Blissful foods according to Ayurveda

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Why do we like tasty food, not just nutritional? According to Ayurveda, it is connected not only with the desire to enjoy. The idea of taste means the saturation of the subtle body, and is not due to saturation of the human body. If you follow modern science, the body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates. But if people would just eat these items, he would not receive satisfaction. After the meal we have is improving the mood, there is a feeling of peace, comfort, rest is all mental sensations, not physical.

If a person is hungry, he will get relief from any kind of food. But in normal condition when we are not hungry, every 4-5 hours to eat, even if we don't gain weight, and it is not that our body lacks nutrients, but still want to eat. Why is this so? Why, even the fullest person hungry? Due to the depletion of energy, need to recharge the brain. When people are experiencing emotional or mental stress, they want to eat.

Any wife knows when the husband comes home from work, it is necessary first to feed and then to decide the case, if she doesn't, the family can be a problem.

The mind wants to eat. No body wants to eat, and mind. The mind consists of a character, and depending on how one lives, what character traits he spends, such foods he likes.

Sweet like phlegmatic people, sharp, hot — tempered, sour — more vulnerable people, bitter, desperate people, oily — prone to avarice.

It is the nature of (post-Natal acquired notions), or if otherwise, the mind needs to be there. This ancient knowledge. As the mind consists of different traits, then the food must unite in enough high-calorie dishes with lots of different components.

Dr. Oleg Torsunov says that from his experience in the treatment of the Americans, who for decades fed separately, it is clear that they are two syndromes: the first is they are unable to think about anything except food. The second syndrome is that food is physically digested these people well but they constantly do not get moral satisfaction. For example, they eat cucumbers, then think three hours later I can eat tomatoes. The mind is not satisfied with this divided food.

According to Ayurveda, for body need something that fits in two clasped together her hands. And for the rest of today together with water— nothing else. However, the mind needs much more. If the stomach to increase, then the mind would eat all that is given, but the stomach does not fit.

There is the theory of benevolent power, is the theory of passionate nutrition, a theory ignorant supply. The theory of benevolent power is exploring what plants have a benevolent character, improving the quality of the nature of the mind. And it is recommended to eat more than these products.

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To a passionate food to be "diet of hot dogs and McDonald's". People in passions tend to run and make a fuss, so they prefer high-calorie foods, fast to use at the time.

Doctors studied from the perspective of chemistry to eat meat, they do not try to study it from the perspective of the psyche, what happens to a person mentally when he eats this food. Psyche depends on our suggestion, as we inspire, so be it — they think so. Now people do not understand the question that the mental state of a person affects the health more than the chemical composition of the food that we eat.

The ancients believed that we should not eat with those people with whom you feel bad. Do not eat from people, to which you have no predisposition. Hatred is a connection at the negative qualities of character. It is necessary first to wish happiness to that person, to forgive him, and then you can make him any food, and nothing bad will be gone.

You can not eat any raw food. Such as bird, animal or fish. This is because in the other space are the images of the spirits of these creatures. According to the Vedas, food raw meat is ignorant. Modern people have all eat meat, in this case, it is very important that it be well cooked that there was no blood.

Signs of a blissful products

There are plants that are aggressive, those that behave well. Benevolent products mostly have a sweetish taste, and/or neutral taste, more or less benevolent, such as spinach, and so on. If the fruit is edible, it's edible for almost everyone. There is no way that the man from Apple was better, but let's say the horse from Apple would have died. The cow also eats spinach, watermelon or bananas. Blessed are products with good character. For example, a tree can be planted any vegetable or fruit will be fine. There are passionate plants that grow so close to them do not grow, such as oak or ash. It is, although the plant is small, but does not give anything in the garden to grow overwhelming. Even we have some plants may have an allergic reaction. Ragweed is a weed, a plant that suppresses others. In another space the plants also have life, feelings and mental activity. In Buddhism it is believed that a person can reincarnate into a plant in the process of the six circles of reincarnation.

According to Vedic knowledge, blissful food increases the duration, the active duration of life, purifies the mind, clears the mind, and thus purifies our lives together, family relations, industrial relations, relations with children and so on. In addition to the physical, gives positive mental strength.

