✔ 10 Interesting facts about IVAN-TEA:
1. Peter Badmayev - doctor, has been studying Ivan-tea, lived a hundred and ten years, and ten years before the death has once again come to know the joy of fatherhood.
2. Ivan-tea contains six and a half times more vitamin C than any lemon.
3. At the end of 1941, instead of moving to Leningrad, Hitler gave the order to send the tanks in the village of Koporje to destroy the experimental laboratory that produced drinks from herbs according to old Russian recipes based was Ivan-tea.
4. Ivan-tea can be brewed up to 5 times without sacrificing its taste and beneficial properties.
5. invigorates and soothes at the same time. From Ivan of weak tea, you will feel a surge of strength and energy, and a concentrated drink promotes the prompt relaxation and sound sleep.
6. During the time of Peter I, Ivan-tea is the second largest exporter to Europe.
7. The people of Ivan-tea called "universal home first aid kit", "the elixir of life", "the elixir of youth."
8. In Russia, it was believed that Ivan the tea can prevent or cure 90% of all known diseases at that time.
9. Ivan-tea contains 69-71 useful trace elements, which is 2/3 of the periodic table.
10. 2 cups Ivan-tea can relieve hangover.

✔ 10 Medicinal properties of willow-herb:

1. Increases immunity
2. Enhances potency
3. It has a preventive effect on tumors.
4. It strengthens blood vessels
5. to deal with stress, neuroses and their consequences.
6. Clean the body of toxins, heavy metals and radiation.
7. It has anti-inflammatory effects
8. Eliminates the headache has antipyretic properties
9. pressure normalizes
10. Scars of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

✔ 10 useful components IVAN-TEA:

1. flavonoids (quercetin and kemferol, has antispasmodic choleretic, diuretic, but also anti-cancer action).
2. The tannins (up to 20% tannins pirogalovoy group has astringent and anti-inflammatory hemostatic effect).
3. Slime (up to 15%, which provides emollient and enveloping properties, the ability to reduce inflammation, pain to quench, soothe and relieves cramps).
4. Alkaloids (can improve metabolism, blood circulation and the nervous system are good painkillers).
5. The chlorophyll (green plant pigment that absorbs light energy promotes healing, improves metabolism, helps to kill cancer cells).
6. Pectin (This substance increases the storage life of tea and removes harmful substances from the body).
7. Vitamin A (has an impact on human growth, improves skin, promotes resistance to infection provides the growth and development of epithelial cells).
8. Vitamin B (helps to carry out many vital biochemical reactions involved in the metabolism, regulates the nervous system, protects the mucous membranes).
9. Vitamin C (six times more than lemon).
10. Such trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese, nickel, titanium, molybdenum, boron and so on.

✔ 10 diseases that can be avoided with IVAN-TEA:
(Remember that Ivan tea - it is a great addition to the treatment and prevention for your body, but not a panacea for all ills)

Anemia 2. Gastrointestinal disorders: gastritis, gastric ulcer, cirrhosis, colitis, gallstone disease
3. Diseases of the urogenital system: kidney, bladder, cystitis
4. Respiratory system diseases: acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, tuberculosis
5. Dermatological diseases: psoriasis, furunculosis, acne, eczema, dermatitis
6. Poisoning
7. Diseases of the nervous system: neurosis, disorder, hysteria, psychosis, depression
Immunodeficiency 9. Increased bleeding gums, tooth decay
10. Prevention of tumors

✔ Brewing IVAN-TEA:
(Basic version, which is suitable for the first time while you are learning, and drink their own preferences in it)

1. Take 2-3 tablespoons Ivan-tea at half-liter of water.
2. Fill the kettle with a third, wait for five minutes and add the remaining quantity of water.
3. It is advisable to drink a brew for about 15 minutes.
4. You can add water in the brewed tea Ivan up to five times without compromising its valuable properties.
5. To make the drink more soft, use purified or spring water.
6. Try to give up sugar in favor of dried apricots, raisins or any other dried fruit.

✔ 10 REASONS TO TRY TO DRINK Ivan tea instead of the usual TEA AND COFFEE:

1. Ivan-tea does not contain caffeine, purine, oxalic acid and uric acid, which violate the metabolism and poison the body.
2. Ivan tea contains no colors, flavors and preservatives.
3. Ivan Tea is very tasty. It practically does not differ from the usual tea, but has a soft floral-herbal flavor and taste.
4. Another Japanese sages said that a few hours after the brewing regular tea becomes toxic and harmful. Ivan-tea can be brewed up to 5 times without sacrificing taste and beneficial properties.
5. Pay attention to the raid on the circles even a very ordinary quality of tea and the oxide film on the surface after some time. Is this not the reason to look for an alternative to the usual drinks?
6. Under the influence of oxygen in the usual tea appear bacteria and harmful compounds. This is one of the reasons why you should not drink stale regular tea. Ivan-tea this is not predisposed.
7. Ivan-tea contains 69-71 nutrients, that is 2/3 of the periodic table. He carries the benefit throughout the body.
8. Ivan-tea no contraindications. It can (and should!) To drink for children, pregnant and sick. However, watch out for the individual reaction of your body.
9. This is advantageous. Brew Ivan-tea can be up to 5 times without sacrificing taste and beneficial properties. And for the immediate preparation of the drink need only 2-3 teaspoons per half-liter.
10. With almost zero calorie, Ivan-tea enriches your body the necessary vitamins and many other nutrients, but most importantly - helps control hunger.


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