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At the dawn of the XX century nugget from remote Ivan Poddubny showed the world that the most powerful people live in Russia. His physical appearance, character, unprecedented victory in people from around the world associated with the country where he was born.
In the name of the undefeated fighter heard Russian. And the whole life "Champion of Champions" fits in very Russian story, where the happiness of victory, glory and tragedy of the People's forgetfulness merge into one inseparable whole.


Poddubnaya themselves were of Cossacks. Their ancestors fought in the army of Ivan the Terrible defending Russia from the Tatars, and under Peter I fought with the Swedes at Poltava.
Ivan was born in the province of Poltava in 1871. After the first child, the couple appeared Poddubnaya three sons and three daughters. Ivan, as the oldest child in a family accustomed to thinking of pennies to the heavy farm work had been trained since childhood and carried her jokingly. The villagers were not surprised that sacks of grain he threw into the cart as if they had stuffed with hay. Apple does not fall far from the apple-tree: the head of the family Maksim Ivanovich himself was heroic growth and herculean strength.
After many years as a world-renowned champion, Poddubnyi say that
people stronger than him - only the father.
For his son Maxim Ivanovich became the first coach and first opponent.
On holidays to the delight of the villagers they fought. Both strongman, surrounded on all sides by a wall close villagers took each other by the waist and did not let up until someone would lie on the blades.
Sometimes Maxim Ivanovich, sparing feelings teenage son velikodushnichal and yield. Never Ivan will not be such noble rivals - will be an fierce, cunning, dishonest ...

Uprooted by Ivan caused cardiac drama: Alenka Vityak, daughter of a wealthy owner, with whom he had a first love for him, poor man, not given. Ivan moved to Sebastopol. Hefty guy immediately took porters Greek company "Livas". A fourteen day when Poddubnyi with pood bags scurried back and forth up the ladder, did not seem so exhausting because of the hope of earning more money, go back to the village and take away Alain himself.
But everything turned out differently. Translated in the port of Feodosiya Ivan settled in a rented apartment with two students of marine classes. His neighbors were inveterate athletes, and it is from them Poddubnyi learned what exercise and training system.
And then there's the circus came to Feodosiya Ivan Beskorovainaya. In the troupe, along with the usual characters: jugglers, "girls of rubber" and sword-swallower included well-known athletes and wrestlers, portraits that adorn all city tables.
On posters saying that everyone can compete with them by force.
Fate, as they say, pushed Poddube-tion in the back: looking at a few circus performances, he volunteered to fight with elite athletes and ... suffered a severe defeat.

This provoke future hero. He realized - a little force. Need more and sports equipment. Awareness of this expensive cost: from now until the end of his life Poddubnyi not leave your body alone, will not rely on their data really phenomenal. Force, like any gift of nature, requires instead the work of self-restraint and discipline. He established himself toughest
Sport mode: exercises with 32-kg weights, 112-pound
barbell. He poured cold water, fed by a special, completely and forever renounced alcohol and smokes


Sport has become the core for Poddubniy life. The best place to showcase their talents he thought the circus, to the same performance in the arena could bring and good money. From the Greek office he has paid to become a professional wrestler. In early January 1898 twenty-seven Ivan reappeared in Sevastopol.

Ex-porter became a champion of the Italian Circus En Rico Truzzi. The first performance brought him fame. A tall, well-built, with crisp, masculine facial features wrestler quickly acquire fans and admirers.
He shook the arena. He was placed on the shoulders of a telegraph pole and hung on both sides of ten people, while post did not break. Storm of applause after this number of the caller on his face only a condescending smile. For such a trifle-workout started something for which Poddubnyi entering the arena - a native Russian struggle for sashes: the rivals throwing leather belts each other's waist, trying to knock him down. Poddubny his opponents lacked five minutes. Newspapers published portraits of the new star of the circus, ladies cut them into memory, and representation
went with bouquets of flowers for their idol.
The heart of the idol turned quickly occupied the fatal circus diva Emilia. The lady at the age of forty, but extremely temperamental Hungarian-kanatohodka, made considerably dimmed in memory of Ivan innocent girlish image Alenka.
Poddubnyi learned what passion mature, highly experienced in love affairs women. He was completely bewitched, offered his hand and heart, not knowing that is not the only owner of the charms of beauty.
Meanwhile, who happened to be on the circus and something catches of local rumors countrymen Maxim Ivanovich brought sad news that his son in the "shameful" form, in tight leotards, instead get down to business, throwing weights. And besides, they say that "girl-Hungarian seduced him that they have a circus tightrope walk. He marry her, like, going ».
Poddubnyi soon received a letter from the brothers' father is angry at you and threatens to break off about a shaft you. Better not come for Christmas ».
He already was not before the holidays: insidious kanatohodka escaped the same with a rich admirer. And he decided to get rid of painful memories, served in Kiev. Said that the question of whether there is anyone in the world who can beat him, Poddubnyi immediately replied: "Yes! Baba! All my life I was a fool, the way knocked-track. " You can refer to this statement as a joke, but in the biography of the hero is really a lot of dramatic pages. In Kiev circus troupe Nikitin Brothers, with whom Poddubnyi signed, he met with a pretty young creature - Masha Dozmarovoy. He could sit on her palm, she was so tiny and elegant.
Hot feeling overwhelmed by the giant. Poddubnyi understand what it is - sinking of the heart. But it is powerful, not break the rhythm with superhuman load, it sank when he raised his head and watched some tricks Masha doing on his trapeze under the big top. Love was mutual. Poddubnyi decided to marry, and called the girl of his bride.
Everything was broken in an instant. Poddubnyi waited end in the machine room for the heavy drapes separating stage. Suddenly he heard a thud, women's screams. Leaping into the arena, he saw the prostrate body. He raised his arms.
Masha was dead.

