Eyewitness Report from the snowy Rostov-on-Don

Ian woke up, the first thing went to the window and cried out in amazement.
- What's ... - sleepily muttered Andrei, wincing and wrapped in a duvet. The room was noticeably cold.
- Snow is still falling ... he ... ... All these flakes in the snow ... in December! - She said quietly. Andrew stood up and ran to the window naked. I looked at the thermometer - minus five degrees.
 - What is it ... That's what that nonsense. - Andrew turned on the TV:
"... Temperature. Local authorities at an emergency meeting adopted an urgent resolution on supply heating to the apartments, as well as for the withdrawal of the streets snowplows. Of course, this will require the intervention of the federal authorities, as financing .. "- Andrew changed the channel -" ... ubiquitous. Recent pictures were obtained six hours ago and showed the formation of a dense cloud layer in a ring encircling the planet at an angle relative to the equator. The ring expands. This unusual phenomenon is caught by surprise meteorologists at all levels. Currently thrown all forces to fight with snow ... »

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On the street there was a strange silence. Andrew went out of the door, breathed cold air and lit it. His wife wore it winter jacket and winter boots, but otherwise it was impossible. Outdoors lying about forty centimeters of powder snow. Machinery, shrubs, playground ... From the sky is still falling white flakes.
Andrew powdered crossed the roadway and entered the territory of the parking lot, where his other machines. Thundered behind snowblower, throwing snow gun assembled in an accompanying her truck. The guards in the jerseys and shook his head at the rags instead of a hat melancholy brushed the snow from walkways between cars.

 - Hey guys! - Andrei waved them. - Happy New Year!
- And you just ... some madhouse, - grumbled Petrovich. - Are not you afraid to leave the car? Rubber the summer.
- Yeah, not good. But the work must somehow go. - Andrew started the car and began to scrape the snow jacket sleeve.
He was getting on the work instead of the usual thirty minutes over two hours. Cork seemed to be everywhere. Congestion created because of numerous accidents, stalled vehicles, snowplows, and dozens of other similar obstacles. Andrew remembered all the curses that have seen in the movies, read in books and heard from friends. Twice he almost slammed into the back of the machine, because absolutely all the cars were on summer tires and were not prepared for snow. People on the streets were wearing the most ridiculous way, often slipped and fell, many voted catching privateers since elementary frozen. He lit another cigarette and once again stuck in a traffic jam, turned on the radio.
"... President urgently summoned from the Caucasus Minister of Emergency Situations. Plane minister almost hit the crash because of unusually severe weather conditions. However, all ended well. The main objective is to provide people with warmth and clearing of transport routes as road and rail. The situation is complicated by the fact that the great honor of specialized equipment was in scheduled repair or conserved ... »
Andrew sighed in exasperation and parked finally in the office. Went up to the fifth floor and was surprised to find an empty office, he went into his study superiors. Zhenya, his boss, sitting in a chair, his legs crossed on the table was an open bottle of whiskey, a tie he had weakened. He melancholically clicked the TV remote control while listening to breaking news.
- Jen, hi, what are you doing? Where is everyone? - Confusion stood in the doorway of Andrew.
- A deputy came, come, my dear, - Eugene warmly shook his glass of whiskey. - If you want a sip?
- I'm driving.
Jack laughed.
- You Th, cops are afraid? Do not be afraid, it is now not up to you - he poured whiskey into a clean glass and drew Andrew. - And no one, because all released. The stock market today is not opened. In addition, half of the staff stopped ringing and requested time off, because there was a bunch of difficulties with this .... weather.

The following two days did not bring anything new. All the same it was cold - minus five degrees, still the snow fell. There was a snowstorm, or winds. In the afternoon it was daylight, but the sun was not visible due to the dense cloud cover. At night, it was not visible stars and the moon. Snow was falling from the sky obstinately. The authorities, however, kept their promise, and heating in the apartment gave. However, life began to change significantly.
Andrew did not go to work, and on the second and on the third day. And there was no point, and did not want to throw a pregnant wife. And again came the real problems with transport. For three days it fell more than four meters of snow. He compacted roads completely filled up. Technology could not cope.

First, trying to clear snow, then we realized that it was useless and decided ukatyvat its pavers to the machine could go on it.

But on the third day the car stopped on the road to travel. They simply were buried under a thick layer of snow and could not get out of their "graves" or garages.
On the move was only a few buses, rare jeeps, trucks. And they went only on the main thoroughfares of the city.
People in despair on skis.

They were not all. A sportmagazinah was a summer range ...
On the third day at the house, where they lived by Jan and Andrew were huge drifts. Exit out of the house every six hours digging and soon it looked like stretching up to the surface, a snow tunnel.

Andrew and Ian sat at home and watched the rapid changes of the window and on the TV. On the morning of the third day they woke up to the sound of a siren in the street. They knew that at this time you need to turn on the TV or radio. And they were not mistaken. The TV broadcast the President's address to the nation. Andrew and Ian listened to every word of the head of state and everything inside them grew cold.

