Why would the Japanese re-invented the umbrella?

The last time I revised the design of the umbrella? Now, Japanese design Studio H Concept showed the world an improved device for protecting people from the rain. His invention of the guys called Unbrella, which means the umbrella is turned upside down.

Why do you need it to turn? You need to imagine that you live in the city and runs into a crowded subway with a wet umbrella, which I try somewhere to hide, so as not to wet itself, and the adjacent people. However, this does not always work. So they invented an umbrella that is wet inside.

In addition, thanks to the innovative design of the umbrella is easy to open when you exit the room. If you no longer need to use Unbrella, umbrella can be put on the floor without worrying that he might fall.
The question is whether people are ready to pay for these innovations? In Japan, the Unbrella will be available in February next year, priced at 9450 yen, which is about 95 American dollars.

Recall that the American was tested as a parachute garden umbrella.

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