we went somewhere else, for example, puppet Obraztsova. What we said then? Yes, a lot about. For example I remember how my friend and I Genka Titov, such as late at night walking past the church and began to talk about God. The strange thing is that we vied with indignation said that as it is so in the papers that there is no God, and when it is clear the fool that he is. Where have we been, young October 1973? The church there now stands at Philippovsky alley.

Arbat alleys, meanwhile gradually purified from old houses. In 1974 we were given an order, and we moved into a new house. Our subject to demolition. In the new area because of the high percentage of children falling under the wheels of cars was a kind of school system configuration: the child had to write to the school in a way that is not conducted across the road. However, my mother sent me to school, which led the way across the street, because it was a school, where he studied German. And I remember when I had to call home address, somehow I always felt ashamed that I was "on the wrong street».

This system configuration, however, are not saved. When we were in the 4th grade, a boy was killed. He was riding a bicycle directly at the curb. The rear wheel to come off, the bike skidded and he fell on the road. And I went back wheelie machine. The boy fell so badly that wheel hit him on the head. When drove trashcan, then this driving him literally flattened head. So him and buried, with a closed head. We ran to the funeral. Then, always in front of the house at the funeral they said goodbye, the band played, people were crying. Strange, but for some reason I remember the sound of the funeral orchestra is often heard here and there. On the Arbat I did not remember.

In the 3rd grade we learned the second shift. It was great because it did not have to get up early. Everything is learning and you're still at home. And the school is quite empty when you come back. The truth is unpleasant, when you learn, all at home. I floor in class B. In class A, for whatever reason, were collected almost all the local bullies. Then five people in this class went to jail (after graduation, of course), but in general, almost all the boys in the class went to vocational school after the 8th.

In the 3rd grade we wandered through the streets. It is true there was a bit different the landscape - not at home, but on the contrary, almost rural, though Moscow. Lead melts on fire, shot slingshots. Once launched another raid on Stalin's dacha, which was located nearby. They climbed on the fence. True peel inside somehow zarobeli. I wonder what would happen if we were caught there.

I had a hobby: sculpted from clay fortresses and soldiers. Gradually I acquired the enthusiasm of the classmates. Oh, and we arranged the battle. This fascination lasted right up to the 9th grade. Having learned about it somehow some classmates raised us to laugh, such as children played with toy soldiers. However, very soon from the agency, we learned that they themselves to the same moment in all the puppet play. However, something I ran forward.

I also loved to read. The district library a long walk, tried to discover something interesting, because basically there was a haze about the pioneering heroes. One librarian told me, "Look, you are looking for a book so carefully, I want to help you" and removing from the table of a thick book by Jack London gave me. And I was stunned not so much by Jack London, and from what he said to me, a fifth grader, addressed to you. I read avidly everything that could get interesting.

More I liked to ride in the Borodino Panorama, since early childhood greatly respected Napoleon and everything connected with it. The Borodino Panorama I alone, with friends and was probably a hundred times. Well, of course we went to the movies. And of course we are walking. Walked, incidentally, also mainly in construction. At the time of protection as such it was not. And what could be more exciting than to climb in the dark on the construction site and climb there for bulldozers, excavators and cranes? In winter, of course all sorts of wacky winter entertainment. I remember, for example, as we have on the hillside next to the road built a snow fort and fired snowballs from there passing car. One car stopped, the driver jumped out and chased us. Oh, and did we skedaddle! In the evening, I came home and began to read "The Count of Monte Cristo", seizing ice cream. At night, the temperature has risen. Rooting loved. It's so cool - no need to go to school. Everyone at school, and you're home baldeesh. Although, of course, did not like to take medication. And lying in bed did not like.

At school, at recess, we "rushed" always comes home with orange knees from the mastic that rubs the floor in the corridors. Then they began to play hide and seek. One of the staircases somehow always been closed and we have to change to penetrate and play, leaping from floor to floor. As currently no nothing broke - still wonder. Especially when you consider that The leader jumped blindfolded.

