"Ivan Vasilievich"

Immediately after the completion of the "Prisoner of the Caucasus" Gaidai going to transfer to the screen of Mikhail Bulgakov's prose - his play "Running". For several reasons, this venture failed, and "Running" filmed others. However, in the early 70s Gaidai returned to the idea of ​​the film adaptation of Bulgakov. Only this time it was already a comedy - play "Ivan».


Shortly before it turned to Gaidai Eldar Ryazanov proposing to take his statement of the joint Soviet-Italian comedy "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia". This film was supposed to star in the genre of eccentrics, which Ryazanov never done before. Gaidai same in this case was a real ace. But Leonid Iovich refused flattering offers (if agreed it shine trip to Italy) and prefer to continue working on "Ivan ...»

The script for "Ivan Vasilyevich ..." wrote home from Gaidai. The fact that the writer was a neighbor Vladlen Bahnov great director on the landing - lived in an apartment across the street. Very wonderful time machine engineer Timofeev invented and designed for painting sculptor Vyacheslav Pochechuyev. Filming

Filming began on 26 August from the expedition in Rostov-Yaroslavl starring situ episodes: the pursuit of the demons of the Kremlin, the people near the Kremlin walls, sending troops to war. As later recalled L. Gaidai:

"Part of the filming took place in the ancient Russian city of Rostov-Yaroslavl. Our film group worked around the museum, located in the ancient Kremlin. We were shooting the scene, "Directions cavalry Ivan the Terrible».

And just then came to the Museum of foreign tourists. And suddenly their vicinity riders raced in ancient coats with hammers in hands. Then raced again. This picturesque spectacle aroused guests raptures. In its own way responded to the incident museum staff. When we finished shooting in Rostov-Yaroslavl, they turned to us to give them two red caftan and a pair of hatchets, hammers. The fact that each group of foreign tourists at the entrance to greet the Russian custom bread and salt. Their teaches guests on embroidered towel. The shooting prompted a new move - welcome guests in the images of the king's musketeers. "

Filming in Rostov-Yaroslavl lasted exactly one week - until September 2, after which the group returned to Moscow. Here, too, until September 17, was shot "nature": journey through the streets of "Ambulance" and the police "Volga"; city ​​panorama aerial view (when the king says enthusiastically: "Lyapota"); calls from a phone booth and George Miloslavsky girlfriend Yakin; Yakin travel around the city (the same car that starred in the "Diamond Hand"; scamper Shurika by Radio Shack, Shura and Bunsha in the yard, at the entrance to the chase.

Moscow part of the film takes place in a characteristic zigzag so-called house of pink "Moscow" brick. This house is located in Novokuznetsk street, about midway between the metro stations "Novokuznetsk" and "Paveletskaya" (d.17 / 19) But in the course of the film we are always trying to show that he is in the opposite direction, at the end of Kalinin Prospekt (New Arbat).

In these days of filming an episode when Bunsha wife saw on a nearby balcony of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, mix it with your spouse. Filming of this episode almost ended in tragedy. And that's what happened. According to the scenario, the heroine Natalia Krachkovskaya had to climb from one balcony to another to catch Slipping "husband».

But the actress, who suffered a terrible fear of heights, refused to perform the trick with perelezaniem. Then, to make her do it, Gaidai went to the trick: he said that will be located at the bottom of a special cradle with people who will insure actress. In fact, no cradle downstairs was not just Gaidai hoped that vysotoboyaznennaya actress afraid to look down and notice the trick. But it turned out otherwise. Krachkovskaya, climbing over the railing, still looked down and, not finding any insurance, fear almost fell down. Fortunately, people were around already caught her slipping off the balcony of the body and pulled back. Therefore, in the episode with perelezaniem picture was not included.

Cult scene: "And you will be cured. And you too will be cured. And I will be cured "- Krachkovskaya recalled with horror. "Of course, I did not cut shaved, but the head was wearing two wigs. It was hard work, because bathing cap teen top sewn beaver. And then I put on a regular wig. All this is etched into the skin, face began to swell. I just sobbed ».

September 17 on location have been completed, and the group for nearly two weeks was forced outage - waited to be ready pavilion scenery. This work required the decorators extra effort, since they had to erect a pavilion in the same complex, which was to enter at once 16 objects - 10 "modern" and 6 "Chambers of Ivan the Terrible».

Here are some of them: Shurika apartment (room, where there was a "time machine", hall and kitchen) apartment Shpak, landings (by the way, its the same days used for filming another comedy - "Big Break", dental office , playground entrance on the ground floor, the elevator (it was stuck Ivan the Terrible), the royal hall, refectory, reception hall, and so on. d. The whole complex is located on an area of ​​1428 square meters.

April 12 film "Ivan Vasilievich" was commissioned by the General Directorate "Mosfilm". Evaluate the picture is positive, the management need to make some amendments to it. In particular, it was necessary to reduce the following episodes: chasing George Miloslavsky (the film remains only its beginning - when George runs away from the police, dressed in a doctor's robe), stay in the apartment of the king Timofeev (seized episode where Ivan the Terrible in the kitchen frying meatballs) , fun Georges in the imperial palace, the talk in the phone booth, the streets of Moscow, and others.


