The facts behind the development of laetrile the treatment of cancer

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To present arguments for or against Laetrile, based on laboratory experiments and their results — funny. All these experiments are carried out by people that can be deceived — and to deceive. Since research in the field of cancer and its treatments are provided in billions of dollars, the state Agency with the main cancer research centres will always hide the truth. Is it possible to cure cancer so "cheap and trivial" means as apricot stone! That is why research in the field Laetrile cancer research centers has been sabotaged.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil."(1 Timothy 6:10).

"The human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?"(Jeremiah 17:9).

However, some researchers upright always refused to play political games in the field of cancer. Not money as their motivation, but love of knowledge and truth. Here is a list of their names with a brief description of their contribution to research Laetrile:

Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr., a biochemist and researcher who first received laetrile from apricot seeds. Also opened Q15 (Benhamou acid, a vitamin that plays an important supporting role in the treatment of diseases related to blood circulation). For three years he studied anatomy and medicine at the Medical College Hanhemann and then changed his research direction and became a doctor of biochemistry. He defended his diploma at the University of Illinois in 1938-1941, and later received a degree from the University of Mississippi and the University of California. By 1950 he isolated nutrient in the form of a crystal and called it laetrile. He tested its toxicity on animals first. He had to test it on humans. He could only do one thing. He rolled up his shirt sleeve and injected into the vein a large dose Laetrile. As he expected, he stayed alive and healthy. (I think it is useful to notice that the "doctors" prescribing chemotherapy and radiation, as well as their entire staff, take every precaution to protect themselves from the chemicals they prescribe to their victims, I mean patients). Dr. Krebs authored many scientific papers and articles. He has been awarded countless honorary awards and degrees, both at home and abroad. He was scientific Director of the Memorial Fund John Byrd until his death in 1996.

Dr. Dean Burke, the Director of the Division of Chemistry of the Cytoplasm of the state by the National Cancer Institute reported on a series of tests on animal tissue, in which it was claimed that Vitamin B17 (laetrile) has no side effects on normal cells and is deadly to cancer cells. In other studies, Dr. Burke reported that laetrile prolongs the life of cancer patients rats 80% more compared with those who have not been vaccinated. Dr. Bark was one of the most advanced experts in the world in the field of cancer.

He was awarded the Gerhard Domagk Prize for research in the Field of Cancer, Hillebrand Prize, American Chemical Society, and knighthood of the Medical Order of Bethlehem (Rome) founded in 1459 Pope Pius the Eleventh. He defended a Doctorate in biochemistry at the University of California. He was an honorary member of the National Research Council at the University of London, Institute of biology of the Kaiser Wilhelm, also of Harvard. He was senior chemist at the National Cancer Institute, which he helped organize, and in 1946 he became a Director of the Division of Chemistry of the Cytoplasm. He belonged to eleven scientific organizations, wrote three books relating to chemotherapy research in cancer treatment, and was the author or coauthor of more than 200 scientific papers in the field of biochemistry of the cell. He is a biochemist. If Dr. Burke said that laetrile works, I believe him!

Let's look at some research. For five years from 1972 to 1977 laetril meticulously studied in the center Sloan-Kettering under the leadership of Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura. Dr. Sugiura was the head of the research laboratory of this center and had the experience of 60 years of experience! He earned himself the greatest respect for their knowledge and honesty. Nothing could stand in his way when he sought to know the truth.

"Few in the field of cancer research known as Dr. Sugiura," — wrote about him, Dr. Chester Stock. Perhaps the best assessment of his work was given by a Russian specialist, "If Dr. Sugiura publishes something from their research, we know that we don't need to repeat them, because we'll get the same results."(Ralf Moss, The Cancer Syndrome, New York: Grove Press, 1980, pg 258). For your lab Sugiura was just that person, the integrity of which no one could doubt. However, for the purposes of the Memorial Center that was the worst choice.

Sugiura conducted their experiments using different animals and different types of tumors: as transplanted and appeared in a natural way.

