The three most strange taxes in the world

In the eighteenth century Benjamin Franklin said that in life, nothing is inevitable but death and taxes. The latter appeared long before the phrase was uttered by a famous politician. Below are three of the most bizarre taxes that exist today in different countries of the world and is able to surprise, amuse and puzzle.

Tax on plaster (Austria)

Austria is one of the most famous European destinations for ski holidays. Every year in the season here come skiers and snowboarders from all over the world, and that they wanted to impose a tax is interesting. The presence of tourists health insurance the Austrian authorities seemed small, so they introduced mandatory ski collection, called "a tax on gypsum." Every year close to 150 000 skiers while skiing get injured and end up in the local hospital. Considering the total amount of treatment, the Austrian authorities began to charge athletes an additional tax.

A tax on the world (Republic of Guinea)
West African countries are among the poorest countries in the world. But despite this, their inhabitants still are taxed, some of which can be attributed to the discharge is quite unusual. So, residents of the Republic of Guinea, almost all of whose population lives below the poverty line, still pay the tax on the world, although no military action in the country right now are not. Every year of peaceful life, the cost to the citizens of the country of nearly €17 — quite a significant amount for Guineans.

The tax on cow farts (Estonia)
It may seem a joke, but a tax on cow farts in Estonia actually exists. Moreover, he introduced it not so long ago — in 2008. In a country where there is a huge number of polluting big businesses to impose "environmental" collection decided the owners of cows. The main air pollutants for the Estonian Parliament — it is the local cows that are in the process of life emit into the atmosphere methane.

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