Sherlock putts and Dr. Dimych

Putin fiddling with dark brown shoes.

 - What can we say about the owner of a shoe? - He asked Medvedev.

 - Well, this man ran a huge country, it menacingly banging his shoe on the podium, showing gruel America, Europe and put on hold the world at bay.

 - But, but, Dmitry, not to bury - and still he is driving, - Putin said, and put shoes back on foot.

Vladimir Vladimirovich rewrote the shares of "Aeroflot", "Channel One", "Sibneft", when I heard a terrible howl. It howled in England Hound of the Baskervilles.

 - Vladimir Vladimirovich, I read in the morning edition of "Izvestia" that the English Professor Moriarty wants to kill you. But why?

 - Elementary, Dmitry. Newspapers, too, want to live.

Putin and Medvedev wrote in the Kremlin.

 - Tell me, Vladimir Vladimirovich, why did you pee so loud is already ringing everywhere, but my jet almost inaudible?

 - Elementary, Dmitry. After all, I do (encircles hand) in the office of the owner.

The year 2002. Putin and Medvedev are in the grass at night.

 - Dmitry, what you say is the sky above us? - Asks Putin.

 - About that tomorrow will be dry and sunny weather, rain ...

 - No, it says that we stole a tent.

 - But how did you know, Vladimir Vladimirovich, we had a tent?

 - Elementary, Dmitry. Khodorkovsky's still on the loose. Therefore, we recently had a tent, and today it stolen ...

The year 2008. Medvedev and Putin are close to the tent. Medvedev suddenly wakes up in a sweat, terribly frightened.

 - What's with you, Dmitri?

 - In my dream come Hound of the Baskervilles.

 - Most?

 - Yeah.

 - Orange?

 - Yes.

 - This is nonsense. That's when it's an escaped convict ...

After the visit abroad, Medvedev asked Putin:

 - Why did Sir Henry looks so strange: a purple face, all pockmarked?

 - Our oatmeal ...

 - Dmitry, do not you think that Mrs. Hudson steals our gas?

 - Maybe it fire? I spit it has long enraged ...

 - Oh, better not. Already wanted to somehow remove Sir Henry, he still had his hands on the dog shit ...
not otmoem
Putin and Medvedev flew in a balloon and made a forced landing in the desert. To the horizon - one sand. Suddenly they see - is a man. Medvedev asks him:

 - You could not tell where we are?

 - Your fault we are in the whole country ass.

Putin Medvedev:

 - Yes, it is - a mathematician Perelman.

 - How did you guess?

 - Elementary. Firstly, he said, exactly, secondly, the tax he will not hang on for that.

 - Strange you have a toilet, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Instead of toilet paper - ballot papers.

 - Ah, this is from the next elections remained.

 - Inspector Lestrade This is so funny and so stupid. What we had, in general, vozimsya? - Medvedev asked Putin during his stay on the ranch in Texas.

 - Elementary, Dmitry - we have to be friends with the official representative of the state, because it stands for a huge machine.

Hearing that we are talking about him and his car, Lestrade interfere in their conversation:

 - Grafted, Volodya. You rolled me on my "Zaporozhets", but now I let you ride on his rink.

 - Dmitry, has long wanted to ask you as a scientist. Are you a doctor or a candidate?

 - Yes, perhaps it is the doctor.

 - And that's not guessed, Dmitry. The doctor here I am! Even if eaten from Baker Street on the Thames ...

 - Dmitry, I have today for tomorrow?

 - Oatmeal.

 - What the hell, why not lobster, roast beef, truffles and caviar?

 - Because it is already May 8, Vladimir Vladimirovich.


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