Here is the official statement of Dr. Sugiura regarding Laetrile. "The results clearly show that Amygdalin significantly inhibits the appearance of lung metastasis in mice with breast tumors, and significantly inhibits the growth of protozoa tumors... Laetril also to some extent prevents the appearance of new tumors... In his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic drugs, Etc. Sugiura has never observed complete destruction of these tumors."("A Summary of the Effect of Amygdalin Upon Spontaneous Mammary Tumors in Mice," Sloan-Kettering report, June 13, 1973.)

The report of Sugiura caused the great storm in the Center Sloan-Kettering. Remember: cancer is an industry, which revolve millions of dollars a year. As might be expected, the experiments entrusted to other people. To understand what happened, you need to retreat.

Directorate Sloan-Ketterin ispolnitelnyj controlled by corporate entities that represent the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies. Controlling shares in them belong to the Rockefeller dynasty and their cartel partners. During the report Sugiura three Rockefeller (James, Lawrence and William) sitting at the table, plus another dozen people whose companies are within the financial orbit of the Rockefellers.

John D. Rockefeller and his son JI.D. II, began sponsoring the Memorial Hospital in 1927. They also gave the land in Manhattan for the construction of the new center. But nothing is given without getting something back. In our case, this meant control over one of the leading medical centers in the world.

Not surprisingly, the results of experiments Sugiura was not pleased his employers. The leadership wasn't interested in what's going on in the laboratories in the scientific sense. They are interested in a new drug that can be patented and increase your cash inflow. They did not realize the essence of the report, but when they realized all hell was posryvali the chain. If the cure for cancer can be found in the extract from the simple apricot kernel, this is a terrible blow for the pharmaceutical industry cancer.

The same PD. Stoke, in the Preface to the four-volume work Sugiura, now Vice-President of the Sloan-Ketterin, now argued that the results of Sugiura should reconsider. At a press conference, a reporter suddenly asked D-PA., “are You sure of your report?”

Dr. Sugiura clearly and boldly answered, “Yes, I am.”

His experiments were duplicated by two doctors-biochemists, Dr. Elizabeth Stockert and Dr. Lloyd Sloan, and again positive. Sloan went even further, declaring that the Supplement to Vitamin B17 enzymes protolith produces 100 % cure of mice of the Swiss albino. But this again was not the result they wanted.

What is the easiest in the world to do is to organize someone else's failure. Not so hard to discredit laetrile. All that is required is to make some changes in the Protocol to reduce the dose, change evaluation criteria, to confuse the whole procedure, and, if necessary, to lie. The book of E. D. Griffin, "World Without Cancer," tells in detail how the authorities Sloan-Ketterin tried his best to discredit the researcher.

Those who do not believe that scientists can lie about important scientific things, it is worth remembering that in 1974 Sloan-Kettering became the scene of one of the largest scientific scandals in the United States. Dr. William SUMMERLIN, one of the leading researchers of the centre, announced that he found a way to prevent the process of rejection the transplanted tissue its recipient. As evidence he showed the white mouse with square black spots, claiming that pieces of skin taken from a black mouse stuck on white.

Not really. Black spots were drawn with a black marker. (Joseph Hixon, The Patchwork Mouse; Politics and Intrigue in the Campaign to Conquer Cancer (New York, 1976).

Now, let us have known the lab results, let's look at what came from the doctors themselves in their studies.

Already in 1974 we can get at least 26 different publications, written by well-known individuals who used laetrile in the treatment of their patients and who could confirm that laetrile safe and effective in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Hans Nieper, West Germany, former Director of the Department of medicine at the Hospital of Silbersee in Hanover. He is a pioneer in the medical use of cobalt and is the inventor of anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide. He is the author of the concept of "electrolyte carriers" for the prevention of cardiac necrosis. In the past he was the head of the Aschaffenburg Stationary Laboratory research in the field of circulation. It is listed in the book “who's Who In World Science”. He was the Director of the German Society for Medical Treatment of Tumors. This is one of the leading cancer specialists. During his visit to the United States in 1972, the year Dr. Nieper told reporters, "After more than 20 years of experience with anticancer drugs I finally found a non-toxic nitriloside — he laetril — which is head and shoulders above all existing drugs in the treatment and prevention of cancer. In my opinion, is our only chance to establish the ultimate control over cancer.»

