Judging by the title of the movie

"Brigade" - about the builders of migrant workers.

"Girls" - panoramic shooting night Leninsky Prospekt.

"American Beauty" - about a Big Mac.

"The main instikt" - about food.

"Rain Man" - about the homeless.

"The venue can not be changed" - a romantic comedy about a first date.

"From Dusk Till Dawn" - erotic melodrama about the relationship between the sexes.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - about drugs "Fight" - about mothers.

"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" - a football match Lokomotiv - Inter.

"Monsters Inc." - the working title of the TV show "House - 2┬╗

"Die Hard" - a family drama about how the wife dies and the husband ostaetstso live with this burden ...

"Mimino" - about dominoes.

"Beware of the Car" - the tourists in England.

"The Last Samurai" - the prehistory of "The Last Boy Scout."

"Turkish Gambit" - about the Turkish players.

"Finding Neverland" - about Holland.

"Gone with the Wind" - a film about dystrophies.

"Well, wait!" - About the police

"Night Watch" - the series of life-DPS nicknames

"Shadow Boxing" - about delirium tremens.

"Vertical" - about Putin and his power vertical.

"The Rich Also Cry" - about the life of Khodorkovsky in jail.

"The Ring" - about the school.

"Van Helsing" - Ivan in Helsinki.

"Catch Me If You Can" - about Basayev.

"Kill Bill" - about Monica Lewinsky

"Queen of the Gypsies" - about how Roma built Shuttle

"Dead Man's Bluff" - about the children's game

"Matrix" - about mathematicians

"A Beautiful Mind" - about men playing dominoes

"Voditil for Vera" - a chauffeur Pope.

"Eraser" - a peasant henpecked

"Cut bait" - about the fishing control

"Meet the Fockers" - about the first day of Khodorkovsky in the chamber

"Daredevil" - about a serial ubivtsa

"The Hot Chick" - about the poultry farm

"Streets of Broken Lights" - about drunks

"Trainspotting" - about hedgehogs

"Beethoven" - about the composer

"Boomer" - about gum

"Blade Runner" - about the cockroach-extremals

"American Pie" - about makdonalse

"Fantastic Four" - about tuned "Zhiguli" fourth model.

"Do not even think" - about a lobotomy

"Personal Number" - about assigning INN

"38 parrots" - about African sniper

"White Chicks" - about chickens albino

"The Thin Red Line" - about the general's pants

"Universal Soldier" - about the spirit of first-year

"Saving Private Ryan" - about the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers.

"The Thorn Birds" - about drunks

"Saw" - about a woman-alcoholic

"The Sea Inside" - about beer intoxication

"Where is crying oriole" - about the evil of young naturalists.

"Armageddon" - Moses and Penkin came to power!

"Green Box" - about drugs

"Three Fat Men" - about the beer

"We'll Live Till Monday" - about the student's drunkenness after Scholarships

"Pirates of the twentieth century" - about hacking software

"Cruel Intentions" - about Russian roulette and "Catch Me brick┬╗

"Spartak and Kalashnikov" - about the everyday lives of football fans

"Dreaming of Space" - about the pending arrival

"Mama, Do not Cry" - about their parents
"Volga Volga" - about cops

"Office Romance" - about Marinin, who wrote a book on the work

"The evil machine" - about the death of sysadmin

"Casablanca" - about the bad print printer

"Unlucky" - about the strike of drivers

"Cats & Dogs" - about deputies

"Acid House" - about the charging station

"The battalions are asked to fire" - about smoke breaks in the army

"Constantine - Lord of Darkness" - about electricians

"Spartacus" - pro football

"Let's do it in a hurry" - about how Microsoft wrote Windu

"Lomonosov" - pro boxers

"Cube" - about the drug

"I know what you did last summer" - about the quick and hot Estonians

"Conspiracy" - about traditional medicine

"Total Recall" - about yesterday's celebration

"Planet of the Apes" - about the racial discrimination of blacks

"Helen of Troy" - about a woman who wrote computer viruses

"Need for Speed" - about a guy who ate ecstasy

"Enemy at the Gates" - about players

"Crusaders" - weekdays ambulance station

"Dirty Harry" - about foul play chess player Kasparov


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