The main role of Ivan the Terrible and the superintendent Bunsha Gaidai invited his pet Yuri Nikulin. "The script written specifically for him - says Leonid Gaidai widow actress Nina Grebeshkova. - After reading the script, Jura refused. There are two versions. The first, which unveiled the Jura, he went to Australia on tour. This is not quite true. Lena, he said: "You know, this is Bulgakov. The film will be on the shelf! Well I'll shoot, and then no one will see it. I am in such things do not participate. " Lenya was offended. " Even the director's personal confidence could not convince Nikulin. "How so? - Leonid Iovich surprised. - Two roles. This story ... "Nikulin not attracted any special conditions or more days of shooting, and consequently, increased fee. (For the previous gaydaevskuyu "Diamond Hand" Nikulin received 6,000 rubles).

After refusing Nikulin Gaidai arranged a screen test. Besides Nikulin in the "kings" were labeled with seven other actors. Hudsovet "hacked" nominee Eugene Evstigneeva - sample the famous actor did not like government officials. George Vitsin not taken because it was associated with the famous trio. And the actor Yevgeny Lebedev, according to the director, was the perfect king, but unconvincing as the building manager. After a long search for the lead role taken Yakovlev, who on the very first screen test was able to brilliantly "split in two" on the majestic king and miserable Bunsha.

By the way, the role of Georges Miloslavsky which brilliantly played by Leonid Kuravlev, Gaidai intended his pet Andrei Mironov. But alas ... I Yakovlev on set with Mironov not formed a duo. Arts council decided that the actor on the background Yakovlev looks too "artistic and overly sophisticated." Who knows, if the stars are arranged differently, as rogue Miloslavsky we could see Vyacheslav Innocent, George Burkova, Sergei Nikonenko George Yumatova ... They all tried, but the choice fell on Kuravleva.

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Most fortunate actor Alexander Demyanenko. Competitors on the role of the inventor Timofeev, creator of time machine was only Oleg Species. At the last moment decided not Gaidai part with his favorite Shurik and Dem'yanenko approved.

With the approval of the role Pugovkina Yakin had problems - protested known directors. How so? Pugovkin, play the fool, and suddenly - the director ?! On hudsovet actor interceded G. Chuhray: "Comrades directors! You all think of yourself very well. And for good reason. Pugovkin will show you what types found among you ... »

Sergei Philippa Hyde idolized. It was this director has presented the only comedian in his life a big role - Kisa Vorobyaninov. And when! In difficult times for Filippova, after undergoing surgery of brain tumors. Do the surgery, doctors removed the skull bone. In its place made "film" covering which the actor was not taking off, wearing a beret. A Gaidai henceforth called him in all his films. For speech, Ambassador Leonid Iovich himself wrote the text, because it is so absurd and ridiculous.

On the role of Zina wife Timofeev, claimed three famous actress Natalia three - Gvozdikova, Gundareva, Selezneva. Although the artistic council feared that in the past too strengthened the image of a "good girl Lida" from the "Operation" Y "Gaidai insisted, and it was approved Seleznev. Gundarevoj also offered to try to Tsaritza Marfa. But Natalya G. was not meant to work with the great master of comedy Gaidai, and the role of the queen it is also not approved. Game Nina Maslova felt "more expressive".

Simultaneously, the actress played Korovyansky in "Big Change". Shooting two films intersect in interesting ways, landing in the house Shurika Shpak and used by A. Korenev for "Big Change».

Nina Maslova, subsequently played a woman - dream Athos Daneliya film and in life enjoyed male attention. In "Ivan Vasilyevich ..." queen of all time in the floor looks not from modesty, just the actress had to shoot with a huge shiner under his eye. Tried second husband, bandleader. In the end it went to the benefit of the role - this technique added queen coquetry

According to Natalya Selezneva, create royal vestments for the film "Ivan Vasilievich" helped costume designer who worked with Sergei Eisenstein at his painting "Ivan the Terrible." For heroine same Selezneva sewed costumes young but already famous Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

Short version

There is a truncated version of the Short-lived movie called "Black Gloves". This tape was produced on a reel with an 8-mm film, and in Soviet times, it was possible to buy for home viewing.

In the 11-minute short film shows the story line is mainly associated with only Miloslavsky, and in the film were the fragments, which in a feature film was not. Besides, from the full-length film was cut from the final scene Miloslavsky - the hero, dressed in a medic helps bring Ivan to the car "emergency", the police began to pursue him, and in this storyline ends with the character, so the viewer is not clear it further fate. In short films final scene is. George swims by boat, accompanied by two girls. When traffic comes up from under the dark bridge, on the sides of Georges sit for two policemen.

Interesting facts

Swedish Ambassador speaks not in Swedish, and in broken German that corresponds to the text of the play by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Secondary phone number "3-62", which calls George Miloslavsky when calling to work Shpak, represents the price of the bottle of vodka in the USSR. In the play, the extension number - 501.