In Canada, it is Dr. N. R. Bouziane, M. D., former Director of Research Laboratories at St. Jeanne D'arc in montréal, as well as an active member of the hospital groups in calling for the prohibition of chemotherapy in the treatment of tumors. He received the title of magna cum laude in medicine from the University of Montreal. He also received a scientific doctorate in Montrealskim University and the University C Joseph, the branch of Oxford University in New Brunswick. He was an honorary member in chemistry and Hematology, and had the certificate in clinical bacteriology, Hematology and biochemistry received from the College. He was also the Dean of the American Association for Bioanalytica.

After the first series of tests Laetrile shortly after it was acquainted with him, Dr. Bozian reported: “We have always based their diagnoses on histology [microscopic tissue analysis]. We never saw any case with no histological evidence of cancer... In our studies, some cases were so hopeless that they could not cope even with the total doses of thirty grams. Most cases, however, became ambulatory and some people for a short time resumed their activities, taking the maintenance dose.” (Cancer News Journal, Jan / April. 1971, PG. Twenty)

The Philippines is Manuel Navarro, M. D., former Professor of Medicine and Operating room Surgery in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila; an associative member of the National Research Council of the Philippine Islands; member of the Philippine College of Physicians, Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism; member of the Philippine Medical Association, Philippine Cancer Society and other medical groups. He was recognized as an international value in cancer research and has numerous published scientific articles, some of which specifically were read before the International Cancer Congress. In 1971 Dr. Navarro wrote: “I.... specialized in Oncology [the study of tumors] for the past eighteen years. The same number of years I have been using Laetrile-Amygdalin in the treatment of their cancer patients. During this eighteen-year period I have treated over five hundred patients with substance Laetrile — Amygdalin, prescribing as oral administration and injection. Most of my patients receiving Laetrile? Amygdalin, were in marginal condition when I began treatment with this drug. This is my thoroughly tested the clinical report, as a researcher, and oncologist-a practice that I have reached the most important and promising results only when using Laetrile-Amygdalin in the treatment of clinical cancer patients, and these results are not comparable and far above the results that I achieved with the use of the more toxic standard cytotoxic drugs”. (Letter from Dr. Navarro to Mr. Manitou, the Foundation Magnitone date — January 8, 1971, published in Cancer News Journal, Jan / April, 1971, pp. 19,20.)

In Mexico there is Ernesto Contreras, M. D., more than three decades guiding Cancer Clinic at Good Samaritan Hospital (now called the Oasis Hospital) in Tijuana. He is one of the most outstanding figures in medicine of Mexico. He received the degree of graduate student at Children's hospital of Harvard in Boston. He served as Professor of Histology and Pathology in Mexican Military-Medical School and as the chief pathologist at the Army Hospital in Mexico city. Dr. Contreras was introduced to Laetrile in 1963 by a clinical cancer patient from the United States, which drew his attention to the drug and convinced him to check it out in her treatment. The woman recovered, and Dr. Contreras began extensive investigation of its properties and use. Since that time, he treated many thousands of cancer patients, most of whom were American citizens who were deprived of their liberty to be treated with Laetrile in their own country.Dr. Contreras has summarized his experience with vitamin therapy as follows:

“The palliative action [improving the comfort and General condition of the patient] takes place in approximately 60% of cases. Quite often, in order to celebrate, I found the attenuation of disease progression and even regression of the tumor in some of the most hopeless cases). (Cancer News Journal, Jan / April, 1971, str. 20. We need to keep in mind that all of this — the marginal cases that were regarded as hopeless by Orthodox medicine. Fifteen percent of the recovery in this group is an impressive achievement.)

