Medvedev recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia

"Considering the freely expressed will of the Ossetian and Abkhaz peoples and being guided by the UN Charter, the 1970 Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations among States, the OSCE Helsinki Final Act of 1975 and other fundamental international instruments, I signed Decrees on the recognition of independence of South Ossetia and the independence of Abkhazia ", - the president said in a televised address on Tuesday.

"Dear citizens of Russia! You certainly know about the tragedy of South Ossetia. Night shooting of Tskhinvali by Georgian troops resulted in the deaths of hundreds of our civilians, "- the president turned to the Russians. In addition, Russian peacekeepers were killed, "lives in fulfilling their duty to protect women, children and the elderly." According to the Russian, the same fate awaited and Abkhazia.

Now Russia calls on other states to follow its example. "It's not an easy choice, but it is the only possibility to save human lives," - said the President of the Russian Federation, the official site of the President of Russia. According to Medvedev, the plans of Georgia was not a peaceful settlement of the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict. He stressed that the Russian side has repeatedly called for a return to the negotiating table, even after the unilateral recognition of Kosovo. "But our proposals remained unanswered," - stated the President. Dmitry Medvedev has instructed the Foreign Ministry to start negotiations on establishing diplomatic relations with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Sukhumi residents took to the streets and greeted the news of the recognition of independence of universal rejoicing and firing into the air from automatic weapons. The dream has come true with the Abkhaz people Russia's recognition of Abkhazia, Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Sergei Shamba. Residents of Tskhinvali and met dilapidated weapons salute the decision of Russia. "This is a great day in the history of our country and our people. Russia saved us from genocide and gave the opportunity to develop and live on their land. We forever with Russia ", - he said the president of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, reports" Interfax ".

Recall that on the eve of both chambers of the Russian parliament appealed to the president of Russia to consider recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent, sovereign and independent states. Deputies also asked to consider the early negotiations with the leaders of these republics to create the legal basis of bilateral relations, provides for the regulation of all aspects of cooperation and mutual assistance, including security.

In addition, the State Duma called on the parliaments of the UN member states and international parliamentary organizations to support the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent, sovereign and independent states. It is said in a statement adopted on Monday the House. According to the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, relevant and legitimate raise the issue of recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia makes a real threat of genocide against the population of the unrecognized republics.

Recall that on August 8, Georgia attacked the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, which resulted in more than 1,500 killed thousands of civilians and 64 Russian peacekeepers. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to prevent further violence in the Caucasus, ordered the operation to force Georgia to peace, which was successfully implemented.


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