Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2016

Spring is a time of love and transformation. In this period we want to look especially beautiful! The astrologer will help You choose the right day to go to the stylist, the beautician or to a gym.

1 Mar
21st and 22nd lunar day. Moon in Sagittarius

A good day for a stylish and trendy haircuts. It is not necessary to do hair for his age – this will give You a head. A good plan cleansing Facials, peels, masks. Excellent results will be from epilation. Hair coloring is possible, but prefer classic colours, natural shades.

2 Mar
22nd and 23rd lunar day. Moon in Sagittarius

Good day for haircuts and coloring. However, you should exercise special care not to make sudden changes in the image, do not use very bright colors and shades. You should also avoid too short haircut, today refrain from chemicals or hair straightening.

3 Mar
The 23rd and 24th lunar day. The moon in Capricorn

This day can afford fashionable and bold, business-like haircut. If you get a haircut today, it will give You confidence and will help in business and career, and get to build relationships with others. Coloring is favorable, and you can try new bright and trendy colors. Good to do Facials, peels and hair removal.

4 Mar
24-th and 25-th day of the moon. The moon in Capricorn

A great day for the modern and bright color and also for manicure. It is good to try different colors, shades, something new. Shearing day is not really favorable, we can only repeat that which You already went and succeeded. Well today to make cosmetic massages, nourishing Facials, massages for the body. You can buy cosmetics.

5 Mar
25-th and 26-th lunar day. The moon in Aquarius

Great day for a stylish haircut. Everyone will like it, most of Your entourage will appreciate the result. But today is not the best time for hair coloring: the risk to dye my hair too bright a shade, which You will not go. Safely planiruete sports today will be able to make good progress.

6 Mar
The 26th and 27th lunar day. The moon in Aquarius

A good day for shearing, you can do asymmetric variant, stylish bangs and the original form of the head. All that will differentiate You from the mainstream, isolated from the environment, is welcomed. Well on this day to give an increased load on the thighs and belly, do anti-cellulite massage, body wraps, and exercise. Diets are also welcome.

7 Mar
27-th and 28-th day of the moon. The moon in Pisces

Great period color, but the cut is better to postpone – it may not be possible. Color choose a bright and unusual – would make a very unexpected but attractive way. Sports today, try not to do. This is a great time to buy makeup or visit a makeup artist.

March 8
The 29th lunar day. The moon in Pisces

The color today is undesirable, as the haircut. You should devote this day to personal care and skin of the face and body. Good to do massages, baths, beauty wraps. It is better to use natural cosmetics, natural ingredients, you can prepare masks and massage oils for yourself.

9 Mar
0-th lunar day. The moon in Pisces. New moon. Solar Eclipse

Today junk no haircuts, no hair coloring. Experiments can cause harm are likely to feel that they are not good, so it is better to refrain from any change. Today shows a simple massage, water procedures, walks in the fresh air.

March 10
1st and 2nd day of the moon. Moon in Aries

Great day for a stylish and short haircut. Can try some vivid and unhackneyed color that will suit You. A great day for dieting, exercising. Today you can make wraps and anti-cellulite massage. The cleaning of the face is better not to.

11 Mar
The 2nd and 3rd lunar day. The moon in Taurus

Good day for haircuts and coloring. Today it is possible to do stylish hairstyles which will add elegance. Colors for better to choose more dark. Good today to schedule a waxing, manicures and pedicures. After sports be sure to replenish the water balance. Perfect effect gives rubbing problem areas with slimming gels, or scrubs.

12 Mar
The 3rd and 4th lunar day. The moon in Taurus

A good day for a stylish color. Will be able to choose the color that suits you very well. But use only natural dyes or make masks for hair oil-based. A good result will give all types of massages, therapeutic, sports, anti-cellulite.

13 Mar
The 4th and 5th lunar day. The moon in Taurus

A great day for practically any cosmetic procedure. Can create a very attractive, bright and feminine, which will help You in business and personal life. Good today to schedule Facials, beauty massages, wraps, beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.

14 Mar
6th lunar day. The moon in Gemini

Auspicious day for haircuts and coloring. It is not necessary now to carry out these experiments for yourself, so please refrain from visiting the hairdresser. Be careful, you should be in the home of cosmetology – don't do any serious treatments and procedures, and not engage in sport wear.

March 15
The 7th Lunar day. The moon in Gemini

Difficult day for haircuts and coloring. And all because of the fact that will not see the integrity of the image. Try to refrain from having to follow anyone's advice, especially in such an important matter as the exterior. Refrain from serious physical exertion, overeating can also have a negative impact on this day, all over the stick measures.

16 Mar
8th lunar day. Moon in Cancer

This day can afford hair color, but only with natural dyes and masks, and hair support treatments. Well today just to make masks, body wraps, hair, body, face, use natural cosmetics or make a mask yourself. Clipping and hair removal day. Do manicure pedicure, but be sure to do baths for feet and hands with supporting the skin's moisture composition.