In Japan there is Shigeaki Sakai, a prominent physician in Tokyo. The document, published in the October 1963 Asian Medical journal, Dr. Sakai reported:

“ Prescription for cancer patients, Laetrile has proven that what he is free from any side effects. I have to say that none of the anti-cancer drug does not improve the situation of the cancer patient faster than laetrile. Needless to say, as a means of cancer management Laetrile is very effective in all cases, the location of the cancer.

In Italy there is Professor Itor, Guidetti, M. D., of the University of Turin Medical School. Dr. Guidetti spoke before the conference of the International Community Against Cancer held in Brazil in 1954 and revealed how his use of Laetrile on cancer clinical patients caused the destruction of a wide variety of tumors, including tumors of the uterus, neck, colon, and breast. "In some cases," he said," everybody could see the group of tumor mass, very quickly dissolved. "It is reported that, after treatment Laetrile to patients with lung cancer, he was able" to observe, with the aid of radiography, a regression of the neoplasm or the metastases."After the speech, Guidetti, the audience rose American doctor and announced that Laetrile had been investigated in the United States and declared insolvent in cancer treatment. Dr. Guidetti replied, " I don't care that it was recognized in the United States. I just tell you about what I see in my own clinic. "(Cancer News Journal, Jan / April, 1971, p. 19)

In Belgium there is Professor Joseph H. Maisin, Sir, M. D., from the University of Louvain where he was Director of the Cancer Institute. He also was President of Emeritus International League Against Cancer which holds the international Cancer Congress every four years.

In the United States there are such respected doctors like Dr. Dean Burke of the National Cancer Institute; Dr. John A. Morrone of the Medical center of Jersey City; Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., who developed Laetrile; Dr. John A. Richardson, the courageous doctor from San Francisco who challenged the government's ban on the use of Laetrile clinics in the United States (See. John A. Richardson, M. D., and Patricia Griffin, R.N., Laetrile Case Histories; The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience published by Westlake Village, CA American Media, 1977); Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., a physician in Washington Court, Ohio, who has used Laetrile for over twenty years with incredible success (Philip E. BINZEL, M. D., Alive and Well One Doctor's Experience with Nutrition is an the Treatment of Cancer Patients, published by American Media, Westlake Village, 1994); and many others in over twenty countries with equally impeccable credentials. "

In my opinion these results are much more convincing than some laboratory evidence. Highly respected professionals around the world with Laetrile put people on their feet in many hopeless cases. Remember, laboratory experiments are conducted by humans and the result can often be programmed in advance. Unscrupulous people are using the reports for their own purposes, and not for the benefit of cancer patients.

Laetrile is a vitamin that cannot be patented. It is impractical to use in cancer therapy because it does not bring any money to cancer research centers and entire fashion industry. For them, the cure for cancer is in their drugs, even though they themselves know perfectly well that these drugs are no cure. Let's look at what really offer the cancer patient surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Surgery the most harmless of the three. It can save the patient's life, if necessary to release the intestinal congestion and prevent death, which may occur due to secondary complications. There is also a purely psychological point: the tumor is removed and the patient was given hope and a temporary comfort. However, the operation is effective only to the extent that the tumor is not malignant. The greater the amount of malignant cells in the tumor, there is less hope that the operation will save. Most malignant tumors are regarded as inoperable.

There is also quite two-faced of the view that incision of the tumor, even in the case of a biopsy, always leads to a positive result. But first and foremost, it is always trauma in the operated region. It was as if she launches a new process of recovery, but in response there are more "trophoblastic" cells (early cancer) as a by-product of these processes. (See. the book “World Without Cancer” for more information on trofoblastov cancer theory.) Second, may be removed not all of a malignant tumor, and then what is left inside a surgical incision, may again begin to grow rapidly into a malignant tumor. Consequently, cancer cells become isolated from the effects of pancreatic enzymes that play a crucial role in the destruction trophoblastic cells under the action of white blood cells. In addition, there is no certainty that surgery prolongs the patient's life.