More playing "Monopoly". Not true, and home-made. And money will draw. Well, in the course of chewing gum wrappers, too.

Our German teacher led KID - International Friendship Club. Sometimes she sent a few people to the Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills in there the central KID. In the Palace of Pioneers, we received envelopes from foreigners who wanted to correspond with Soviet pioneers. Of course foreigners were from socialist countries. I corresponded with one Polish and one German. German named Roland. He and his family lived in some Rothenburg in his two-story house with five or six rooms. Once he wrote to me that his grandfather fought in the war and was killed. I wrote him back that I grandfather also fought and came all the wounded; the letter asked: "Where is your grandfather died?" Most of the Germans I have not received a single letter. Poles also correspondence is also rather quickly faded. To tell the truth, I somehow not very interested to correspond with them. Well, we sent each other postcards, well told about the family. And what else?

One classmate decided to put the matter of international friendship on a commercial basis. He dropped in on their own in the KID to the Palace of Pioneers, pick up the letter of foreigners, ostensibly to take to school, and he takes out calendars, postcards and any such change. Then he caught it. But nothing much done only "deal" at the meeting.

And one girl (though not from my class) corresponded with a Romanian. One Romanian wrote to her: "Send me some tights." The girl began to think: what is meant Romanian? After all, then certainly we could not even suggest that Romanian requested to send her the most ordinary sweat pants. In general, so I do not think of the girl interrupted the conversation. And somehow I the Romanian still sorry she had been waiting for tights from the USSR, probably.

Well, that's a childhood was normal. In the mid-70s began with the theme of the Great Patriotic War. That is, of course, it was before, but somehow not very pompous. And in 1975 on Kutuzov Avenue, exactly opposite the house of Brezhnev, opened a stela in honor of the war. Somehow I remember it well. And then they'd go on increasing. I remember, in 1977 I went to the May in the bus. Of course as a rough pioneer I pretended to look out the window and did not notice. Yes, I confess, I did not yield to the place old men and women. And I'm not alone. It once was common general rule of conduct pioneers 70s (this even in miniature "Jumble" is). Well, in general food. And then I start to push someone. I see - veteran. Well of course I got. And he began: "Look, sit, and I like you for the blood spilled." And then I get the evil and I took him on the forehead: "For me the blood shed by my grandfather because he had long since died of his wounds." Veteran almost choked with indignation.

And you know, I do not remember their peers some special reverence about the veterans. It's considered by us as part of the overall performance of boring. Ah, May 9, well, then it is necessary to put the school setting with the verses, it is necessary to invite the veterans and listen to what they tell us. It's boring and not interesting. And if I had someone say that back in the late 70's, I sat with interest at these meetings devoted to memorable dates, then I will be forced to accuse a man of insincerity. In all the meetings we have collected from under the sticks.

And yet I remember - though it was later, in the year '81 - my one girlfriend sewed from a canvas hat, headdress is very similar to the German infantry during the Second World War. Oh, I cut through it. Pity the photos did not survive. And then I gave vilify one other, and he took away the teacher - like, "You're almost fascist villain wearing a cap?" A classroom was his cap. However, I ran forward again.

I also first learned in school about Zionism. It is so. Our Trudovik named Peter L. Krasnobryzhev. He gladly told me that his name comes from his father (or grandfather), who served in the Red Army and was awarded the red breeches. Peter L. was not a fool to drink, making him the face was always red. Face it, by the way, is somewhat reminiscent of the actor Leonov. This had a very imposing figure and strongly instilled in us a love for work. To do this, his studio was always open after school and everyone could go there and do everything for himself what he wants out of wood or metal. I, too, often there dropped in - sharpening the machine gun for his clay army. And once one guy - older than me - decided to make himself a star Sheriff to in kovboytsev and Indians play in the yard. Should he then machined from brass. Well, what Star Sure - six-pointed. In this film about Indians who once was. By Peter L. goes. And suddenly says Star. As he grabbed the boy, but his little head against the bench are not slammed and screaming, "Oh, fuck, that invented! Zionism was there to breed! I'll fuck, the director now! "Of course we were scared all. Nothing can not understand. What is Zionism we do not know. But we understand that this is something terrible. Most of all he was scared of course the boy who grind Star. In general, I remember since then that the six-pointed Star of Sheriff's better not to grind.

