Many bukaf. Obscene speech is virtually absent.

I think all this complicated and not very clear story began with the fact that I forgot the umbrella in the train. No direct evidence of any relationship between my small, but inexcusable negligence and all subsequent events there, but for some reason I am sure that the way it really was.

Normally I never forget their belongings. An old gloves, umbrellas, sunglasses, and other sorts of different scarves keep my long years. Up until the very moment when his wife does not bother this stability. Then she began to study my upgrade, eliminating the old steady hand, in her opinion, household items. I, though, objects to the upgrade, but not really. She knows better, and often about it then I do not regret it.

That's the umbrella. Yes Yes! It is an umbrella, not the umbrella. Not very much exclusive, but not the cheap one of those that you can buy at any Chinese collapse. Great, exactly under my considerable growth Mighty Italian. Umbrella with curved handle, which is so convenient to hang on the bent arm, a stately march along the street, demonstratively tapping okonechnikom bronze on the pavement. His wife also bought. Not just bought, and even gave me a birthday present. And so I was doubly a shame on such a ridiculous loss.

And all this is my neighbor in the compartment to blame! The train was going to Nizhniy Novgorod almost half empty, in each compartment was no more than two people. And how on earth was going to happen to such good fortune that my companion turned a hundred and fifty pound seal with fierce snoring! I specifically bought a ticket on the train, which departs from the capital of five minutes to midnight to the morning to arrive at the place of work sleep and awake. And then the singer throat and stomach! Luciano fucking Pavarotti! The best of his tribe! During the night I had ten times gently kicking his leg in a spring paunch that would be at least a little sleep. Therefore, six in the morning I went out to the platform evil, not enough sleep and adequate, forgetting her favorite umbrella on a shelf above the door. Went to Nizhny rain, I would have certainly recovered and returned to the car, but as luck would have gone freezing rain when I arrived at my company and it was too late to twitch.

All two days trip, I furiously berated himself last words, and not very convincing comforted himself with the thought that on the way back, be sure to go to the train station to the room of forgotten things. It may still have decent people in the world? Maybe someone was granted to him to surrender? Naive, of course, thought, but what I wanted to believe in miracles, two weeks before the New Year!
I arrived at the station just forty minutes before the departure of the train. The fact that the host kindly gave us three hour tour of the city. Though I was eager to come to the station to look for an umbrella early, but from such a unique opportunity has not given about what not withheld. On a dedicated minibus with private guide we looked at the most important sights. There were in the Kremlin, of course. We went there in the Cathedral of the Archangel. We passed on Rozhdestvenka, drove to the fair, now Nizhny Novgorod arcade. On foot passed through the Great Intercession, we considered the building of the former city council in the square of Minin and Pozharsky. Much more then we looked. Liked. It is true that much. Traces of the destruction of the nineties still visible, but sincerely pleased and change for the better. The naked eye can see that the city is prettier and it's great. A city with such a historical heritage and cultural traditions should become truly the third capital!

I got to the train station in the gathering dusk.
Bored on the frame entrance young police ... (oh, please forgive!), Politsionery not even realize at first what it was about:
 - What-What room?
 - Well, the room of forgotten things. There are things which pass found other people. Where are you here? I am a stranger, I do not know where that is. Do not tell me?
 - Rent found things ??? - Wryly, he asked tschedushnenky lieutenant, glancing suspiciously at the two-meter white-haired man excited defining such silly questions. - Since no one rents! Are you talking about?
I choked. You know, well, that's my word! All I expected, but not this. I like dusty bag on the head of the corner ruffian Plunged. I could, of course, is old, but I am absolutely clearly remember a time when this question was not something transcendent! What is it?
 - Refer to the duty on the station - the guardian of order relented, seeing my obvious confusion. - Maybe she knows. Who is right in the next room, and then up the stairs and into the far corner.
 - PRSP ... - I stammered slightly and headed in that direction. Well, that reflexes still worked, and I was in a knock-down. Am I so much missed in this life? Work, family, children ... A couple of decades I lived just that. Is everything wrong in the world has changed?

 - Hello. A room where forgotten things? - In my voice was full of doom.
I have nothing on counting. As I walked along the noisy hall, up the stairs, and looked booth attendant, I was still very clear. I can not find my umbrella. Never. Not the time nonche. Not those human relationships. I fell behind, lost in time and in a relationship. Dobey have me aunty in their looks uniform.
 - What? - Aunt was startled by the question and stared at me in surprise. Age, she was no longer young. My aunt was age.
 - I forgot the umbrella in the train. Two days ago. Flight from Moscow. Tonight ... ... Corporate wagon number ... - I sadly zabubnil.
 - Yes, well, you! - Woman clasped her hands, bitter grin. - Ten or fifteen years ago, eliminated this room! Do not profitable. Now to save all. Ask the conductor composition. Can they? Only the train has already left ... Maybe tomorrow you'll come to return?
She obviously sympathized with me, but nothing could help.
 - Yes, no ... (crown Russian phrase). I am not a local. Tonight I'm going back to Moscow to "swallow". I'll try to intercept there already ... Thank you!
 - Yes, that really there's really ... really ... Sorry for that ... - I think it just felt awkward, like I.