... Under contract, Poddubnyi out to the public without the slightest desire. Kiev arena was his place of horrible memories. To as little time to be alone with yourself, it is often in the club athletes.
There was going to Kiev intellectuals - lawyers, doctors, and just influential people in the city. They are all very fond of the French struggle was allowed greater flexibility on the carpet and demand not only strength, but agility, fine control of the body, a special tactics of the match.
Poddubnyi then met with AI Kuprin, which is often seen at the club athletes. Writer appreciated not only in Poddubnaya nugget, amazing work of nature, but also a man of great inner strength.


The turning point in the life of Poddubniy made telegram received from St. Petersburg. He was invited for an important call. What does all this mean?

It turned out Poddubnyi long enough was in the observation zone founders athletic society, reports of his victories in their piggy bank to collect enough to candidacy Cossack warrior seemed most appropriate.
Poddubnyi admitted graph that only recently it has been the struggle of the French, and received the answer: it will be the best coach, Monsieur Eugene de Paris, and three months to prepare.
Training began immediately. The Frenchman, himself a former wrestler professional, did not spare the ward. All techniques perfected to automatism.
To the championship in Paris came 130 fighters, among whom were celebrities. Race conditions were tough - the only defeat deprived of the right of further participation in the contest.

About championship talked the whole of Paris. Seats in the theater "Casino de Paris" were taken from the battle. Unknown "Russian Bear" won eleven fights. Poddubny, who had turned 33 years old, the upcoming fight with the favorite of Parisians, twenty handsome athlete Raoul Le Boucher. That from the first seconds bout went into a furious attack and soon ran out of steam. Poddubny only had to put him on the shoulder, but the Frenchman as the fish slipped from his hands. It became clear,
Raoul smeared some fatty substance. In response to the protest Poddubniy, accusing the opponent of cheating, the panel of judges, though make sure that the body of Raul applied olive oil, decided to continue the struggle, and "slippery" enemy Poddubniy every five minutes, wipe with a towel.

Such a decision was like an anecdote, but it is exactly what happened.
An hour fight with Raul Poddubny could not put the Frenchman on the shoulder, but the advantage was clearly behind him. Even the audience with a history of national, rebelled when the judge recognized the fraud Raul, was awarded the victory all the same to him "for the beautiful and skillful moves away from sharp practices».

Giant from Poltava never waited for his attack. He first went on the offensive
Poddubny was shocked even those that unjustly, insolently was removed from further competition. The first time, he realized that such a representative and authoritative forum in the face of hundreds of spectators watching the fray possible triumph of the blackest of lies and dishonesty human. This tutorial will forever make Poddubniy implacable, uncompromising enemy of "dirty sport».
In St. Petersburg, Paris knew about the incident, but did not want a major scandal, by telegraph offered the jury to repeat the duel Poddubniy and Raul. But the "winner" categorically refused.

But Paris was only the starting point of further clarification on the carpet "Russian Bear" and the favorite of the French. The fate of every now and then drove them - people in their beliefs personified the light and dark side of sports.
Raoul Le Boucher - a strong, technically fighter - could fairly evaluate Poddubniy. It was clear that in an open duel he did not cope with it. Losing same title idol of the public, the French sports stars are not wanted. And when Raul arrived in St. Petersburg at the International Championship, he offered a bribe Poddubny 20 thousand francs.
The proposal, which found a strange Russian offensive was worth "star" twenty-minute standing on all fours under the whistle of the hall. "That's for a scam! That's for the olive oil! "- Sentenced Poddubny. He sent Raul only at the insistence of the judges ...
Much more tough nut to crack became Poddubniy another Frenchman - world champion Paul Pons - tall athlete, known virtuosity all the methods of struggle, which he brings down on the enemy with the lightning-fast, which did not give time to recover.
Actually, this game was to be the main event of the championship. Brothers Circus Ciniselli with its three thousand public seems ready to explode with increasing tension in advance.


