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Over the past eight years in medicine and psychology the old concept of the interaction between mind and body has undergone significant changes. It was found that the belief system of a person plays a crucial role as well as in the appearance and healing of various diseases.

Most of the conceptual study in this direction was performed by a doctor of medicine from Massachuset Deepak Chopras. Deepak Chopra calls himself a quantum biologist and applies the principles of quantum physics to the human body. In his book "Quantum healing" (1986)

Chopra sets a new paradigm for the update process of all body organs. Previously it was thought that all cells of the body are completely replaced with new for about seven years. Chopra claims that this process takes only a little more than a year.

According to Chopra our stomach fully updated for four days, the skin for thirty days, the liver in six weeks, even our skeleton is subject to change in three months. The question arises: "how at this speed the updates manage to survive a chronic illness?" Does this testify that it is not in biology, and in "software"? Let's try to understand...

Perhaps even more important idea of quantum biology is the claim that consciousness has a specific localization in the body.


About twenty years ago by neuroscientists in the brain of humans and animals were discovered of specific substances, called neuropeptides. It was found that the neuropeptides along with hormones play an important regulatory function and manage our feelings, emotions, instincts and even thoughts. Later it was found that the receptors sensitive to certain neuropeptides are not only in our brain, but in fact — throughout the body. And most importantly, these receptors are largely represented in the organs and cells (e.g., T-killer cells) of our immune system. Thus, the power of neuropeptides are virtually limitless.

They circulate throughout the body and control the actual all the organs and cells of our body. Based on these studies, Deepak Chopra asserts that our immune system is constantly "listening" to our inner dialogue. In other words, the immune system is very sensitive to our thoughts, feelings, passions, to the pictures we draw, to the inner dialogue that constantly with themselves.

The subconscious

Since our subconscious mind (also known as "body consciousness") controls all of our involuntary actions and functions, it also provides communication and our consciousness with the immune system and can communicate with any part of our body and at any time, at will, stimulating the healing process.

Every thought, every emotion, desire and related representation, unfolding on the screen of our inner eye and are evaluated by our immune system as a guide to action. It was found, for example, that resentment is reflected accordingly in the cells of the immune system. And if resentment lasts long enough, then the immune system becomes like "offended", and the body, respectively, becomes more susceptible to a wide range of diseases.

So each of us is very important to understand that negative emotions do not lead us to health.

Emotional traumatic experience (ETROP). According to quantum biology, any mental and physical illness triggered by a traumatic Emotional experiences (Atrapame), which took place in the recent past or even in early childhood. The greater negative charge has ATROP, the greater the potential danger it represents. So, according to Dr. Morris Massey and his book “People Puzzle” Atropy of the same type can be combined in a chain, increasing its destructive potential. Emotional engagement is a process that uses the subconscious to combine the same type of experience.

Negative potential Etrapov in the initiation of various diseases is based on the "freezing" of emotions in our memory,because the emotions are, according to quantum biology "stored" in the body. According to the work of Dr. Paul Goodwin, a neurophysiologist from Alaska Pacific University, "frozen" in the body emotions are able to create functional (not physical) connection (something like a software) that hamper the normal passage of nerve impulses in the body and threaten the normal operation of the neural network.

Accumulated at the end of the last century, the experience of applying various practices aimed at "re-entry" and removal from the body of accumulated emotions, shows that the result is not only improved physical health but also greatly improves mental ability.

Dr. Hamer (Hamer).

A significant contribution to the study of relationships emotions and health was made by the German oncologist Dr. Hamer. One time, when he practiced in Italy, Rome, it 18-year-old son was accidentally killed in a street fight. A couple of years Hamer got cancer, he underwent surgery, fortunately successful. Having returned to Bavaria, Hamer decided to find out whether strong negative emotions to the possibility of cancer. He has investigated more than 10,000 cases and found that virtually all of them the first signs of cancer appeared in one to three years after an emotional trauma.

Hamer writes:"... you isolate yourself and do not try to share their emotions with others. You're sad, but don't talk about what was bothering you. It completely changes your life – you will never be the same..." (this description Atropa – emotional traumatic experience, usually prior cancer).

When in Your life can sometimes be ATROP, the emotions associated with Atropa "concentrated" in a particular area of the brain and, according to Homero, form a "closed oscillatory circuit". Since nearly every area of the brain associated with a particular organ or area of the body, as a result, in a certain place of the body occurs increased (or decreased) muscle tone and blood vessels (Hamer argues that this process by a mechanism very similar to paralysis). In his work, Dr. Hamer has identified a clear correspondence between the type of trauma, localization of the "closed loop" in the brain and localization of tumors in the body.

In other words, when there is ATROP, emotions, caught in a trap, start to injure the brain in a certain area, similar to a light stroke, and the brain starts sending inappropriate information to a particular part of the body. As a result, in this area, blood circulation gets worse, which leads, on the one hand, to poor nutrition of the cells, and poor removal of products of their vital activity. As a result, this place is beginning to develop cancer. Type of tumor and its location clearly depend on the type Atropa.