The effectiveness of radiotherapy is considered practically from the same position that the effectiveness of surgery. Its purpose is to remove the tumor, but this is not a surgical scalpel, by burning radioactive rays. Here, also primarily fall under the influence of noncancerous cells that are destroyed. The more malignant the tumor, the more its resistance relative to the radiation. If this were not so, then Radiotherapy would be a high degree of success, which, of course, it is not. It also increases the likelihood of cancer developing in other parts of the body. X-rays stimulate cancer, at least because of two factors. First, they cause physical damage to the entire body, causing the body starts the healing process and begins to produce trophoblast cells. Second, they weaken or destroy the production of white blood cells, which constitute the immunological defense mechanism the body against cancer in General. As in the case of surgery, there is virtually no solid evidence that radiation actually improves the patient's condition for his continued survival. For more information regarding many of the studies that have been conducted regarding radiation therapy, see the book "World Without Cancer" by Edward Griffin.

We briefly viewed the meagre results obtained by Orthodox surgery and radiation. However, the so-called anti-cancer DRUGS (chemotherapy drugs ?, drugs? ) many worse. The main reason for this is that most of them used currently, has a high degree of toxicity, in other words, they are poisonous in relation not only to cancer but also to the rest of the body. In General, they are much more toxic towards healthy tissues, than to the malignant cell. All substances on earth can be toxic if their number exceeds the norm. This is true for aspirin, sugar, laetrile and even water. But, unlike them, anti-cancer chemicals are poisonous in themselves. Their toxicity to the whole organism — not the result of overdose or a side effect, is their primary effect. In other words, anti-malignant drugs are deliberately poisonous. Further, these chemicals are selected because they are able to differentiate between types of cells and, consequently, they poison some cells types more than others. But don't come to the conclusion that they distinguish cancer cells from noncancerous, destroying only cancer cells, because it is not, unfortunately.

The cellular poisons used in Orthodox cancer therapy today, can not distinguish cancer cells from noncancerous. They affect, differentiating different cells according to their division: some cells are bystrorastvorimami, and other slowly reproducing or not reproducing at all. Cells that are actively dividing — that is their target. Consequently, they destroy not only cancerous cells that divide, but also a lot of normal cells caught in the process of dividing. In the case of such cancer when the rate of cell division of cancer cells is slower than the rate of cell division of normal cells, there is no theoretical chance to kill the cancer cells in the patient, before the poisons will destroy the patient. The poisoning of the whole organism — the purpose of these chemicals. Toxins caught the hive in the fission process and cause sepsis (blood poisoning). Gastrointestinal tract shudders in convulsions, causing the patient nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, constipation and progressive weakness. Hair cells grow rapidly, therefore, inevitable hair loss during chemo treatment. It affects the reproductive organs, causing infertility.

The brain becomes tired. Vision and hearing are damaged. Every conceivable feature is destroyed with such agony for the patient that many of them prefer to die of cancer than continue such treatment. I have said in another place that doctors and staff who manage these procedures, taking all conceivable precautions to not be subject to its procedures. Because these drugs are so dangerous, the chemotherapy is Handbook lists include sixteen items on the safety of medical staff working with these drugs. The procedure for safe disposal of used syringes and other equipment used in these “treatments” is regulated by the environmental protection under the category of " hazardous waste."However, those same substances are injected directly into the bloodstream of the unfortunate patients in order to cure their cancer! Here is the message of the southern Research Institute, dated April 13, 1972, made on the basis of research carried out for the National Cancer Institute. The report said that most of the drugs taken into service by the American Cancer Society under the category of “proven curative properties” were tested on laboratory animals who were previously healthy. The result is the cancer among these animals! Can you believe that? These drugs are carcinogenic! But how can you cure someone from something these poisons, hazardous wastes from which you want to remove, observing the special precautions?!!!!

