Why, with pain, and elevated temperature do NOT eat

We should always strive to eat then and in such conditions which ensure better digestion. Some circumstances increase the absorption, while others delay it.


In any natural system food there are certain rules.

1. There is only when the feeling of hunger

In doing so, we eat with the sole purpose to cover the needs of the body. We cannot too often repeat the same thing: "don't eat when not hungry." If you follow our principle, the current three meals would end. Also to stop the practice of nutrition between meals and in the evening before bed.

For most people a real appetite will require only one meal a day, sometimes with a little extra fruits.

Hunger is the "voice of nature" telling us that we need food. The other is a smart pointer when there is no. Appetite is the exact opposite of starvation, the creation of habits and practices and may depend on a number of circumstances: the time set for eating, appearance, taste or smell of food, seasoning or even a single thought about food.

In some diseases, is almost constant and neudovletvoreny appetite. None of these circumstances can cause of this appetite, because the latter comes only when there is a real need for food. You can have an appetite for tobacco, coffee, tea, opium, alcohol, etc., but you cannot experience hunger for him, for the body has no real physiological need for these substances.

Appetite is often accompanied by a painful sensation in the stomach, a feeling of "emptiness" or General state of weakness, maybe even mental depression. These symptoms usually tend to a sick stomach gluttons, and these feelings will pass, if the owner of this stomach will refrain from food for several days.

"The condition known as appetite, the source and centre of which is the desire of the nervous system, and the motive is enjoyment, there is a parasite living off its human host, a wrong whose imagination allows him to take root. On the other hand, hunger is a natural physiological instinct that tells the cell what it needs to cover the real needs of man's physical nature.

Appetite does not Express our needs and desires, not what you really need, and what we think we need. It's encouraging imagination beach, transforming our greed for food to an insatiable vampire which grows with the growth of our desires and increases its power until finally it kills us unless we in turn, do not decide to kill him. While our attention is absorbed by the foods that are on the table, enjoying the food for its own sake and the invention of new food combinations to stimulate the appetite, until then we will increase the power of our appetite at the expense of hunger." (Gibson)

A hungry man can eat and enjoy a dry crust of bread. Those who have the appetite, have to eat their food processed and spiced before he met her. Even the gourmet will eat a lot of food, if it will be enough spices and it will be appropriately prepared to generate a fading appetite and to excite his perverted taste.

If we eat without being hungry, and our delicate sensations of taste, necrosis due to binge eating and ingestion of herbs and spices, alcohol, etc., taste ceases to be a reliable guide.

2. Never have pain, mental and physical malaise (discomfort), fever and elevated temperature.

If food should discomfort, heaviness in the stomach or intestines, do not take food before returning to the comfort. It is always guided by instinct.

Pain, inflammation, fever — all this inhibits the secretion of digestive juices, stop the "hunger contractions, interrupts the taste for food, divert the nervous energy from the digestive organs and disrupts digestion. If these phenomena are not very pronounced, small appetite can take place, especially those who have perverted instincts. Animals in pain instinctively avoid food.

The absence of hunger in fever combined with the absence of the hunger contractions. This should indicate the need for fasting. Any food eaten at elevated temperatures, will only increase this state. Ill with a fever needs to be fasting, and not eating. The less energy a person has, the less varied the food and the smaller the quantity the body can absorb. The practice of feeding sick and feeble, to "raise" them, is disastrous.

It was found that certain mental States enhance digestion while others delay him and hinder him. An example is a person who eats a lot of food after a hard day's work. He greedily enjoying the food. But suddenly he is told about the death of a close person or loss of status.

All desire for food at once disappears. Your body will need all his energy for the reaction to this new circumstance, but he required a lot of energy for digestion. Therefore, the food eaten in such conditions is not digested. They ferment and poison the body.

One interesting experiment on the cat will help us to understand this rule. The cat gave a barium porridge and enlighten the x-rays. The stomach worked well. At this time in the room let the dog in. Instantly fear seized the cat. Her muscles tensed, and it turned out that the stomach muscles are also tightened and fixed. The assimilation stopped. The dog was removed from the room, and then the cat calmed down and the stomach has regained its activity.

Swearing, nagging, quarrel during meals is detrimental to health. In many families, all the minor conflicts and disputes accumulate for a day to evening for food to result in a stream of irritation and abuse. You need to eliminate any mental worry.

From the dining room it is necessary to eliminate the excitement, fears, envy, jealousy, misunderstanding in the details, causing emotional stress and hurt feelings. The dining table should not be uttered any unkind words.

Evil eyes making fear or anxiety, not the place when eating. Stomach secretions are at the mercy of emotions. The joy increases absorption, depression suppresses and eliminates it. Carping, envy, jealousy at the table will have a more detrimental effect on the digestion than most drugs. The height of folly to give food to the mentally ill or emotionally depressed.

And again. Don't worry about food. Don't be a "diet bug." Eat food and forget about it. Distract your mind from the stomach. It is the most unpalatable thing of all that I know. If you ate something you shouldn't or food combination was wrong, concern about this is not only not help, but make it worse for you.