Blissful food depends on the cooking. Cooked food is juicy, buttery and with a pleasant attitude, is considered benevolent. Have food carries the elements of passion and goodness, it can have, but there are passionate and ignorant food, such food is not necessary.


Banana is a goodness product, it improves our mental function, it mainly affects the thoughts and emotions of a person (i.e., left hemisphere). This food product increases optimism, calmness, softness and tenderness of nature.

Passionate products may not be suitable to people living in different climatic conditions. For example, the black radish can be useful to anyone who grows, but if you give her an Indian, he may become bad. Or in India popular product is bitter melon KARELA (shaped like a cucumber, tastes — the stem of a dandelion, bitter), for the Russians it is not suitable, this fruit can be eaten only in very hot weather. Coconut is also a passionate product, this may not be suitable. But blissful products are right for everyone and everywhere.


Anise is a blissful product produces character qualities such as honesty and optimism. Affects the Central part of our body, actions. Of our actions affects all organs located at the center of the throat, larynx, trachea, stomach, genitals. All these bodies be treated with anise. For example, the stomach sick, if you do some herbs and let's say that you have increased acidity or lowered, Yes, these fees shall be fifty percent of those herbs that directly affect the acidity and fifty percent of herbs that will just strengthen the body. Anise strengthens all the organs in the center, as well as the banana strengthens all that is left.


The spice in the form of red stars. It increases the attractiveness of the person, softness and cheerfulness. This spice is especially good for young girls. This spice adds character. In addition, star anise normalizes cerebral blood flow, the acidity in the stomach and the tone of the bronchi.


People who are prone to depression, have in the morning is the barberry. All the sour berries that give the tone, including barberry, according to Ayurveda, it is necessary to take in the morning, or in small doses to add in food for lunch.

All goodness products basically reduce the increased function of any organs, and decreased function of — increase. The goodness — means harmony, so these products are suitable for almost all people.


The grapes increases harmony between people, loving propensity, is in harmony, positivism and caring. Grapes are useful especially women. Grapes come in different colors, you need to look and choose which suits you (prompt intuition). The only thing that the grapes are not worth eating after dinner is bad for health, especially for hypertensive patients.


Cherry increases optimism, gentleness, serenity and harmony with other people. Optimism means blood. Anemia always occurs from pessimism, apathy. Cherry increases cerebral blood flow.


Pear affects the right hemisphere of the brain (will). It is especially good for leaders, strong-willed efforts.


The melon can be attributed to benevolent products, although there is some element of passion. Main character quality: gentleness and simplicity, interesting the way that it affects the right hemisphere, and the quality of simplicity affects the liver. And it turns out that the melon can treat the liver, restore liver function, but melon you need to eat out the rest of the food.

In melons a lot of prana (qi), when a person eats a melon, his prana in the body, too, begins to increase, and he begins to move, the intestines begins to decline, bladder, kidneys, and all unnecessary substances out from the body. However, if you eat too much melon, the body will come not only bad, but good. The melon is good to eat around 4 in the afternoon, but not lunch.

Golden root

Despite the bitter taste, it has a sweet smell. Milk Ayurveda also refers to the sweet taste. If the root was brewed as a tea, it will be a sweet smell. It can be used in very small quantities as a spice for sweet dishes. Normalizes the activity of the nervous system, the pituitary gland, and the pituitary gland normalizes all other hormonal organs, pancreas, kidneys and joints.


Very nice spice — cardamom green, it can be added to food at any time of the day, even at night. According to Vedic knowledge, how much the goodness of a nation is determined by how a food is rich in spices. There is research in Ayurveda: the more sophistication of various spices in the diet, the more benevolent nation. Why? Spices are seeds, it's pollen is the stamen. In fact spice is the culmination of a love of plants. The root in the plant means Mars, the struggle for the desire to survive. If you have the body some kind of infection, a chronic process, cancer, we have treated roots. The roots will kill it all, they are the power, resistance and struggle. The trunk of the tree means the activities, the ability to work. If one eats the parsley stem, then it appears the strength, the stamina to work long and hard. The leaves of the plant represent the thinking, the relationship with the activity of chlorophyll, mercury — thinking. In order to think better, you must eat leaf, leaves, foliage. The bark of the plant means protection, anti-inflammatory, the bark always gives anti-inflammatory effect. Twigs signify the blood supply. What do flowers, fruits? It means love. Honey is gathered from the pollen. Honey means very sweet taste, it is love. Love is characterized by a sweet taste, associated with it. It is also believed that the sweet taste is the most blissful taste. Therefore, you should know that the spices that we add to food, they characterize the concentration of energy of love, or a benevolent force.

