As always, March 8 was more original than the last year.

As always, March 8 was more original than the last year. Though the holiday's and women's, but I think all the guys get drunk much more than women. We Edik booze and smoking cones in his house while his wife stayed at Tiffany's.

Forage caps, he dragged from huyivoznait. Cones they did not smoke, but the vodka, ate more than I am for all the New Year holidays. Topic fucked disclose will not, because we are not talking about it.

In general, I wake up at three in the morning hours, from the howls of some creatures. First, I realized that it koshak. Howl of a raucous and shrill, sho pizdets hangover, my head starts to crack. I get up go out to the balcony. Just howling from somewhere far away. Well, I think the races can be awakened and cones kurnut. I shook somehow Edik. He first sent a long fucking course. Well, I showed him a cigarette clogged. It seems happy. They went out with him on the balcony and koshak somewhere all the howling. And I hear that not far away. Edik couple propizdev himself, began puff at his cigarette.

We stand so fun stretch. Eddie says: - No, because it's not necessary to go Koshak plug. And he began to closely look into the dark street. Looking troublemaker. I went to the fridge for a beer. We had finished his cigarette. I've also started a fucking eyes this creature look. And he howls and howls like a bud it there a herd of rabbits fuck. Well, Eddie says to me: "Paid fuck on ulittsu, save type bednae zhyvotnae am faithful to gibili marozi, and then we fall asleep Sedna dick." Although not want to go, but to sleep under a howl, not exactly turn out.

Coming out of the house, we began to focus on the sound, hoarse howl has turned into a hideous rattle. Having not much further object of the sound source has been found. A tall tree sat the shabby lover sprats. At the sight of us she wailed even louder. Edward walked over to the tree and began to call her: "Well, kitty-kitty pussy me something, kitty-kitty Go court, kitty-kitty." What pussycat fuck just howled looking like some eblan, something she says. After a couple minutes, and I joined Edik and we have two throats shouted: "Kitty, kitty ... Pisda Ipanema ottudava get down!". Ten minutes in vain in any koshak no wish to go down. As noted by Edward that compromise neither wants it to go, and have to take a strategic decision - to attack the object missiles surface-to-air.

Probably two years in rocket forces make themselves felt. And by Edward missiles meant snowballs. We began to sculpt them. It is only now I remember it all like a silly venture stoned two thugs (in the best sense of the word), and then we were more than serious. And so we begin our attack, but then we did not get, swing, especially to get in a sheepskin coat, and even at the height of about two floors, is very difficult. It was decided to remove outer clothing and continue on. I was out of breath, with my sweat flowing. For us, it was not, then to shut the cat, and quietly go to sleep at that time it was the purpose of our lives. Edik with glee sculpted snowballs and threw them into the already frightened cat. But still nothing happened.

And then his head pretty fucked matured cunning plan "- I climbed conductive and throw off this thing." - It did not match any more what exit he said. Engagement excitement I agreed with him. I hoisted it, it caught on a twig and began kicking his legs trying zalest up. With great difficulty, although it is even with great understatement, he climbed to the first and a fairly strong branch on which it was possible to break. The cat has calmed down considerably, probably felt that the cold death will not die for sure, but did not know that the chance to die from traumatic brain injury increased.
Edward was lying on a thick branch clasping it with both hands. I lit a cigarette. And they stood waiting until the rest eblan and climb further.
-Edik, Mr. Che you there? Pussy Come on! - I shouted.
Well fuck it, I'm not going further. - His eyes were filled with fear and began to resemble the opinion of Koshak when we approached him.
-Then Come down come down!
-Nea ...
Yes you che ebanulso? Come on, or climb up or down.
Yes there fucking high.
Edward began to resemble the form of Koshak, not mewed. Both sat on the branches and they were afraid to come down.
-Edik Shit, let's get down, dick this koshak, I'm cold already. - I cried thinking that it is still podebony my sidekick.
-Neee Here ... fucking high. Let's have thrown me a lot of snow in it and I jump.
Well fuck it where I'll find lapatu conductive, so let's jump.
-You Pasmatri some height here ...

Well fucked. Che to do something. It seems not joking. Who knew that he was afraid of heights. Then I decided to use the method applied unsuccessfully to koshak. And Edik method - the "land-to-air missiles." He began to sculpt snowballs and knock down probyvat his sidekick. Although I knew that it did not get to shoot down, I wanted to bring on an attack of aggression itself. That he can fight me down pizdyuley. But it was to no avail. He just loudly swearing and spitting at me, because he was doing no more than what he could not. We had a war, I uvarachivalsya from his spittle, and he could no fucking from my "ground-to-air missiles." Even koshak shut up and watched two grown men toil garbage and try to cast aside and spat each other. I even forgot why we came. It lasted not long. We noticed a passing patrol cops.

Well all fucked up Got Game. - I said, coming to his senses when the patrol arrived to us. It is difficult to think about trash at the moment, but the situation was life-giving: one adult man fighting off a branch from my snowballs loudly and swearing, higher other koshak hoarse howls.
-Your documents. - Without emotion Liebl said to me, sergeant. Che behind their fucking style, always first ask for documents. On the dick I went out of the house will take the documents. Generally I offered to go with them.
-And This to us? - Showing Edik I asked.
-And This.
Well blasphemy remove. - I said sarcastically.
Now the picture was more colorful: two garbage persuaded Edik slest down koshak ceased to howl, apparently the voice was gone, instead of meowing obtained some wheezing, and Edward still all sent to the dick, okay though spitting is not what it was.
In short, soon found a compromise. Garbage podagnali your UAZ. Edward jumped to his roof, then tears. Paul's not much persuasion to pay off the cops we should re 500. At home we have smoked for a long time and lumps bellow over this story. That is now March 8.

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