Premonition easy victory over some guy, not marked by any medal, after a humiliating, the laughter and hooting of the hall, losing Raul left
Monsieur Pons. World Champion, experienced man, he knew that his victory will not be easy.
The first minutes of opponents like sizing each other: the struggle was sluggish. The audience bolevshaya for "our", did not understand what happened to Poddubny. His style was already known to connoisseurs: the giant from Poltava never waited for his attack.
He first went on the offensive and worked all the muscles of his powerful body. However, this time the action was justified Poddubniy before him - the world champion, a fighter, he had never seen. Within minutes, I had to understand his tactics, find
"His work I've done. Russian honor is not confounded. French I long
will be remembered ... »
All that happened next, we know from eyewitnesses - then a young,
and later one of the most famous trainers, Boris Eder:
"Pons was unlike conventional Ponsa. No one else spoke with him so boldly, as Poddubny, he threw it across the arena ... Pons did not have to make any admission, he barely managed to defend against Poddubniy. By the end of the fight in the Pons pitiful sight: his trousers down, as if he suddenly lost twenty inches in the waist, his shirt rode up, and turned into a crumpled rag who wanted to squeeze »...
Five minutes before the end of the two-hour duel Poddubnyi put world champion on both blades.

The victory went still very hard, and the voltage is literally eclipsed consciousness. Ivan recalled that at a moment lost control of himself. Pinning the opponent to the mat, he was lying on it as long as it is not dragged by the feet.
Around something unimaginable happened. Flew into the arena bouquets, student cap, caps, ladies' gloves. The audience stood up. It was not common jubilant shout and roar, shot, as claimed to Nevsky Prospekt.
"His work I did, - said Russian hero. - Russian honor is not confounded.
French I will remember for a long time ».
Driver, who drove that night the winner through a corridor of people standing on the circus Ciniselli along the streets and Foundry Bridge, the applause and shouts of "Hurrah!", Turned to his rider:
"Who are you, sir, this will be, pray tell ...»
At the beginning of the XX century the whole of Europe was covered by an interest in the new "queen of sports" - wrestling. School, community, athletic clubs sprang up like mushrooms after rain. There was a whole cohort of wrestling celebrities. Competitions were held very often, the public they brought down the shaft. Poddubniy invited to all the major competitions. In 1905, in St. Petersburg, he won the first gold medal in the life and the large cash prize.

But in the same year in Paris preparing for the international competition for the title of world champion. And Ivan Poddubny already knew for what purpose was standing before him.
And again ... Paris Match for the title of world champion took place in the famous Parisian theater "Folies Bergere". It was a show of wrestling elite. Among the 140 best representatives of the sport were several world champions of yesteryear. Bet on a fantastic amount. Few people know the name of Russian athlete was not included in the list of those whose win the bet.


A Poddubnyi moved to the cherished goal uncontrollably, confidently laying on the shoulder of those who stand in the way of a truly triumphant procession.
Here is another, the third meeting with Raul le Boucher. With savage malice Poddubniy look at her eyes and this time defeated enemy. "You have me pay for all the blood" - Raul wheezing.
Paris championship ended triumphant victory Poddubniy.
Ahead was a long tour in Italy on competitions fighters in North Africa. He is seen in Belgium, Germany, where he put on the blades of first-class German athletes. All this makes a real sensation. "Golden Five-Year Plan" from 1905 to 1910, turned into a man-Poddubniy legend.
And here in Nice, where he was already at that time the six-time world champion, was invited to a two-week appearance on the horizon loomed the figure of the old friend Raoul Le Boucher.
One day Poddubniy surrounded four burly guys who began to say that, say, Russian wrestler could entertain fans with champagne. Each of them Poddubnyi noticed the knife hidden in the sleeve of his shirt. Realizing that he was unarmed, can not cope with them, he decided to act cunning and invited me to his home, that apache (assassins) readily agreed ...

Deciding to buy time Poddubnyi made the right move. On the way he met a friend. Poddubnyi imperceptible nod indicated the subjects followed him. Fortunately, he understood and turned to the police station.
Upon entering the house Poddubnyi told the guys that are now turned on the light, and the cast pulled out from under the mattress gun. Those were taken aback when he saw the muzzle aimed at them,
and behind - two police officers.
Soon the rumor that Raoul died from meningitis.


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