Tale of how the Medvedev-hacker was able to come to a locked rutracker

Medvedev, our Prime Minister, at the meeting of
He sat, blinking currently not quick ...
He did not like it.

The sun was shining outside the window,
Whistling something sparrow.
Somewhere bird little by little
Accidents plagued pigs.

He listened Konstantin Ernst,
Which almost cried;
He does not find a place,
And the truth rashly cut.

- How long, - says, -
pirates We will be here still suffer!
We've no character seals.
Russia - this is a bear

! - We have to battle against Internet piracy
Seriously need to go!
Of course, without the battering,
But to find those responsible.

- Take that you rutracker, -
There simply is not serious block!
I am very far from being a hacker, -
And it could go to the forum.

Let him answer who it was the main, -
Suddenly, says Ernst.
And Nikiforov directly
His angry finger guides.

Nikiforov is sitting, not breathing.
He adjusted his tie, cleared his throat.
And for some reason, about the kids
His thought and his wife.

Went Medvedev on rutracker,
Without encountering any obstacles.
There's a film with DiCaprio free
Download all possible row.

Anatolich became indignant,
I almost broke it your iPad.
And the requirement to justify
Nikiforov was not pleased.

Froze the head of Roskomnadzor,
And something clicks in his brain.
"I do not like to bring to shame -
Barely able to stand, I eh.

Oh, something I got sick ... dinner
As an explanation of something to find?
That Putin does not need
Computer, go to the site.

I will say that Medvedev -
dock. What he least where pros.
Probably, and I hold on to life ...
No, it's still nonsense. »

Suddenly, the idea occurred to him,
Inside woke hidden geek:
"It is necessary to check up
Who's services VGIK! »

And that's really one Ampelonsky
Fly a paper report,
What the incident found the extreme
And while no one to execute.

What "Yumos center", a local provider
Disbanded and closed.
Fired wonderful staff,
A server is thrown.

And just could not find the administrator,
That rule would be introduced,
To restrict access to the site -
That decided the whole question.

Pleased with Mr. Medvedev.
He uncovers your iPad.
Again, pigs, pausing,
On birds flying towards them, staring.

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