L. Kuravlev uttered the phrase "Citizens! Keep your money in a savings bank "was written in the script, and its sequel -" ... of course, if you have them "- improv actor.

Asked Bunsha queen replies, "Martha V. I '. This can only be Marfa Sobakina, samples wife of Ivan IV the Terrible just 15 days. Thus George Miloslavsky and Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha were in ancient Moscow in one of the days between 28th October and 12th November 1571. November 13 Sobakina Martha died.

Crimean Khan really naughty on Izyum Trail in 1571. Yes so naughty that burned Moscow in May 1571. The following year, the Crimean Khan was defeated at the Battle of the young.

Price Call Georges "female voice" to the voice of Natalia Shpak Kustinskaya.

The film was redubbed Gaidai due to censorship attacks in several episodes. First, during the king's banquet Bunsha Miloslavsky asks: "And who will pay?" He replies: "Well, at least we are not" in the original in conception Gaidai, "People, people, sir." Second, the interrogation scene of Ivan the Terrible in the police: "Location", the king replied: "In the wards." As conceived Gaidai: "Moscow - Kremlin».

At one point in the film, the viewer may seem that the marriage was admitted scoring: When Bunsha Miloslavsky asks how he got into the apartment Shpak, he replies, "Oh to hell with you, for that she went to inquire!", With the mouth closed Miloslavsky. In fact, this phrase is not talking Miloslavskii and Shura being in the moment-by-frame (voice Kuravlev and Dem'yanenko really similar).

Bunsha dressed as a king says, referring to the Swedish ambassador, "Mamma Mia", but on the lips reads "Peace, friendship».

In the foreign box office film was called «Ivan the Terrible: Back to the Future» - «Ivan the Terrible: Back to the Future».

The film takes 17th place in attendance among domestic films in the history of Soviet film distribution.

The police arrived to investigate burglaries at police car.

Scepter and orb, which holds Bunsha (and depicted in the icon), as a symbol of royal authority came to a hundred years later, the events taking place in the XVII century.

In a scene of interrogation by police Ivan the question about the year of birth says: "One thousand five hundred and thirty-third of the Nativity." Although Ivan the Terrible was born August 25, 1530, and the chronology "of Christmas" was introduced by Piotr I only in 1700. Before that, in Russia led chronology "of the creation of the world." Thus, the answer Ivan had to sound like "Summer of seven thousand and thirty-eighth of the creation of the world».

In the elevator ("bricked, demons!") King baptized three fingers. Until 1653 the Orthodox cross with two fingers.

The songs in the film

Originally the song "Ringing the January blizzard" (music by Alexander Zatsepin, words of Leonid Derbenyov) takes Sofia Rotaru, but its an option due to a serious, soulful style of performance is not fit for comedy film. In addition, the song was recorded in a low tone of voice and Rotaru completely in harmony with the high voice of Natalia Selezneva. As a result, the song had pereozvuchivat. In the final version of the film of her singing Nina Brody.

Valery Zolotukhin performed the song "Conversation with happiness" ("Suddenly, like a fairy tale, the door creaked ...»).

Boris Kuznetsov, Leo Polosin and choir CVM performs the song "drip-drip-drip" ("Marusya»).

The song "Speak thou with me though, seven-girlfriend ..." Vladimir Vysotsky sang, recorded it specifically for the film. Later it was called "Variations on gypsy themes».

The song "Dog Crimean king" - on authentic poems of Richard James booklets written in the Time of Troubles.

In the scene with bells sounding melodies songs "finch-fawn" (strums Bunsha) and "Moscow Nights" (strums Miloslavskii).


The film was shot over 71 shooting day, the fees for this time amounted to:
Leonid Gaidai - 7948 rubles (5948 rubles. For shooting plus 2,000 rubles per scenario);
Yuri Yakovlev - 4350 rubles;
Leonid Kuravlev - 2312 rubles;
Alexander Demyanenko - 1663 rubles;
Savely Kramarov - 1129 rubles;
Michael Pugovkin - 788 rubles;
Vladimir Etush - 630 rubles;
Natalya Selezneva - 362 rubles;
Natalia Krachkovskaya - 347 rubles;
Sergei Filippov - 258 rubles;
Natalia Kustinskaya - 168 rubles;
Anatoly Podshivalov - 139 rubles;
Nina Maslova - 101 rubles.

The film "Ivan Vasilievich" was released in rent September 17, 1973 and brought Leonid Gaidai new resounding triumph: 3rd place at the box office, 60, 7 million viewers. One of the first prime minister responded to the country's main newspaper - "The Truth". G. Kozhukhova Room September 24, wrote: "The remains himself, Gaidai in the new work, in my opinion, largely brought his intonation, his style and grace to shine. Do not these same properties explain why we commemorate the decades with a kind word "Jolly Fellows", "Volga-Volga", "Carnival Night" - for the joy of the presence at the celebration of skill? .. ". Review in "Izvestia" called "Laughter is a wall" and contained only praise-author of the film.



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