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Teen idol and pets girls in the 80s. What happened to them over the last 20-30 years?
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1. Denzel Washington began to rise with the Hollywood Olympus as Dr. Phillip Chandler in shestisezonnoy TV drama «St. Elsewhere ». On the big screen, he lit up in 1984 in the film "A Soldier's Story", a role in which he was nominated for an Oscar. His first Oscar he received in 1989 for the film "Glory" (Best Supporting Actor). As best actor in the role of the first plan, he received an Oscar in 2001 for the film "Training Day." (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


2. John Cusack began his film career with the film "16 Candles" in 1984. The following year, he starred in the title role with Daphne Zuniga in the movie "True trick." However, it is the role of Lloyd Dobler in the 1989 film "Say Anything" made him popular. Since then, he has appeared on the screen in such box office hits as "Grosse Pointe Blank," "High Fidelity," "Serendipity", "2012" and "Hot Tub Time Machine." (20th Century Fox / Getty Images)


3. Career Matthew Broderick began on stage with leading roles in such plays as "Sentimental Song" and "Memories of Brighton Beach." On the big screen he appeared in the 1983 film "The Return of the Max Dagena." In the same year he played a teenage hacker David Lightman in the movie "War Games". In 1986, he played in the movie Ferris' day off Ferris Bueller, "which remains one of his best films. In 1997, Broderick married Sarah Jessica Parker and continued to make movies and play in the theater. (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


4. Long before becoming a Willy Wonka and Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp began with the TV series "21 Jump Street," which made him a teen idol. Feeling uncomfortable in the role of "entertainment product," Depp left the series and decided to accept only those roles that he considers to be appropriate. His first steps in this direction was the film "Edward Scissorhands" 1990. (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


5. Don Johnson became famous for his role as Detective Sony Crockett in the series in 1984, "Miami Police." Series, in which he starred with Philip Michael Thomas, filmed before 1989. In the 80s Johnson also recorded two albums. Single from his album «Heartbeat» reached fifth place in the ranking in 1986. He also starred in the TV series "Nash Bridges" in the 90s. Now he acted in the comedy series "The Lower Depths". (NBC / Getty Images)


6. Fred Savage famous role as Kevin Arnold in the series "The Wonder Years." He received two Emmy nominations for best actor in a comedy, becoming the youngest actor to be awarded this honor. In 1987, he played a grandson of Peter Falk in the movie "The Princess Bride". After filming the series "The Wonder Years" in 1993, Savage appeared mostly as a guest star on the series. (ABC / Getty Images)


7. If in the 70's Harrison Ford received the status of a star for his role of Han Solo in "Star Wars", then in the '80s, he was granted the status of super-star for the role of Indiana Jones. He also starred in films such as "Blade Runner" (1982) and "Witness" (1985), for which he received an Oscar nomination as Best Actor. (Paramount Pictures / Getty Images)


8. Although his first starring role was the brother of the heroine Brooke Shields in the 1981 film "Endless Love", James Spader has become a hero of teenagers in 1986, playing the antagonist heroine Molly Ringwald Steffen in the movie "Pretty in Pink". Then he starred in such films as "Dummy" and "Less Than Zero", and then there was his real breakthrough - the movie "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" in 1989. He continued to reap the rewards of success in the '90s, and got zero marginal role attorney Alan Shore in the TV series "Boston". (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


9. John Stamos was the darling of the public, having played Blackie Parrish on the show "General Hospital" and then get the role of Uncle Jesse in the comedy "Swingers." Although the series ended in 1995, John still communicates with its partners in the set of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jodie Sweetin and Bob Sagetom. In the '90s he played Dr. Gates in the TV series "ER" and recently appeared in the TV series "The Choir". (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


10. One of the band members «Brat Pack» Judd Nelson became famous by playing Bender in the cult film 1984 "The Breakfast Club." He also co-starred with members of their group in the film «St. Elmo's Fire ». However, he never made much success in the film career, except for series 1996 "Unpredictable Susan." (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


Keanu Reeves 11. began his career in the role of Rob Lowe in the drama "Young Blood", and then got his first starring role in 1986 "On the banks of the river." Then he played Ted in the comedy "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." The film was so successful that came continuation of "The New Adventures of Bill and Ted." 90s he spent trying to move away from teen roles, starring in the film "My Own Private Idaho" and "break-point", and then lit up with Sandra Bullock in the blockbuster "Speed" in 1994 and "The Matrix" in 1999. (Orion Pictures / Getty Images)