So why do doctors still use chemotherapy if it is toxic, immunosuppressive, carcinogenic and useless? Answer - they don't know what else to do. Doctors don't like to tell their patients that they had no longer any hope. The doctor already knows the patient there is no hope, but he also knows that the patient does not want to hear about it and go to another doctor who will continue his treatment, so he prefers to treat it myself, no matter how useless or even fatal is such treatment. In his book “the Wayward Cell, Cancer”, Dr. Victor Richards has made it clear that chemotherapy is used primarily and then again to return the patient to treatment and to maintain his moral compass at a time until it dies. But that's not all! He writes,

"However, chemotherapy reveals its critical role in keeping patients oriented toward proper medical therapy, and eliminates hopeless cancer patients a sense of abandonment on the part of doctors. Reasonable involvement and our study potentially useful drugs may also prevent the spread of quackery in the field of cancer. "(Victor Richards, the Wayward Cell, Cancer; Its Beginning, Nature, and Treatment; Berkeley: University of California, 1972, pp. 215-16)

Heaven forbid everyone to leave the sickening painful carcinogenic, and admittedly ineffective "proven tools" for such "quackery" as Laetrile! Here is what is the essence of “educational” programs of Orthodox medicine — do not give their patients to take the path of other forms of therapy!

Now let's summarize the four different therapies in the field of cancer:


The least harmful. Sometimes saving as a temporary measure. There is no evidence that patients who underwent radical or local surgery, live longer than those who have not undergone an extensive course of surgery. It is believed that after operation increases the likelihood of spreading cancer cells to other parts of the body. When surgery is dealing with internal tumors affecting reproductive organs or organs of livelihood, the statistical ratio of long-term survival, on average, 10-15 %. After metastasis, long-term survival statistics are close to zero.


Very harmful in many ways. Spreads the cancer and weakens the patient's resistance to other diseases. It has serious and painful side effects, including heart failure. There is no evidence that patients taking this therapy live longer than those who did not receive it. The statistical coefficient of long-term survival after metastasis is close to zero.


Also spreads the cancer through weakening of immunological defense mechanism. Extremely toxic. Increases the susceptibility of patients to other contagious diseases and infections, often leading to death from these causes. Extremely serious side effects. There is no evidence that patients treated with chemotherapy live longer than patients who did not receive chemotherapy. Statistical factor long-term survival after metastasis is close to zero.


Non-toxic. Side effects include increased appetite, weight gain, low blood pressure, increased hemoglobin and red blood cell count. Eliminates or sharply reduces pain without narcotics. Creates the body's resistance against other diseases. Is a natural substance found in foods and is compatible with all the biological experience of man. Destroys cancer cells and at the same time, nourishing non-cancer cells. Given that the majority of patients starting vitamin therapy only after they were cut, burned or poisoned by Orthodox methods after they were told that the possibility of their survival are zero, we can say that the percentage of patients returned to normal functioning (15 %) is very encouraging. For those who turn to vitamin therapy, the ratio of long-term survival — more than 80 %!

Here is the difference! Here's to You and Laetrile! In my opinion everyone should read the book "World Without Cancer" by Edward Griffin for a clearer understanding of cancer as the human body gets it, and what is the meaning of this policy, which prohibits people to know about vitamin therapy. Even if You don't have cancer, You will find benefit in this book. Cancer no longer need to fear, just as we are not afraid of scurvy, rickets, beri-beri, etc. We were not thrown helpless on this earth, but we must have ears to be able to hear the truth and to apply this knowledge to our lives. No one loves You more than You do. No doctor, researcher, politician, etc. Only God loves You more. He gave us this information so that we can live whole and fruitful life, without falling into slavery to political manipulation behind our lives. Learn for ourselves what is good and what is bad for You, and the truth will set You free!



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