As Ivan profession changed

Immediately after the completion of the "Prisoner of the Caucasus" Gaidai was going to transfer to the screen the play "Flight" by Mikhail Bulgakov. For several reasons, this venture failed, and "Running" filmed others. However, in the early '70s Gaidai returned to Bulgakov. Only this time it was already on the comedy - the play "Ivan».

Wrote the script at home Gaidai. Written, Vladlen Bahnov, was a neighbor of the great director on the landing - lived in the apartment opposite.

Miracle-time machine engineer Timofeev invented and designed by sculptor Vyacheslav Pochechuev.

During filming in Rostov-Yaroslavl, starring pursuit of the Kremlin and the administration of troops into the war, the museum had just arrived foreign tourists. They were delighted when riders raced past them in the ancient coats with hammers in their hands.

The house where the filming was carried out Moscow, Novokuznetsk is on the street.

Episode when Bunsha wife saw on a nearby balcony of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, mix it with your spouse, almost ended in tragedy. The actress was very afraid of heights and refused to perform the trick with perelezaniem. Then Gaidai went to the trick: he said that the bottom will be a safety cradle with people.

No cradle was not just Gaidai hoped that the actress did not notice the trick. But Krachkovskaya, climbing over the railing and looked down, not finding the cradle of fear almost fell down. Fortunately, it managed to pick up and pulled back. Therefore, this episode in the picture was not included.

Cult scene "And you will be cured" Krachkovskaya recalled with horror. "It was hard work, because bathing cap preteen sewn on top of beaver. And then I put on a regular wig. All this is etched into the skin, face began to swell. I just sobbed ».

The main role of Ivan the Terrible and the superintendent Bunsha Gaidai invited his pet Yuri Nikulin. But he refused. Then Gaidai arranged a screen test. Hudsovet "hacked" the candidacy of Eugene Evstigneeva - sample the famous actor did not like bureaucrats.

George Vitsin not taken because he was associated with the famous trio. But Yevgeny Lebedev, according to the director, was a great king, but not convincing as a building manager. After a long search for the lead role taken Yakovlev, who at first could audition brilliantly "split in two" on the majestic king and miserable Bunsha.

Here comes the role of Georges Miloslavsky Gaidai intended Andrei Mironov. But arts council decided that an actor on a background Yakovlev looks too "artistic and overly refined»

On the role of Zina claimed three famous actresses, three Natalia - Gvozdikova, Gundareva, Selezneva. Hudsovet afraid that in the past too strengthened the image of "good girl Lida" from the "Operation" Y ", but insisted Gaidai, and approved it Seleznev.

Sergey Philippa Hyde idolized. After all, he gave the only comedian in his life a major role - Kisa Vorobyaninov. And now Gaidai called him in all his films. By the way, for speech, Ambassador Leonid Iovich wrote the text itself.

Swedish ambassador says not in Swedish and in broken German that corresponds to the text of the play by Mikhail Bulgakov.

With the approval of the role Pugovkina Yakin also have problems - protested famous directors. How come? Pugovkin, play the fool, and suddenly - the director ?! On hudsovet actor interceded G. Chuhray: "Comrades directors! You all think of yourself very well. And for good reason. Pugovkin will show you what types found among you ... »

Nina Maslova who played the queen, played simultaneously Korovyansky in the "Big Change". Shooting two films intersect in interesting ways: landing in the house Shura and Shpak used by A. Korenev for "Big Break».

By the way, Nina Maslova and enjoyed life male attention. In "Ivan Vasilyevich ..." the queen of all the time looking at the floor not from modesty - just an actress came to shoot with a shiner under his eye. Tried second husband, bandleader. In the end it went to the benefit of the role - this technique added to the queen of coquetry.

According to Natalia Selezneva, create royal vestments for the film helped costume designer who worked with Sergei Eisenstein on his painting "Ivan the Terrible". For the heroine same Selezneva sewed costumes young but already famous Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

There is a Short-lived version of the film titled "Black Glove". This tape was produced on a reel with 8 mm film, and in Soviet times it was possible to buy for home viewing.