The rate of tumor growth depends on the strength of emotional trauma. As soon as ATROP, in the relevant area of the brain there is swelling (in the place where caught in the trap of emotions), which can easily be seen on the computer tomogram. When the swelling resolves, the growth of the tumor stops and starts healing. Not rarely we forget about Atropa (as psychologists say, is displaced into the subconscious), and zone trapped emotions identifitseerida experts in computed tomography as an "old stroke".

And it is very important to understand in the treatment of cancer because the immune system due to brain injury does not fight cancer cells. Moreover, cancer cells in this place not even recognized by the immune system. This implies that the key to complete healing from cancer treatment, especially brain. Thus, neither radiation nor chemotherapy nor surgery can not serve as a reliable solution for curing cancer, yet damaged mental trauma the brain sends to the body is inadequate signals. Hamer believes that are subject to removal only 2-3% of the tumor, which interfere with the normal functioning of the organs.

Hamer believes that the psychological trauma received in childhood, can cause cancer. According to his research, the source is always within 1-3 years before the onset of the disease.

However, it is important to understand that early trauma "pave the way" for later, as if teaching a specific brain response (again, you may recall SKO S. Grof). For the treatment of Hamer used the traditional psychological methods of working with trauma. However, he noted that the psychological conflicts in the lives of patients, similar to those that caused cancer, and even the imagination of these conflicts could result in a return of symptoms of cancer. For example, one woman was again forced to be treated only because he was re-reading love letters to your deceased spouse, imagining that he chose death as a way of refusing to continue sexual relations with her.

Further investigations conducted as part of Therapy, Time Line (TLV) showed that completely prevent the return of symptoms helps work with the original(as it is called – the root of the incident). ETROP underlying cancer, may be to the outside view very small. For example, the death of a pet, the collapse of the shares on the stock exchange, job loss, even gossip, spread by someone about the patient or his relatives. It all depends on the specific shifts in the human psyche that produces ATROP, and personal history –whether in the nervous system the trace of the chain of similar experiences to which the incident may join.

Also, according to Homero, carcinogens may not play a significant role in the occurrence of cancer. This statement will probably make many readers, especially those who carefully monitors his diet, surprised, upturned eyebrows. But Hamer raises in this context a legitimate question: "Why women smokers get cancer of the lungs and bronchial tubes much less frequently than men who smoke?" Hamer believes that women smokers are much less frequently involved in conflicts "for territory" (type Antropov causing lung cancer) than men who smoke. It is significant that according to statistics, there are an increasing number of lung cancers among women. Hamer associates it with the "pay for success". Indeed, in the modern world an increasing number of women have to fight for "a place under the sun" in business and other activities that previously belonged exclusively to men.

Now consider the situation when they detect the spread (metastasis) of cancer to other parts of the body. Common in medicine, the theory is that cancer cells detach from their substrate and traveling through the blood, reaching other parts of the body and give rise to new tumors.

Hamer strongly dismisses this theory. First, he argues that metastasis in none of the experimenters were not able to initiate in laboratory experiments (on animals). According to his views, in fact, when the patient receives a fatal CANCER diagnosis, the person is infused HORROR. The person thinks: "my body is against me" — ETROP calling "lymph cancer" and the fear of death initiates lung cancer (two primary targets for metastasis). Then the "smart" doctor, armed with the scientific method and the test results, says the patient, "now he's captured all of Your body" and the body responds...

Another scenario. The patient underwent surgery of the reproductive organs and begins to think of himself that he was no longer a man (not a woman) that he is now "worthless jerk". Another type Atropa – another type of cancer. It turns out that the issue is not the spread of the cancer, and in the dissemination Atropos.

The question arises: "Why should we not, instead of this heavy burden is fatal to trudge to the graveyard, not to get rid of all negative emotions, frozen in the body, and not live a happy healthy life?".

When there is ATROP, the man simply is not worthy of coping strategies in psychological trauma. Emotions are trapped in a certain area of the brain, the brain starts to send inadequate signals to the appropriate area of the body, where the tumor growth. At this stage, the person feels very uncomfortable, being in constant tension, bad visitas, his hands and feet he has constantly cold. These are signs of activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which we use for mental and physical activity. A healthy person is able at will to switch between the sympathetic and parasympathetic (rest and relax) nervous system. In addition, in a healthy person occurs a periodic change of activity of nervous system, which is subject to circadian rhythms. As a result of psychological trauma in human remains all the time the activated sympathetic nervous system, in such a way that even a night's sleep does not give the desired rest and relaxation.

If a person is able to resolve the internal conflict, the trapped emotions are released, an edema in the brain is absorbed, and the tumor growth stops. At this stage, the person immediately switches to the parasympathetic system. He begins to feel relaxed, tired, somnolence and awakens a gargantuan appetite.

As an example, consider a single clinical case.