And the joke is that the military instructor in our school was Yakov Levit. Well, it certainly is now, I think this is a certain piquancy, and then I did not understand. But still I pointed to myself that our inseparable trio - Trudovik, "pencil" (art teacher) and our physicist-Stalinist (always as a drink, loved to talk about Stalin) kept always together and always booze and military instructor kept apart from them and not drinking. And yet curiously not a fighter against Zionism, Peter L. and military director Yakov took us on the field of Borodino, and similar memorials. And all his bunker, which was also a shooting range and all sorts of other interesting zagashnike very us in high school was like. And Peter L., but, took us to the camp of work and rest at Simferopol, where appropriated part of the money earned by us (we are in fact a hundred rubles to give hands for almost two months, and so full of joy pants). Well, it's something I digress.

I also constantly as a child in any sports clubs or walking clubs. That athletics, the canoeing, and even - ceramics at the Central Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren.

More summer camp course. But here everything is clear. Games voynushki, white and red, the Germans were our own. I, by the way, these games are always played in white. I liked very taut white films, and lax Reds do not like. Especially much I respected captain Ovechkin and imitated him in the games until memorable tick (cervical). In one camp I was elected bearer of the unit. Much I liked this thing - go ahead of the group. The truth is not quite ahead. The very first commander went. But the standard-bearer right behind him. And yet he loved, when facing what some solemn days bearers especially prepared and collected separately: "Bearers groups gather in the Pioneer room." Friends so deliberately annoyed: "Ah, again with the banner to go to rehearse," and the soul itself is nice - the standard-bearer of the detachment. Not just because!

In the evenings a movie, then dancing. Films all on the selection of the old, so that almost nothing is heard. Even if you sit near the speaker itself. A dance, oh. Everyone was "its a girl". Although not recognized, but still dance it only invited each - "their". And the girl when she was invited, made his head's commercials - a semi-circle to the left from the bottom up, and rolls his eyes, saying, "Well bored again those silly dances." A dance pioneer distance - that is, when your hands around like Pinocchio stretched. Push yourself? What do you! Little more we were. A senior squad certainly pressed. Well, the night horror stories of course. Again, girls night paste to smear necessary. However, they are also anointed. And the girls even better at it. Sly they.

I remember once in the Pioneer went for a few days camping in tents. And the weather is rainy, nasty. But we eat there because of this field kitchen. And once the sun came out before dinner - just having fun on the soul. Then the chef said to me and another three guys, "Take the boiler and bring the water in it." The boiler in a field kitchen - like the gas tank in the truck, but brilliant. Well, we took and dragged. And to go to the village to the column. And I had to go to bypass the road because straight lay cabbage field. Well, to a column four of us somehow dragged the empty boiler. We poured full. Take - and he bastard, does not rise. Well, crazy heavy. Do nothing, half cast. Anyway heavy. More cast. In general, it left much to be able to drag - we were 12 years somewhere, not athletes, frankly - that is, almost at the very bottom. Then think of how to go. On the way to bypass the very far. We decided by a cabbage field straight to close. Though it all and cabbage, and other opportunities to drag the boiler is not visible. Napryamki flooded. And cabbage is already huge. And the rain was only in the morning. All the wet field, but still every cabbage, sheets, a liter of water two or three. And here we prёmsya through the field, knocking cabbage, and water is poured on us. All in the dirt, like the devil. And I laugh, there is no restraint. One of us said: "The waters that we'll bring, just enough to the appliance to wash the mud." Well here we are in maturation.



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