Most of the spices has a benevolent nature. Therefore, if the nation is very good, it uses a lot of different types of spices, because of the types of nature people very much, and there are a wide range of temperament. So the food must be present a rich assortment of spices.

Best herbal treatment — this treatment spices. If you have a toothache, you can bind on the index finger of his left hand five cloves in a cloth and the pain will pass.

Against insomnia, you need to take two cloves, a little Valerian root, one-pea sweet pepper (not black and sweet), snap on the index finger and the little finger of the left hand, and five minutes sleep. Spices is a wonderful medication, so each person must learn how to eat spices.

Cardamom green effect on tenderness tenderness means vessels. The person who does not have tenderness is diseased vessels. Cardamom has tremendous power soft so it heals all the vessels of the body, especially the heart.


All children love raspberries, this is a very pleasing product. Raspberry affecting the right hemisphere, so it acts on all the organs on the right side. This berry normalizes the acidity. Three products normalize the activity of the stomach: fennel, raspberry and licorice. The best method of harvesting is to dry, and the jam is after. Frozen food suitable for the mind, but they have no prana (qi). In dry product vitality is maintained. Frozen berries, if you put on the body, it isn't going to treat you, but if you put dried, it will immediately affect the whole body. Can be dried in the oven or in the sun.


Mango is considered the king of fruits, because it has a great power of attraction. This is a very healthy fruit, but its basically a rip off unripe. The mango seed, kills the hepatitis b virus.

All components of the goodness plants have a benevolent nature. Let's say the raspberry roots and branches, and trunk — all parts have medicinal powers.Banana leaves are the best trays for food, even better than gold or silver, it is very useful.

Mango treats all diseases of the liver and restores the function of the nervous system.


According to Ayurveda, honey is a concentration of the energy of love, and each person needs to find the right kind of honey. To do this, go to the market early in the morning and smell the honey: if the smell is light, pleasant and fresh honey for you, if the smell is sweet and warm, no.

Linden honey can be eaten at night. Sweet clover honey improves immunity. Flower honey can be eaten at lunch or in the morning, it gives a good mental tone as well as honey from mountain flowers. Buckwheat honey soothes and invigorates at the same time. That is, different types of honey have different effects on the body.


Sea buckthorn increases the kindness. In women during menstruation increases anger, then they are especially useful buckthorn. You should know that the quality of the character of the plant do not change, but can weaken or intensify. Fresh berries have more power than boiled. But it's not always good to eat it fresh. In winter, prana in the body and so much in the winter so it is good to eat dried berries and vegetables, but not fresh. In winter you can fresh, but then they should be marivate and impregnate with oil.

Each season has its own particular power. Summer food should be very fresh, slightly acidified, the lubricity needs to be average, moderate, hot spices should be the average number, medium should be plenty of sweet spices. Autumn — bitter food increases, spring — tart food increases in winter increases acute, fatty foods, tart and bitter.


Of cereals wheat is considered the most auspicious. The proverb "Bread — to all a head!"it carries a deep meaning. All crops affect human mental abilities. Grains you need to eat from 11 till 2 days, at other times they bring harm rather than benefit. And it is important that bread products were prepared with kindness. Grains should be eaten in moderation, otherwise disrupted brain, it will be difficult to focus. Wheat gives a person peace of mind and humility. If the person eats only rice he cultivates austerity. If only milk — the power of love. Milk is a concentration of the love of a cow towards its calf. If love is not enough, the milk will be too little.

