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As a rule, any seminar on time management is not complete without a brief description of one of the most famous, old and effective techniques of time management – the pyramid of Franklin (in English sometimes uses the form "productivity pyramid"). References to this technique and use some of its tenets can be found in many successful business coaches – Stephen Covey, Ken Krogh, Joel Weldon, Dennis Whately. She gained popularity and many Western Directors, managers and supervisors.

But the pyramid Franklin – something more universal than the stewardship of time. It is a comprehensive system of setting and achieving goals, which is for life. Unlike the pyramids of Franklin from other methods in that it plans not only time, but also employment, achieving the global goal. This technique "future-oriented" – to identify what needs to be done, and not on a review of current activities to better her organization.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) – politician, diplomat, scientist, inventor, journalist, businessman, one of the founding fathers of the USA and authors of the Constitution. First American to become a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Was a very influential politician, despite the fact that never was a President of the United States. His biographer, on this occasion even joked one day: "Benjamin Franklin is the only President of the United States of America, which they never were." The portrait of Franklin saw everyone who ever was holding the 100 dollar bill. He is the author of the catch phrase: "Time is money".

Ben Franklin was convinced that control over the events of our life brings one peace of mind. All his life he studied, paid a lot of attention to self-development and education. His work required a lot of time and response to this need became self-designed system which he followed throughout life. He wrote it at the age of 20 years and since then relentlessly followed her principles, despite any circumstances.

How the pyramid of Franklin effective? This is what we can see on the example of his life. The 15th of 17 children in the family, the son of an ordinary soap-boiler, who graduated several classes of rural school and working with a 10-year-old, B. Franklin, with hard work achieved recognition in several fields and forever inscribed his name in the history of mankind. Dale Carnegie once said, "If You want to get excellent tips on how to handle people, to manage themselves and improve their personal qualities, read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – one of the most fascinating stories of life."

The Pyramid Of Franklin. Fans of various statistical studies in the West found that only 1% of people can accurately say what they want to achieve in life. B. Franklin knew this for sure – he gave a health and dedication. In his youth he made a plan and tried to execute it. Bottom line is this: the global objective was divided into smaller, and those, in turn, into subtasks. This is the idea of the pyramid of Franklin.

Life values

Life values is the Foundation on which one builds his life. They belong to the spiritual leads to the fact that in today's world many people do not have to identify the values of proper attention. Material prevails, everyone wants to earn a lot of money, drive expensive cars, but can't give a complete answer to the question of exactly how much money they need. This attitude is not bad, it rather wrong. Be honest with yourself. Security and money – its normal value; if it brings You satisfaction, then why not dedicate my life to it? For this, you may have to sacrifice other values, so it is important to be confident in your choice. And this applies not only to the above example, but other meanings of life – the desire to help people, to have power, to be famous, to devote himself to the family. You can select several areas, most importantly – it must be something you really want to do and what you are willing to devote life, what will make you happy and will help to realize.

B. Franklin describes his life values and a plan to achieve them in his autobiography. His values were those simple truths that he learned from the Quakers in his youth. On the basis of their cultivation, he built his career and always tried to adhere to the declared principles (as contemporaries with the procedure it does not always work):

Abstinence. Eat not to satiety, not drink to intoxication.

Silence. To speak only what will benefit me or other people, avoid empty talk.

Order. Every thing has its place and each thing has its time.

Determination. To decide to do what needs to be done; strictly implement the decision.

Thrift. To spend money only on what is beneficial to me or others; nothing is to waste.

Hard work. Lose no time; be always employed something useful, to avoid unnecessary action.

Sincerity. Use no hurtful deceit; think honestly and fairly, the same rules to adhere to in the conversation.

Justice. Not to hurt anyone; not to act unjustly and will not avoid good.

Moderation. To avoid extremes; to tolerate insults.

Purity. To observe bodily cleanliness, neatness in dress and in housing.

Calm. Not to worry over trifles, and about common or unavoidable cases.

Chastity. To be chaste in thoughts, to control their instincts.

Modesty. Imitate Jesus and Socrates.

These values are more abstract than power, or fame, which are cited as examples of contemporary practitioners of the technique of the pyramid of Franklin. But it is not important. The main thing is that they do not conflict with the global goal. If the person is vain and ambitious, he will not be able to work in team result. Or you can, but you will not be happy. So again – define your values carefully and deliberately.

Global goal

The global target is the next block of the pyramid of Franklin. It is set and held based on the previously defined values and is the most desirable result, the purpose of all life. If the first tier is the meaning that is manifested in the answer to the question: what am I living; the global goal is to give an understanding of when this sense is reached.

Explain with an example. For a professional player who chose the meaning of life implementation on the sports field and achieve worldwide fame and legendary fame, the global goal is to win the Champions League and the World Cup. For a person wanting to acquire power as politics, global goal is the victory in the presidential election or appointment to the post of Prime Minister.

The master plan

Master plan – a step by step instruction plan will be achieved the global goal. At this level of the pyramid Franklin he is a big and generalized. In the case of a football player to get into a strong team and to be summoned to the national team, he needs to succeed first with the youth team. For example, to win the trophy in the second division, pass the qualifying round, etc. On the way to the presidency or Prime Minister, you need to acquire the necessary experience in management, administration – graduate from relevant University, to be elected a mayor, a Governor, a Deputy, to lead the party.

A long-term plan

A long-term plan – planning for 3-5 years for specific purposes. It must match one of the items of the master plan, bringing thus the global objective. For an ambitious politician who wants to become Prime Minister, it is important to obtain the required higher education, e.g. in management or political science. A good University will give both knowledge and acquaintance with the right people. For a player long-term plan may be to transfer to the Academy the coach to progress under his leadership and the victory in the youth competitions, with a further signing of a professional contract with the club.

Short term plan

Plan for a few weeks or months. This, in turn, part of reaching a point of long-term plan. It is quite specific. So to get into a good University with a further eye on a political career, need some time to prepare test exams in core subjects. The young player who wants to start teaching a more experienced coach, you need to work on endurance and the implementation aspects. This is a short term plan.

The plan for the day (week)

The top of the pyramid of Franklin. On our website we published a lesson on how to draw up a plan for the day. In the case of pyramid plan for the day is the smallest unit in the achievement of the global goal, which is a step closer to her. In the context of selected examples it can be a bit of shooting practice with both feet, from different distances and different sections of the field for a player. For a politician, for example, reading before the exam on the theory of state and law "Sovereign" N. Machiavelli.

For many, the pyramid of Franklin will seem like a daunting task because it requires planning virtually all life. It's impossible, it's boring, it kills the surprise. But it's not. Everything in our lives we are pursuing some purpose, and in the choice of means we have no limits. The pyramid of Franklin is, in fact, only a more precise idea about the achievement of this goal. published

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