The patient came to a therapist (TLV). By this time she was diagnosed with metastases in the right chest, mid-back, hip, right shoulder, buttocks, neck and liver. Oncologists argued that it is hopeless. During the reception, she already could barely move, could barely hold her head upright, the skin was gray, and a voice so quiet that the therapist had to bend down to her and listen. Her hands were very cold.

Studying the history of the disease, the therapist determined that the patient throughout his adult life suffered from depression, grief, PMS, pain in the heart, low self-esteem, increased anxiety. She had fits of jealousy, fear, guilt, and anger (turning into hatred). The first case of cancer (right breast) it was recorded in 1984. On the question of the therapist what happened in the previous three years, the patient told the following story. Frantically gasping for breath, she told me that in 1980 she met her future husband. In 1981, despite the misgivings and fears that are associated with high aggressiveness of the future husband, they were married. Immediately after the marriage her husband had forbidden her all contact with friends and even with family.

During the first treatment session was to work out all negative emotions, including depression, sadness, fear, guilt, anger, hatred, foreboding, low self esteem and jealousy. Additionally, the patient had manifested her decision to have a tumor in the right breast and all other related symptoms.

By the end of the session, the hands of the patient became warm, she felt tired, sleepy and extremely hungry. According to her, this night she had the most peaceful sleep over the last five years. Thus, due to only one session of Therapy Time the patient has passed from the stage of the disease to the stage of healing. The next day the patient felt cheerful, smiling, the skin regained a healthy color.

Sometimes (especially if the tumor has grown more than 9 months) phase of healing can be very uncomfortable. Patients usually complain that they hurt all over, especially head, possible edema, heart arrhythmia or other temporary dysfunction of various organs (in some cases, even a mild form of epilepsy).In this case, the therapist usually recommends massage, hot bath and a good laugh, because all these negative symptoms clearly indicate that the healing process has begun.

During the phase of healing the patient needs comfort, avoidance of stressful situations. Mode includes abundant food and drink, frequent service, daily light exercise for all muscle groups, and no other activities besides the treatment.

Although all publications to sound the call not to replace the standard treatment than the traditional methods such as Therapy Time Line, but at the same time, recognized the significant progress made in the healing of cancer and other diseases. And recommendations on the treatment of Oncology and the passage of the first course of traditional therapy, it seems, based on the fact that traditional oncologists accused the new direction in cancer treatment that psychotherapists treat not a "real" cancer, but only hypochondria. In other words, oncologists say that all the cases of healing from cancer Therapy the Time Line was when the patient was just making it up yourself symptoms of cancer or ill with other diseases. But "facts are stubborn things". Currently hundreds of patients with formal diagnoses of cancer and, moreover, when the cancer has clearly declared lethal, fully healed from this terrible disease, having a "procedure" Therapy Time Line.

As example, the "standard" case. The patient, who had bladder cancer, was on this occasion operated on twice by laser therapy, and second time the surgeon literally missed and damaged the patient's spine. After the return of the symptoms cancer for the third time, the patient decided to seek alternative ways because the oncologist said that maybe the surgeon was unable to remove the entire tumor during the two operations. During a therapy session (TLR) with the patient had worked out all his negative emotions, limiting all his decisions, including "decision" to have symptoms similar to cancer. In six weeks, when he came to the reception to the oncologist, it turned out that all signs of cancer disappeared. The oncologist expressed standard, in this case, the idea that, most likely, the patient's cancer did not exist. What the patient demanded to explain on what basis then do his surgery.

Currently, at the University of calgary (University of Calgary. Department of Medicine), after thorough research, the methodology of TLR officially teach future doctors, with specialization courses in Oncology. This method is also introduced in the curriculum of a number of other medical colleges of the United States.

Incidentally, the author is not trying to attribute the exceptional healing power of the Therapy method. On the contrary, the author believes that amazing healing power lies within each of us and manifests itself, when we establish a good communication between the conscious and the subconscious.

In all cultures for centuries, accumulating technicians, allows you to do this. But, unfortunately, modern man is cut off from their roots. And only at the end of the 20th century, these techniques began to receive their new development. Their wide range. You can remember: autogenic training, rebirthing, self-hypnosis, meditation, method, Key Aliyev, Sedona method, body oriented therapy, light-sound brain training, Therapy Time Line (Time Line Therapy™), EMDR, EMI. But, unfortunately, not many of them can claim the broad layers of the population in the modern world with these frantic pace of life. Even our traditional Russian bath with a broom is gradually losing its popularity among the masses.

Simple to learn and accessible to everyone methods of prevention of cancer (and other diseases) can be distinguished (with no ranking): method Key Aliyev (published several books), Sedon method. From "technical means" can, of course, to mention a Russian bath. And for the very lazy or too busy (but not very poor) – electrocranial methods of brain stimulation (devices LENAR Kastrubin and foreign devices CES) and light & sound brain training (only foreign devices – AVS, BWS, mind machines).

And although cancer is certainly a terrible disease, but he is still very far on mortality among patients to "Killer No. 1" — cardiovascular diseases, which are also clearly associated with negative emotions. Fortunately, all of these methods and principles help the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.


Author: Andrei Patrushev

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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