I went out into the street. Conversely, past the grinning policemen, in the cold, rain and dusk fast. Frustrated and naive. Well, what I expected? Miracles happen only in fairy tales. It is freezing already very strong. From the sky sprinkled not snow and the frozen rain. Small and scratchy. Vile.
Throwing bull, I'm shivering, she smelled the jacket and was about to return to the station building, to deliver irrepressible self-flagellation, about misspent proteryannogo umbrella, when suddenly ...

Here it is the most notorious "suddenly"! What story can do without this sacramental phrase? Well, what? I hope you did not think that all this scribbling, I started just for boring story about a lost umbrella? In fact, the most interesting has begun only at this moment:

... When he heard a breathless voice:
 - Wait a minute, long! - Rough challenge obviously meant to me. - The conversation is. Phew, barely had time! And that thought is not srastetsya ...
Weirdly I not like it when people call me long. Before cramps in his fists do not like! How many decades have to explain that I was a bitch, is not long! I am female, tall! Long only when I lay on the beach soaking up the sun. But the lishenets who risked so call me, this is not a good time for yourself, just in time did it. I was so sick, so foul the soul of his own carelessness and total injustice of the world, that I took with great relief that cry as a reason for scandal. This is exactly what I need right now!
I turned around briskly, in the process stretching his neck and arms.
 - You cams is not clamped - a figure my opponent that small trot approached me through the bad weather, he began to acquire more pronounced features. - And then he'll be sorry.

He, however, higher! Like me, I suppose. Maybe and more. I do not like high. They are like long distance fight. Like me ... And the voice ... too arrogant, too bad, but with a very familiar intonations:
 - Surprised?
Approached at arm's length, the stranger blatantly shoved his face into my face. My face is stuck ...

Here I really oxy ... dumbfounded! You ever seen his own reflection in the mirror, that lives its own life? It's not like watching a video from the wedding. There's even remember what it is you yourself are making a most terrible mistake of his life. And here is another matter. I was looking at his own face that was grinning impudently, shmurygalo red snotty nose, winking, curve faces, but I this time did nothing of the sort! The mirror opposite. An eerie feeling, I tell you! What there nafig fists! I could barely hold the sphincter to a pile of bricks was postponed from fear, that here to talk about the fight ...
 - And it's really frustrating! - I mocked my unexpected double. - Look at yourself from the outside. Rozsa something you is most unpleasant! Almost square head, low forehead, nose, hunchback from the eyebrows, eyebrows like a Neanderthal, hair is gray and sparse. And what about you wife I found? You're a terrible, like last year's tax report! I do not understand ...

But it is in vain. What is this pathetic counterpart affords? Yes, I am for my wife not only can otpizdit mirror, but I will spare myself:
 - You said it, you freak? Come on Come on, suchara dermantinovaya! His mug seen for a long time? SchA I'll masochku something otrihtuyu Pattern!
 - Hush-hush, Moscow hot guy! - Lanky almost jumped, putting forward his long arms. - Dublёnochki ours, however, are cut at one plant! Colour Options there is the same. I did not notice?
I hate to fight long! They must be cut to the ground and on the ground wet, or a woodpecker as their pistons plop into the tower to cram that then the ground underfoot is not grope ... But the problem is that I'm on the ground is weak. I'm as long as he is ...
 - Dude! Wake up! - The voice of my opponent lost humorous tone. He had grinned wickedly. - I knew that I was stupid, but not to the same extent!
Shta? He's what?
 - I was you! Only later. How are you this is still not understood?
Here, as they say, a wedge my head off and came. So there it is! That's just this guy I just did not like. Quite unexpectedly it!
 - Yeah, - she nodded grimly double. - I was you, only later. You catch? So do not try to hurt himself. Do what I say to myself.

The bad phrase. I do not know. Minutes I was in the bran or second. In my head flashed excerpts from fiction stories, which I read a great many. And that? To sum up the experience of world literature, the meeting with yourself, or strongly encouraged, due to the unpredictable time conflicts or entails a lot of unpleasant adventures.
 - Well, what do you want from me? - If you're really smart, you can be able-to come up with a better question in this situation. I could not.
 - Ticket come.
 - What?
 - Train ticket, I say, come here.
Yeah, schaz! Straight, so that's a running and gave:
 - You know what, man? If you're somewhere nadybal face similar to mine, and attended a similar jacket to pick up, this does not mean that I take and immediately give you a ticket!
 - All right! - Unexpectedly easily agreed cadaver. Along the way he really knew me too well. Again he evaded a fair fight. - But that came before you, I will tell you that no one except you can not know.