12. Kirk Cameron began his career in advertising from the shooting at the age of 9 years, and then appeared in sseriale «Two Marriages» 10 years of age. Cameron became famous in 1985, playing the bugger Mike Siver in the movie "The problems of growth" - this role made him a star teen magazines. In the late '80s, he starred in the film "Son of a father" with Dudley Moore. He now works mainly on Christian programs. (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


13. Matt Dillon became famous after the shooting in the film adaptations of novels «Tex» (1982), "The Outsiders" (1983) and "Rumble Fish" (1983). His next film was "The kid from the Flamingo" (1984), and then he played a drug addict in the 1989 film "Drugstore Cowboy." He continued to act successfully in the '90s, "Singles", "To Die For", "Something Wild" and "There's Something About Mary." (Everett Collection / AFP - Getty Images)


14. Andrew McCarthy became famous in the 80s thanks to starring in films such as "class", "Pretty in Pink" and "Fire in St. Elmo." Even his partner in the film "Pretty in Pink" Molly Pinguold in love with him. He starred in "Fresh horses" and "Weekend at Bernie's). In the list of the hundred most famous teen idol he is on the 40 place. (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


15. Philip Michael Thomas became famous after the TV series "Miami Police", which he co-starred with Don Johnson. Then he joined Johnson on the set of the series "Nash Bridges." (Everett Collection / WireImage)


16. Michael J.. Fox became the darling of the public in 1982, Alex P. Keaton played in the comedy "Family Ties." He received three Emmy Awards (1986-1988 biennium) for this role. At the height of his fame in the TV series Fox Marty McFly got the role in the comedy "Back to the Future" and its two sequels. In 1991, he was diagnosed - Parkinson's disease, and now he is almost never removed. (NBC / Getty Images)


17. The first major role Ralph Macchio was the role of Jeremy in the series "Eight is enough." He also played Johnny Cade in the 1983 movie "The Outsiders." The following year, he starred in the role of Daniel Larousse in the movie "The Karate Kid." But his first adult role was in the 1992 film - Joe Pesci in the movie "My Kuze Winnie." (Columbia TriStar / Getty Images)


18. Rob Lowe came to fame as part of «Brat Pack», starring in films such as "The Outsiders," "Fire in St. Elmo" and "About Last Night". In 1988, the media has penetrated a video in which he has sex with two girls, one of them a minor. This entry was ruined his career, but after visiting a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts and alcoholics in the '90s he has starred in the TV series "The West Wing." (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


19. Sean Penn began his career in 1981 in the teen drama "Cadets", in which he starred with Tom Cruise and Timothy Hutton. A year later, he became famous for his role in the movie "Careless times in the" Ridgemont High ", playing the school bully Jeff Spikoli. After that, he appeared in the films "Bad Boys" (1983) and "Falcon and the Snowman" (1985). Penn has received two Oscars for the films "Dead Men Walking" and "Milk". (Everett Collection / AFP - Getty Images)


20. Kiefer Sutherland - son of actor Donald Sutherland - began his film career with a role in the film Ace 1986 "Stay with me." Then he played David in the vampire hit "The Lost Boys" (1987). But the real fame came to him in 2001 with the role of Jack in the TV series "24", for which in 2006 he received an Emmy. (Warner Bros. / Getty Images)


21. Timothy Hutton began his film career with a role of a suicidal teen Conrad Jarrett in the 1980 film "Ordinary People." This role earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting vtoroga OPLAN. He then starred in "Cadets" Sean Pen in 1981 and in the movie "Falcon and the Snowman" in 1985 with the same Sean Pen. Now Hutton appeared on the series "trump card". (Orion Pictures / Getty Images)


22. Tom Cruise began its rapid ascent to fame in the 80s with films such as "Endless Love" and "Cadets" in 1981. In 1983, he landed his first starring role in "Losin 'It" and then he was given the role that changed his career - the role of Joel in the movie "Risky Business." In 1986, his career took off after the movie "Top Gun." In the same year, he starred in the movie "The Color of Money" with Paul Newman. Two years later, he starred with Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Rain Man," and a decade finished filming the movie "Born Fourth of July." (Everett Collection / Getty Images)


23. Val Kilmer became famous after appearing on the screen as the stars of rock 'n' roll in the 1984 movie "Top Secret". In the film, he played all the songs. In 1985, he starred in the movie "Real Genius" and then played with Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." He starred as Madmartigana in the movie 1988 "Willow." Then he played in the film by Jim Morrsiona 1991 «The Doors», and in 1993 - Doc Holliday in the movie "Tombstone", and in 1995 he starred in "Batman forever". (Paramount Pictures / Getty Images)




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