17 Mar
9th lunar day. Moon in Cancer

Good day for hair coloring and manicure. But the cut will postpone to another day. You can do all the color – well to change the tint of hair, paint over the roots. Just be sure to do after the treatment mask and use balms and conditioners. It is better to stick to a strict diet – there is a risk of overeating.

18 Mar
10th lunar day. Moon in Leo

A great day for haircuts and all sorts of treatments for hair. Feel free to plan for today chemicals, hair straightening, laminating. Coloring is also possible, but in bright colors. You can do complex cosmetic treatments, cosmetic surgery. It is good to exercise, to diet, to do anti-cellulite massage and wraps.

19 Mar
The 11th lunar day. Moon in Leo

The day is suitable for creative haircuts. Will be able to show imagination, to change beyond recognition and hairstyle would look really good. Painting is possible, but it is better to use natural shades. Good today to schedule injections, complex cosmetic treatments, cosmetic surgery. A diet or learn information about them – this will be useful.

20 Mar
The 12th lunar day. Moon in Virgo

A great day for painting. Can not only find your tone but also beneficial to stand out from the others. A new way to transform your look, making an appeal. Well today doing various beauty treatments to improve appearance with quick effect. You can visit the makeup artist, buy makeup. Haircut possible, but it is better not to change shape.

21 Mar
The 13th lunar day. Moon in Virgo

Difficult day for haircuts and coloring. All can change very quickly – and the mood to do anything will be gone. Therefore it is better not to carry out serious procedures, such as cosmetic surgery, injections, peels. The result may disappoint. It is not necessary to exercise, give yourself a big load.

22 Mar
The 14th lunar day. Moon in Virgo

A great day for painting, and cutting refuse. Can choose the color that will be perfect, and the shape of the haircut can ruin everything. Therefore, the best time to stop. Well today to do a manicure and pedicure, a nourishing and moisturizing facial masks, and injections for rejuvenation of the skin. Refrain from radical diets and training power sports.

23 Mar
14-th and 15-th Lunar day. The moon in Libra. The moon was full. Lunar Eclipse

Good day for haircuts – can get surprisingly good effect of the experiment. Color is better to put on another day – hair is very sensitive today, and color selection may fail. Well today sports, to do hair removal, facial cleansing. Be careful with high-calorie foods – can get carried away and eat too much.

24 Mar
15th and 16th lunar day. Moon in Libra

A good day for cutting, as well as numerous procedures associated with straightening, Curling and styling. For coloring not the best period – the result will disappoint you. You can do hair removal, cellulite massage, body wrap. Pay attention to problem areas, working out today will get the best effect.

25 Mar
16-th and 17-th lunar day. Moon in Scorpio

Difficult day for haircuts and coloring. Do not expose the hair and skin too strong influences. Today it is better to give rest to your skin and hair. Make a mask for the face, hair, feet and hands. Take baths with herbs, a diet. To arrange a fasting day, to do stretching exercises.

26 Mar
17-th and 18-th day of the moon. Moon in Scorpio

A good day for painting, and for cutting. Will be able to create a mesmerizing image of a woman mysteries. Good use of natural dyes for hair dyes or natural colours. Today you can buy cosmetics, chat with the makeup artist, experimenting with makeup, doing manicure.

27 Mar
18th lunar day. Moon in Scorpio

A great day for painting and in order to do various procedures aimed at rejuvenation, nourishment, hydration of the skin. Haircut today is better not to do. It is necessary to limit itself in meal, but it will be difficult, as there will be lots of temptations. You can buy cosmetics, to make complex manicure, injections, peels and cosmetic massages.

28 Mar
19th lunar day. Moon in Sagittarius

Great day for a haircut – can pick up very stylish and trendy hairstyle. And hair coloring it is better not to hold – this may harm the hair. During this period you have to actively engage in sports, to do massages to problem areas to limit yourself to eating before and after workouts.

29 Mar
20th lunar day. Moon in Sagittarius

A good day for cutting, but the experiment does not stand today. It is better to repeat what has already been done and turned out well. Hair coloring today may fail, give up today from him. Good day for hair removal, skin cleansers, face and body, massage and sports. You can stick to a diet or to arrange a fasting day.

30 Mar
21st lunar day. The moon in Capricorn

Color and haircut today undesirable. Today pay more attention to preventive procedures – make masks for face and hair, try bleaching and improves the complexion of the procedure. Hair masks are especially useful with oils and wax, which will help to create the effect of lamination.

March 31,
22nd lunar day. The moon in Capricorn

You can make the color of the hair, but haircut today undesirable. Paint is better in natural, earthy tones, it's good to paint the gray hair, to correct the defects in the structure of the hair using fillers. On this day a useful and effective are yoga, stretching, callanetics. And also useful for long walks.published



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