In short versions were fragments, which in the film was not. For example, the final scene was cut from the Miloslavsky - the hero helps bring Ivan to the car "emergency", the police began to pursue him, and this storyline ends with a character, so the audience is not clear his fate.

In the final scene of short films there. George swims by boat, accompanied by two girls. When traffic comes up from under the dark bridge, flanked by Georges sit for two policeman.

L. Kuravlev uttered the phrase "Citizens! Keep your money in a savings bank "was written in the script, and its sequel -" ... of course, if you have them "- improv actor.

The question Bunsha queen replies, "Martha V. me." This can only be Marfa Sobakina, struck his wife of Ivan IV only 15 days. Thus George Miloslavsky and Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha were ancient Moscow in one of the days between 28th October and 12th November 1571.

Crimean khan really naughty on Izyum Trail in 1571. So much so naughty that burned Moscow in May 1571. The following year he was defeated at the Battle of the young.

The film was redubbed due to censorship attacks in several episodes. First, during the king's banquet Bunsha Miloslavsky asks: "And who will pay?" He replied: "Well, at least we are not" in the original plan to Gaidai, "People, people, sir." Second: Ivan the Terrible interrogation scene in the police: "Location," the king replied: "In the wards." According to the plan Gaidai: "Moscow - Kremlin».

And overdubbed phrase Bunsha episode referring to the Swedish ambassador - instead of the scenic phrase "Peace, Friendship!" Was overdubbed phrase "Hitler Kaput».

Ban and underwent an episode of Zina, who cares about Ivan the Terrible in the apartment, says: "You never know what might think!", But read my lips: "You can see here!". After making all the changes the timing of the film decreased by 10 minutes.

In the foreign box office film was titled «Ivan the Terrible: Back to the Future» - «Ivan the Terrible: Back to the Future».

The film takes the 17th place by views among domestic films in the history of Soviet film distribution.

Bunsha disguised as a king, says, referring to the Swedish ambassador "Mamma Mia", but read my lips "Peace, friendship».

Scepter and orb, which holds Bunsha (and which are depicted in the icon), as a symbol of royal power appeared a hundred years later, the events taking place in the XVII century.

In the scene questioning by police Ivan the question about year of birth replies: "thousand five hundred thirty-third from Christmas.", Although Ivan the Terrible was born August 25, 1530, and chronology "of Christmas" was introduced by Piotr I only in 1700. < br />
In the elevator ("walled up, the demons!"), The king is baptized with three fingers. Until 1653 Orthodox cross with two fingers.

Originally the song "Ringing the January blizzard" Sofia Rotaru performed, but its an option due to a serious, heartfelt manner of performance did not come to comedy film. In addition, the voice Rotaru completely in harmony with the high-pitched voice of Natalia Selezneva. As a result, the final version of the film song sings Nina Brodsky.

Valery Zolotukhin performed the song "Conversation with happiness" ("Suddenly, like a fairy tale, the door creaked ...»).

The song "Talk with me even though you, girlfriend seven-stringed ..." sang Vladimir Vysotsky, writing it specifically for the film. Subsequently, it was called "Variations on Gypsy themes».

The song "Dog Crimean king" - in authentic poetry of booklets Richard James recorded in the Time of Troubles.

Chase music for the film was recorded in the studio Zatsepina. Similar theme at a pace impossible to perform live. In the USSR, there were only 2 studios, where they could speed up the music recording, and the task was able to cope with equipment Zatsepina.

The film "Ivan Vasilievich" was released in rent September 21, 1973 and brought Leonid Gaidai new resounding triumph: 3rd place at the box office, 60, 7 million viewers. With each decade the picture gets a lot of new fans, and many phrases from the film went on the quote and the people began to cruise.




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