If a person wants to engage in physical activity more, he needs to learn and to comprehend, he needs to eat more Central part of the grains, i.e. semolina or flour. If people want to do rough physical labor and to work more on my physical body to give yourself bodily health, he should then eat the coarser part of the grain, including the husk. It all depends on your desire that you want to increase if you want mental power to increase, we need higher grade feed flour, to make bread from it. If you want to increase the health and physical strength, then, on the contrary, this is bran and so on.


If wheat gives peace, the figure gives the strength of character and honesty. Rice treats the liver. Rice strengthens the will. You only need to identify the number. If the memory is weak — that less is, if the grasping of something more.


Plum soothe, improve cerebral blood circulation, normalizes the nervous and vascular system. If a person has hypotension, changes with pressure, you are encouraged to eat a plum. The vessels will gain strength.

If your eyes someone happened to ischemia, it is necessary to take the plums and press them on the wrist, just hold the wrist.

Black currant

Black currant — calmness, kindness, affect the right hemisphere. Means to treat mild liver. Black currant normalizes cerebral blood flow, affects the right hemisphere, improves liver function, has anti-inflammatory effects, effect on the female organs.


Licorice is a spice that needs to be applied only early in the morning. It has tremendous power of optimism and antidepressant action. Even the Chinese believe that licorice is the cure better than ginseng. In General, licorice affects all hormonal functions, treats the liver, stomach, lungs, and is, very much, good treats and stimulates the activity of the nervous system. The root has a pleasant sweet taste, sweeter than sugar.


Fennel is affected by the actions of his main character qualities: hardness and serenity, therefore it cures all inflammation of all organs in the center. Cardamom and fennel — two spices that are beneficial to all.


Dates are especially useful to people who are engaged in spiritual practices, and self-awareness. Date increases the active longevity and performance. In Tibet, powder of tamarind seeds is medicine for longevity. The bone can be cut with a file and one bone is enough for 5 litres of water, you can brew a drink that drink only in the morning, otherwise you will dream of the "space dreams". Date treats the spine, trachea, esophagus, stomach, intestines, sex organs is a very strong medicine.


Persimmon — blessed product, means love, enhances harmony between people, tender, caring, optimistic. In General persimmons affects all joint tissues. You can tie a bone persimmon to your wrist like a bracelet against cataracts.


Saffron is considered the king of spices. The world's a lot of fakes sold saffron, as it is expensive spice. It is more just increases the power of beauty. A day is enough to take one, two stamens, and the effect will be huge.


Rose and Lotus are the most blissful colors. Of rose petals to make jam. The root of the wild rose is the best anti-inflammatory there is. The root of the brier — also heals almost everything. And you should know that the best drink is rosehip, it is useful and in the morning, afternoon, and evening, all year round, any time of the year.

If you make a drink of three parts of rose hips and one part of the Sudanese rose is also actually wood, then the result will be even better, because at the same time the petals will be used and the fruits, that is three parts fruit to one part of the petals. Because the petals are much stronger than the body than fruit. It strengthens the body, gives mental, physical stability, inflammation will decrease.


Apples increase honesty, treat the liver.

The above products are all blissful, all operate on the positivism of thinking. In other articles we will analyze the foods that increase the ability to act.

Yeast is ignorant of the product, it is possible to determine by smell. The dough can be prepared with kefir, soda — also rises.

The most blissful foods on Earth are: milk, butter, cow's milk, and cream. From them the biggest benefit. Milk can be drunk only after sunset or before sunrise, evening, morning, then it is well absorbed and everything is fine. It is absorbed by the force of the moon. And it treats almost all diseases it does not cure, it gives power to heal — increases the accumulation power of the sick person.

The Vedic principles of cooking

If during cooking you cut the vegetables, and a piece falls and touches the legs, it can't be used. If a person eats with his left hand, along with the food he puts all the negative qualities of character of those people who are close by, if there are no people that can pick up spirits. Food can be taken with the left hand, but bring in the mouth just right, and lefties also have to eat right. In modern culture there is a notion of etiquette, but it's modern, it's from France. The French did not in the past considered to be particularly clean, instead of washing preferred colognes. The Vedic principles are ancient and not based on superficial culture, and the spiritual study of life and the Universe.