The President declared a global emergency and a curfew. He asked the nation not to panic and to stay at home after eight o'clock in the evening. He said that the abnormal winter, and an incredible amount of rainfall - a global problem and above the beats special council assembled the most qualified individuals from around the world. He asked people to remain calm and do their job as far as possible in the circumstances. He promised that the heat, electricity and water will flow into the house, regardless of the existing difficulties.
As if in mockery to the president turned off the TV and the lights went out on the table. Only the laptop went dimly lit screen. Turn off the electricity.

But it was still light, and there was four o'clock in the evening. Andrew frowned and went to the site. Steel doors slamming, the neighbors came out. Valentina looked out the puzzled face:
- Andrei, Th for garbage? Why elect ... passed out - but the light came and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. On the stairs he heard the tramp of hurried and the site turned out to be powdered with snow Valentin. He waved his hand to his wife, so she closed the door and pushed a neighbor in his apartment and went himself. Kicked off his big floppy eared cap and quietly said Andrew:
- Koresh, how are you with the grub?
- What?
- Products you have in store?
Andrew looked at him squandered. From the room looked frightened Janka. Val smiled warmly at her, put his arm around Andrew and said:
- Yanchik, baby, do not mind if we go Qurna on the street?
- No, of course, go ...
They came down and went through the tunnel to the surface of the snow snowdrifts. Lit.
- In short ... - Valya took a deep drag. - Heard Th Medved said schaz?
- Well. A state of emergency.
- Well, now begins.
- What will?
- Scribe. You're in the supermarket was?
- Was yesterday.
- Today?
- Do not go yet. You really say.
- I just came from there. They listened to bear. There's the morning line kilometer. Raking everything. Food, household goods, even newspapers. Price-planted to the skies.

Still, all the sweep.
Andrew misunderstanding stared at his neighbor. Yesterday everything was as usual.
- Newspapers why?
Valya snorted.
- In short, you have to stock up on food to us. Soon the military surge, then the harder it will be. I have potatoes in the cellar damn ass up, and it has filled up with snow. I even door to the complex found.
- Well, bring more food to the stores ...
Valya looked with amazement at Andrew:
- You Th fool or what? You do have imagination? Come Now imagine the track and the wagon on it. With goods. In the new year, a pancake, tangerines driven, yeah ... - he threw a cigarette butt.
- Well, what do you suggest? - Andrew suddenly noticed that it began to beat shiver.
- Well, I think our supermarket have nothing to catch. In general, retail stores, I think all the same.

We need a warehouse.
Outside, howling engine of a hefty truck or SUV. Andrew frantically about. I took out of the closet all the money that was in cash, checked the plastic card in your wallet. I took out of the closet roomy Travel Bags. Jan was sitting on the couch and stared at her husband. Her eyes were confused. Andrew came up to her, kissed her on the forehead:
- Honey, I'm going Valya Food. Stocks of the conscience, and then who knows what. Perhaps I linger, she know, transport problems and in our shop ... not all there. If anything, I'm on the phone, okay? - Yana sudden lips trembled, and she gripped his hand. Andrew smiled reassuringly and gently but firmly freed. Shod, pocketed leather gloves and quietly closed the door.
They Valentin quickly walked along a broken path along the avenue.
Andrei hardly recognized his hometown. It was a strange silence, there was almost no avtotrafika. Where was the passing of the prospectus, was now dashed off a snow depth of the channel about half a meter, with numerous vzrytvinami (dug stuck cars), many cars were abandoned, some have already knocked out the glass.

People quickly moved in groups in different directions, many were bags, sacks, sledges.
Past swiftly drove the three young boys skiing, exchanging obscene jokes.
The store was a queue. The air rang with stress.

 - In short, look. - Accelerating the move, in a low voice said Valentin. - A block away has a wholesale warehouse. Sells food. I think they can buy the most necessary. The main catch, until it understood not only by us.
- What do you mean the most necessary?
- Stew. Canned. Tea. Krupa. Vermicelli sorts. Potatoes we did not buy. And she would be very useful to us.
- Salt, matches take? - Andrew quipped. Valentin did not have time to answer. Behind came the howl of the engine and the guys turned. They rode side by releasing the side blue smoke, three military armored personnel carrier with the soldiers on the armor. They swept past, and Andrew could see them in the hands of machines.
- Well, the internal troops mobilized. - Valentin nodded toward the retreating column. - You need to hurry.

