Service of Russian troops in South Ossetia

After a five-day war, in order to guarantee the security and independence of South Ossetia, there is a military base 4. On the basis of and forced to serve a total of 2,000 troops. Blogger twower visited the military base of 4 and a remote outpost and made an extensive report.

For those who believe that this Potemkin village, a facade, etc. Barracks in renovation for the blogger is bold. Three teams (5, 20 and 205 - a report has already been removed and will be posted after 4 base) is for a moment 7, 5% of the combined-arms brigades, and air defense / RVSN / EW and communications it is not allowed. And he does it, a little more than 1, 5 months and visit zadripanoy part of Baikal has not had time, the more limited YUVO. By the way, people complained about him to 7 air assault near Novorossiysk and it will go back soon.

Photos from 240+ photos

Housing Fund base consists entirely of soldiers' dormitories draft standard DS-752.

Another view


The star is lined by the soldiers

Reconnaissance, hall

The room on the eight new blankets. Such is in a few barracks, the rest - the usual blue striped

The standard contents of tables

Form has a pixel

On the basis of each soldier is also provided and sportswear


Sportugolok arranged directly in one of the bedrooms Kubrick. Scouts love to compete iron.

It is evident that these are all actively

Televisions have some places in the cabin, but most are only in the leisure room or lobby


Hairdryer, they resemble cropped hair

Since the shoes give every six months, this shoe tool is idle idle

Standard thread, buttons


The plant, which converts the hot water in the hot air drying



Booths for thought


In the background, the shell for washing feet

Room entertainment. Guys cut in long backgammon


The inscription is quite correct, I'm always seeing the aquarium on the machine trying to throw poop, and then 70 foreheads ...

Judging by the neck, the life of the guitar has seen

Locker for books parrot

The very barracks bird

The Office of the battalion

The rooms are equipped with speakerphone for alarm

Room for zaletchikov


Other barracks are no longer trump reconnaissance battalion

And the TV does not hang, and on the bedside table in the lobby with armchairs so

Officers live in separate dorms for five people in the cabin (with two bedrooms).






Hall dining room is very large, one-time capacity - 848 people, so meals come quickly enough.

Note the characteristic star NATO

The interior of the dining room is traditionally includes television

As usual there is a control area

Menu for today

Even the box for complaints about the quality of food. It is said that no, no anything written

The menu I would call more army than in the same or Taman Volgograd teams, but quite on the level. Those same oil, biscuits - every day. Officers, by the way, are fed separately from the soldiers, but the menu is the same.


Kartofan fish

Tea or compote

Soldiers take their food


In the gym, students regularly engage local cadet school. Classes for classes - one day, the other day.

Men engaged in melee combat instructor



9 On the basis of physical training instructors, some of them are quite high-level athletes. Created by a team regularly trains the fighting, which is one and a half years has won many medals and cups in various competitions

We won the championship of South Ossetia


In addition to rooms with gym and fighting has table tennis

Officers bad settled. Although a billiard room, a standard set even with the USSR

Corner with a stereo

It is not built sports complex the bulk of the troops engaged in the street at the training camp. As in other parts of the physical training is 25 hours per week.

Morning exercise

Running includes elements of mountain training for endurance. Soldiers have run up a steep slope upward, then down

Evening classes

Military equipment base, represented by SAU 2S3M "Acacia»

From here flies "bird»

Top view

Here is the place mehvoda SAU inside. If there was a show-off, zaletchiki have spent day and night with toothbrushes, here at such places.

Another view

And this is the inside of the tower

Cannon 2A33M

Ocular commander

Place gunner

Another gunner


A short memo


Motolygi still in the ranks! MT-LBU artdiviziona

Top view

Battery charging remove

Moving intelligence point (PRP) division commander artdiviziona

Tank Battalion base in the T-72.

T-72B (M)



Big Tower



Driver's hatch

View from space on the tower

Place mehvoda

The view from the gunner on the commander, seen sticking BPS 3BM26

Cannon with gunner



Place gunner.


Place commander

Another modification of the T-72B

BMP-2, Deuce to see views and pretty little old

View of the tower

Top view


Under ribbed sheet - engine-transmission compartment

Place mehvoda



View of the rear seat mehvoda

From left to hatch gunner on the right - the vehicle commander. Between them the installation to start ATGM

Place gunner

Flywheel rotating tower. It is also electric trigger for firing (one for the gun, the other to the machine gun)

The control unit BU-25-2S

Cover-load on the gun 2A42. Left button to open

The view from the gunner on the commander in the background ATGM

Left - ATGM

Place commander

Under the seats the commander and gunner machines are boxes with ammunition for the gun 2A42. In one tape with armor-piercing tracer shells in the other - with a high-explosive-incendiary and fragmentation tracer. Next Feed for Polycom tower go to the gun

On the right side of the gun - the switch types of shells left under the cap - manual trigger to fire

In the center of the control unit of the smoke grenade launch of the "cloud»

Doors in the aft landing machine

View of the troop compartment

ATGM large

Loophole for shooting

On the basis of most vehicles URAL replaced by KAMAZ

As time was pressing strongly, then I took a few pictures of the reconnaissance armored vehicles, went to photograph "Dozor»

Blogger twower did not notice that this is not the BTR-80, and the extreme series 2009-2010. Features new sight for the commander and gunner, the new laser rangefinder, a new night vision and a 1001 single detail. The extreme face before going to the BTR-82 from 2011.

KAMAZ-43269 "Watch". For it had to be beaten. First shoot allowed including the inside, then all forbidden, then allowed only outside

Krpnye plans














MLRS BM-21 "Grad»

This inscription everywhere were occurrences


The control system


Yet it also

On November 18, I was the first journalist allowed to see and remove one of the remote outposts base. Why is not the place name? Because the survey was made on the condition of non-disclosure of the location of the gates, even though, in principle, recognized that its location has long been nothing secret there. Well, there is no way.

Also, I was not allowed to take any room from the outside, but inside. Why do so - the great mystery of being. A visual signal to the outside shooting given only in respect of units of soldiers engaged in tactics, and then only for close-ups.

Residential location


Body armor different soldiers


With only strained tables - one for four. We have also been in Abkhazia

In all the rooms are air-conditioned

To serve here are heating oil radiators. I asked the guys if not cold, they say that is normal

TV in every location, satellite dish

Munitions implemented here in such cabinets in each dwelling

Next, as expected, orderly


There are showers with a large electric heater

Booth itself

But judging by the presence of a bath, suggested that swimming is still often in it. This room is very comfortable, we had those on the ground in Abkhazia

Banja mobile and looks, so-so (photos from the show)

And this is a bathhouse on the Zastava

Another view



Windows for food


There Boiler

As you can see plate is actively used

Products for dinner

Electroboilers tea

The contents of one of the freezers. Chicken feed, but ...

Attention, chickens may be showing off! However, here the fish at the bottom 100% real.

Field Bakery






Room leisure

Room leisure

Beech is one at all. For skeptics, it can be a show-off.

But here, there is no show. Usually, before checking or journalists locker clog everything from Komsomolskaya to the wheel. In this case, the ball rolled down, nothing to read!

Medical service outposts




The hospital was one patient with acute respiratory

All tracks and a mini-parade of all kinds of rubber constructions, which is very handy in the mud

Strategic facilities, smoking room! Phew, like the last photo. It was about 200, with no exercise at the landfill and Dzartsen ph period 8.8.8.



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