If you cook and put the dishes on the floor, but before you put on the table, it is necessary to rinse. Also if the kitchen had previously been treated with food, it is also necessary to wipe. The ancients believed that places where people eat accumulate spirits and eat fine food energy and the idea that people enjoyed the food. They are very afraid of water, so should be wiped with a damp cloth. Also if you have eaten at some place, and there is bad, need to spray just water. Times and splash! Smell to start out fresh. In Vedic culture it is customary to wipe items with water. Bad odor signifies the presence of spirits.

Seriously follow the standards of purity, after a campaign by and large in the toilet, it is desirable to make ghusl from the head before cooking. If this is difficult, you can at least wash my hands, splash on the head, hands and feet with water.

According to ancient tradition, the kitchen is not supposed to be Pets, they always defile the kitchen. Animals have the psychic energy is stronger than people, it is in the kitchen, leaves his psychic energy, pollutes the mind.

Further, if your food before you started eating, looked at the animal, and God forbid, ate before you, that food is necessary to give the animal, it is considered bad, as the overflowing energy of this animal.

Food is important to cook with kindness, positive attitude and calm. The ancient people were singing mantras and prayers during cooking, chanted the Holy names. 45% taste of the food depends on the mindset of the person who prepared it. Because the flavor is more concerned with character, with character, not with the product itself. Even a simple rice, if cooked in a blissful mood, with love will be delicious. And if the food, even the most skilled, but prepared with a grunt, empty thoughts, pursuit of profit, or other negative emotions — it will not be tasty. The kitchen needs to be images of saints. The kitchen can be flowers, roses, but not the climbing plants — the aggressors, it is better to grow outside. The kitchen needs to grow flowering plants.

What colors should be in the kitchen

Colors in the kitchen are of little value, but its value is the shade itself. There are blissful shades, delicate, pleasant to the sight, bright, they evoke a joyful mood; and is a grayish, faded — they bring bad luck. The kitchen should not be gloomy tones. Maybe just the white color, it is neutral. Regarding finishes, birch, benevolent plant, the oak is closer to the ignorant. Very bright colors, a contrast — signify passion, dark, dull — meaning ignorance. Very delicate flowers mean goodness.

The kitchen should not go people who are ready to quarrel with you or in a bad mood.

Spices can be valid for five years or more.

It is better that the kitchen did not live birds (like parrots) or their consciousness will be transferred into the food.

In animals and plants have a soul, animals have a soul tied to the body more than plants, but less than the soul of man. Earlier, people before eating made offerings to the Gods to decrease the karma from eating. The gods eat food in another dimension.

Another tip:

  • Gold has a big impact when wearing, to someone it is useful even as an additive in food, but it is not for everyone. Some people lose teeth immediately after marriage, and if they fail to wear gold, then everything is back to normal.

  • Tuberculosis treatment energy coniferous trees: fir, spruce, and pine. You need to sniff them and which is more suitable, plant root to bind on the wrist. It is also necessary to bind the grass "bear ears" on the wrist, and there is fennel and Jerusalem artichoke (Jerusalem artichoke).

  • In milk, you can add nutmeg, cardamom and fennel.

  • Allergy to treat the bark of the birch (not birch bark, and the bark beneath it). Pieces of red bark to tie on the wrist.

  • Bull gets a better processor, and does not require so many expenses. In India people can stand and read the book, and the bull at this time plow. In Vedic culture it is what comes out bull is very much appreciated. If you collect cow manure in a large enough capacity, and to create certain conditions, to let go of certain microorganisms, it is literally through two-three weeks, there will be so much natural gas that can heat homes. In the Vedas it is written that this is the best way of heating. Pit just threw cow dung, and gas enough for heating the whole, and housing, and cooking, and this gas is very good, not harm people.

  • To strengthen hair: parsley, cucumber, all sprouted grains.

The article presents some excerpts from the lectures of Dr. Torsunov Oleg Gennadevich.

The influence of the sun and moon to digestion of food. About the dangers of eating in the evening. The problem with weight stems from the greed in various aspects of life, the desire to achieve the result of their labor. Unrealized emotions that had accumulated by the evening, people tend to "seize". Food relieves tension.



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