I used to think that the expression "eyes climb on his forehead" figurative. Nifiga! This is a very even physical phenomenon. With each phrase, a mysterious double my eyes more and more get out on his forehead, as long as the hair has not started stabbing eyeballs.
 - ... And still in the eighth grade, in the month of May, during turslёta you ...
 - SHUT UP !!! Shut up, you horny beast, whoever you may be !!! - I began frantically rummaging in his pockets. - Here! Take it all! Take the ticket, take my wallet, take my clothes and motorcycle ONLY Shut up, for God's sake !!!
 - Motorcycle you he has never been, and I koshelёchek same - chuckled meanly double. - You want to, checking credit card numbers? So uzbagoyzya! But let's ticket here ...
 - Begone, Soton !!! - I groaned doomed.
 - Moron - sadly muttered a man like me, however, was busily tucking my ticket in your wallet. - Amazing! The difference in time - nothing, day, no more, but what I'm a disappointed! Where is the open-mindedness that I thought that I have? Where is the freedom of thinking and a willingness to accept new? Sheer obscurantism!
 - Why are you here? - It was a very strong question on my part, now, on the forecourt, under the blows of the fragile ice splinters, but I felt very bad.

 - Well, if the ticket sorted out, then we can talk about the case. Turn around a hundred and eighty degrees. See in-oh-oh-n of a young man in an old-fashioned dress? Aha! You can not wipe his eyes, he did have a pot on his head. It's your ... That's your ... In short, Sigismund! - Double frantically grabbed my shoulders. - It helps him. Otherwise, both of us can not get out.
 - Who is it?
 - He's from the past. From the last century. Or even before last. More I will not tell you anything. Assort itself. Just do not throw it. That's right.
 - And that's all you can tell me?
 - Uh-huh.
 - But why the hell? Tell me what to do!
 - Fuck off! I will not say! Do not you understand? I - it's you. You - it's me. We simply separated in time. I told you what I said to myself, I ... Ugh, damn it! Well, that's when I was in your place, that I only said what I'm told you ... So, everything, do not confuse me! I myself was confused. Remember one thing - you have to help this guy. And I ran to the train, and then not have time.
 - And if I can not help him? - Soared hysterically, I understand that the situation is completely out of control.
Double paused:
 - Well, since I'm here, then you cope - not very confident he said.
 - Not true! His appearance, you obviously changed something in the past. I now everything can go differently!
 - But I also talked with him! - Only now I noticed that I was also very nervous coming.
Now together we saw each other, frantically scrolling through the options in my head event.
 - In the worst case - the other I took a deep breath - in the worst case you break the space-time continuum, and the universe collapses. But as it happens instantly, you never know, so you will not have time to be upset about it ... Any other scenario poses for a sonmische is possible that I am not even going to useless to strain their wild imagination! But since I really want to get home just like you, so I think that you'll be fine.
I fully agree with this conclusion. Well, how could it be otherwise? It's said to myself ... It would not have all this sounds stupid, but I'm starting to believe him. We were silent for a little perplexed.
 - Okay, I ran and then a train to be late ... - he obviously wanted patted me on the shoulder, but quickly changed his mind and drew back his hand. You never know! It's one thing to talk with him, it may be any wino, and another thing to touch himself. - Sasha guy they call ...
Familiar hunched over, a mysterious double pulled into the station building. Hell, he was one briefcase and one with my!

That being said, and came, damn it! To say I was shocked, to say nothing! I, in general, really consider myself quite advanced thinking. Since childhood, I read science fiction and vlёt can name a dozen other very well-known works with such a plot. But it is one thing to read, but quite another thing to become a party to such events ... most unpleasant feeling, I tell you!
So what do I do? I turned around and scanned the main defendants in the case cloudy. Young. Twenty-five - thirty years. Very slender, but not hectic. While it is possible. Painfully white face and dark circles under the eyes, like Dire administrator. Dressed ... Well, of course, primarily catches the eye of his old-fashioned headwear. When you look at an old chronicle, in which tens and hundreds of respectable people in bowler hats to flaunt then there is no feeling of inconsistency. All is harmonious and elegant. But to see this on the forecourt? Coats, below the knee length he was clearly old-fashioned but very stylish cut. Snow-white scarf around his neck probably hid the white shirt with butterfly and coat. Trousers in fine stripes, boots, galoshes. Galoshes ??? I guess if I had ventured so dress up, then most likely would have looked just like a clown, if not worse. This guy looked very organically. Here, apparently, it was not in style, and in some depth the culture of clothing, we have already lost.
Hospodya, well, what do I do with it ???

I walked slowly toward their goal, trying to organize their thoughts droplet that were not in order. At first sight, that the boy was obviously confused. Treading water frantically twisted his head, eyes puchil. Well, on the one hand, I understand it. But I'm not from this easier. It is terrible if I was? Very scary! But I must do something, perhaps:

          Well done.    


     Well no!
 But!          Yes!
     - Yes?  Do not be so.                      
Many people.      
Familiar?            - Yes!    - Of course!    

What time is it now?    - It does not matter!                  

           - Yes!  
     - Yes?


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