Wholesale warehouse was located in the private sector, away from the busy (a couple of days ago) avenues of the city. When the guys came up to the building, they immediately realized that there was something amiss. On the door was stuck a piece of paper with a hastily written words "The base does not work", but the castle was raskurochen the door slightly ajar. Around the entrance were trodden fresh tracks. Valentin gesture stopped his friend and they listened. In the back of the building and I heard the sound of hurried footsteps. Someone illegible and hastily said.
- Wow ... How quickly began ... - murmured Valentin
- Shop opened something?
- Yeah. Looting is called. But I do not think that it is already taking place - Valentin looked at Andrew - well, to join us? Hosts, hike case, no, and grub should be collected until there is taking.
They carefully stepped inside the building. The trade hall twilight reigned and disorder. Samples of the goods in the windows were thrown on the floor, something crushed, scattered papers. The noise was coming from the top floor. The guys at the hearing determined that the competitors were two and they were men. They passed silently along the corridor of the building and were at the open door to the courtyard. Peered around and froze.
The gates of the courtyard were open and right in the center under construction covered with snow police UAZ, and about him - jowly cop in uniform. He stood half-turned to the door and smoking. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement in the doorway and turned around.
With his shoulder as if by magic, jumped belt machine and the boys did not have time to blink an eye as it sent directly to their Kalash. Dry and well-clicked the shutter.
- But what if Freeze is standing.
The guys were like tin soldiers, his eyes bulging. Ment lazily threw a cigarette butt, and stepped closer.
- Che are you lost?
- Nothing ... we just wanted to buy a product ... ...
The cop grinned and relaxed. The barrel machine sank
- Buy? The base of the second day of closing.
- And you called here, or what? - Andrew dared to speak.
- Or - they heard a voice from behind and turned around.
Behind were two other law enforcement officials. They walked past the guys and threw two bags with something heavy in the body UAZ. Cheeky put the machine into the back seat and they all plunged into bobon.
- My advice to you guys - said wearily jowly - to take stock.
Then he started the car and UAZ, strained breaking loose snow, left the territory of the court.
Boys performed their eyes. Valentin thoughtfully scratched his stubbly chin:
- I've been in my life seen a surprising ... But now it's just a spectacle led my top list.
Andrew sudorzhno vyhodnul:
- I was sure that he will shoot us ... - the boys began to climb to the second floor to the warehouse.
- Yes, really straight, cops of course, sneaky people, but ... - Valentin stopped abruptly in the doorway. Andrew, who was walking back up the stairs, bumped into him. Then angrily he poked Valentine in the back and looked at it over his shoulder.

On the floor, in the warehouse, on his back, his legs buckled ridiculous, lying, middle-aged man, apparently a security guard. In the area of ​​the head flowed a large pool of blood. He was dead.
Snow was falling from dark solid wall, like tar, sky. The city hung unusual, scary, ringing silence. Suddenly there was a long-drawn away, the sharp sound of wailing sirens. It began curfew. Andrew was sitting in the kitchen with his wife and scowled out the window, slowly rotating a small spoon piece of lemon in a cup of tea. In one corner stood a bag of groceries. Canned food, cereals, sugar, tinned meat ... The guy drank tea.
His thoughts swirl spinning head. Being neat, everything is always planning ahead, thoughtful man, Andrew lost in a situation in which he found himself. All turned out to be. Housemates, family, friends, people unfamiliar ... familiar world in just one day suddenly turned into a tissue paper glued together from house to which only the lighter ... He must offer it first became afraid for the future of his family. But he tried to pull himself together and look at the situation practically. So, while more or less normally. Food, thank God is, there is heat, electricity and water. There is a connection, the Internet, television ... Well, think, abnormal snowfall, little panic people - this is normal. The government will cope, will solve all questions ... But all will be adjusted before your eyes suddenly pop up the image of the dead security guard in a warehouse and hands Andrey began to tremble ...

Ian came with the phone in his hand:
- Cellular communication is not working properly, it is difficult to get through, and for the city, too, I barely got a hold of the parents ...
- This is because, all at the same time begin to ring, - said Andrew - know how in the New Year right after the fight chimes ... How are they?
- They experience for us. Mom told me that they have in the area of ​​unrest even heard shooting. They've got a number of private sector ... It is half covered by snow ... So she wanted us to come to them.
Andrew smiled and looked out the window at the mounds in the yard. They were buried cars.
- How? They are ten kilometers from us live. Transport is not. Walking through the snowdrifts to you? We're like a rat in a mousetrap ...

Ian suddenly burst into tears, standing in the middle of the kitchen with a phone in his hand and his head down. Andrew came up to her and hugged.
- Take it easy, baby, do not cry. Everything will be fine. Tomorrow I'll think of something. You can not worry.
His wife clung to him, and he felt on his neck, and her tears hot shortness of breath.
Above the house, loud strekocha apparently very low flying invisible helicopter flashed in the spotlight, snatching flakes.

Andrew abruptly awakened by a phone call at the door. Jan was fast asleep and groaned, wrapped in a blanket.
Andrew put on a robe and looked through the peephole. Valentin.
- What are you doing? - Opening the door, he asked sleepily.
- How are you? - Busily inquired neighbor.
- Yes, like normal ... Janka only worried about their parents.
- Neighbors are some of our home gone. And on the first floor of an apartment at all today we are trying to break.
- Who?
- Yes, I know. Coffee do you have? Although, I'm asking ... - he went to the apartment and ducked into the kitchen.
- In general, I watched a TV set in the morning, - said Valya fell asleep in a coffee maker. - The situation is beginning to gradually get out of control, although in a box carefully hide it.

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