3. Never eat during, immediately before or after a serious work, physical and mental.

An ancient Roman proverb "a full stomach doesn't like to think" possible to add "the plow". Became a habit that the mind rushes to the dining room, when it comes to the coveted hour food, even if the hour comes the real hunger.

Hearty eating, the animals are removed in a quiet, secluded place. "Siesta" is an indication for us to follow the example of the animals and also give yourself a rest after a heavy meal. The idea that exercise or speech after a meal to promote digestion, is a gross mistake.

Normal digestion requires almost full attention of the entire body. The blood rushes in large quantities to the digestive organs. Is the dilation of blood vessels in these organs in order to take additional blood.

At the same time in other organs in order to compensate for the loss of blood, there is a significant contraction of the blood vessels. Digestion cannot occur without a large consumption of blood and of nervous energy. The comparative feeling of tiredness after a big meal is proof that the blood and energy come at the expense of the rest of the body.

Man is so created that he can cope at the same time with only one case. Heavy food makes it "stupid", because all available energy is used for digestion. The food in itself, and so she should be divided from all other types of physical and mental activities. No one food can not be eaten, while the body is not getting enough mental and physical rest for physiological relaxation and readiness for digestion.

Heavy food in a state of fatigue from physical and mental work will definitely lead to indigestion, discomfort and inability to work due to the lack of active gastric juices. The rest, especially sleep, in such conditions it is more important than food. You can start eating after relaxation. No food can not be taken immediately before or after a bath. It is not rested fully after work, physical or mental exercises, as just before their implementation.

4. Not to drink during meals

This is a very important rule and should be strictly adhered to. It applies to water, tea, coffee, cocoa and other drinks. Animals and so-called savages do not drink with food, and there is every reason to believe this instinct is a good rule.

Laboratory studies have shown that the water goes from the stomach ten minutes after its ingestion. It carries the diluted, and consequently weakened, digestive juices, thereby seriously hindering digestion.

They often say that drinking water during meals stimulates gastric secretion and thus improves digestion. My answer is: it is an unnatural way to stimulate the secretion of digestive Sokoin, and it leads sooner or later to the violation of the excretory function of the glands.

A water taken two hours after food enters the stomach in a time when the gastric juice is there in abundant quantities, and the reactions are successful.

Drink water 10-15 minutes before eating, 30 minutes after taking fruits, 2 hours after a starch meal and 4 hours after the protein.

Drinking while eating leads to poor chewing of food. Instead of thoroughly chewed and moistened with saliva food the one who drinks during meals, learns to swallow it moistened with water and preparirovanie. This practice must be eliminated at all costs.

Cold drinks, lemonade, punch, iced tea, etc., often drunk with meals, interfere and hinder digestion. The cold interrupts the action of the enzymes which must wait until the temperature of the stomach is raised to normal before they can resume their action.

When a cold drink first enters the stomach, the latter injured and cooled. When the water goes from the stomach and there comes the reaction, there is a fever leads to great thirst. Likewise for the ice cream. Eat ice cream the same what to put into the stomach, a piece of ice.

Hot drinks weaken and deprive the stomach of energy. They break the tone of the tissues of the stomach and weaken its ability of mechanical impact on the food. The weakening of the tissues is, therefore, often causes perforation of the stomach.

And high and low temperature inhibit the secretion of digestive juices. The functional ability of the glands is higher at a temperature corresponding to normal body temperature, or at least not higher than 40°.

5. Thoroughly chewed and moistened with saliva any food

Food, fully processed as a result of chewing, once exposed to the digestive juices, and food swallowed the pieces, requires a much longer time for assimilation. You can save a lot of energy in the digestive process if we will spend only slightly more time and program food. In addition, swallowing food without chewing leads to overeating, hasty eating, and all the consequences of this chain of troubles in digestion.

Starches and sugar is washed away with water or coffee, will definitely have to wander and raises the pH, which will ruin the life of a fool, eating. When starches and sugars swallow chunks, fermentation occurs, even if no violation in the food combined. This is due to the fact that the food is not soaked with saliva and for learning there are no conditions in the stomach. Proteins don't require as much chewing as starches.


Overeating ruined more lives than malnutrition. 1 suffering from malnutrition — 99 those who suffer from overeating. Markets around the world today are crammed with all sorts of products as never before in the history of mankind.

Their abundance, tempting variety and comparative cheapness, multiple menus used for whipping overloaded and jaded appetite, in order to refresh "delight" seductive but debilitating drinks, frozen fruit, ice cream, ever growing silent threat in the form of pies, puddings and cakes — all this speaks to a huge need to train people what not to eat.

Many people resemble a clam, as if they consist entirely of liver and stomach, or worms, whose whole body — solid gut. Stomach some people like a bag with unlimited stretch ability that holds all kind of junk that you can enjoy, and also in any quantity. The fate of men that determines their appetite, but we can't find any the appetite and any combination of normal food.

"Accustom your appetite to obey your mind willingly", said Plutarch. published

Author: Galina Kislyakova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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