Women's Tricks

Let me give you a few tips how you can sometimes arrange a break from cooking at hard labor.
So, so, first consider what dish will cook spouse. Keep in mind, it should be one, maximum two, or a man may feel that you want to put it to the plate, and it will actively resist.
So we start the show. In the evening when her husband comes home from work, you're lying on the couch, in a darkened room, the thermometer on the table, which shows the mercury is about 38 ° C, and in the kitchen, in a saucepan, is peeled potatoes. The first wife should submit blank to not to frighten off, then he will be clean.
Asked half alarmed, "What happened?" - You will answer in a weak voice:
 - I do not know, start to cook dinner, and became ill. Sweet potatoes fires.
 - I? - Frightened husband. - But, by the way, I do not know.
 - Does not matter - you groan - first to clean it, and will cut into pieces ...

Ninety out of a hundred men are unable to refuse his wife, who already has one foot in the grave, and humbly go to the kitchen. Be patient and detailed answers to all the stupid questions without the slightest shadow of irritation.
 - Where are the pans? How to pour the oil? How to cut, slices or sticks? Where are the salt?
Keep in mind, only hard the first time, then he will get used and will begin to show independence.
When you get the dish, which mixed with the charred circles are part of the half-baked show off, do not start a crooked nose and a favorite song with the refrain:
 - You are very lazy and can not do anything good!
You want to achieve a positive result? So take adopt principles taming Grandpa Durov. He asserted that animals can be controlled only by means of affection and encouragement. Here you have cleaned devour cooked dish, plate and lick enthusiastically exclaim:
 - What is yummy! I'm sorry, darling, but you're cooking fries are much better than me. Oh, look, I even temperature dropped!
In no case do not nag you will now have to wash the plate, tile and throw your favorite Teflon frying pan that Mount Cook scratched from the heart with a knife. No and no! Only admiration. Another very good call in the presence of her husband's favorite friend and say:
 - Estimate, Tanya, was very ill, but he Vovk wonderful fried potatoes, and I lost temperature.
Kill two birds with one stone: the husband will feel like a hero, and the familiar distortions of envy.
Within a week, serving dinner to her husband, it is necessary not to forget to sigh:
 - Of course, it is not as tasty as your potatoes ... On Sunday evening, about seven, should come to her husband, gently pull over and ask:
 - Honey, do you love me? Husband cautious answer:
 - Well, in general, yes, but what is necessary?
The husband obviously expect trouble, it suggests that you are going to launch an attack on his purse and that very badly, to invite to dinner for his mother.
 - Potatoes fires me - ask you - I dreamed about it all week.
If you have complied with all prescribed me instructions, success is guaranteed.
Full of enthusiasm husband porysit on nutrition unit, and you shall sit down with a clear conscience at the telly, assume that you have two free hours. Men thorough and slow, what we will do in fifteen minutes, they perform a year.
But please, do not contact him to request this at the moment on TV show hockey final match between Russia and Canada.
Inedible potatoes have to swallow, portraying delight. After all, you do not want to get dinner and free time. However, after six months, any spouse, usually develops some receptions and meals, whether it's porridge, soup, meatballs, potatoes, pudding starts to get quite tolerant.
Importantly, do not forget to repeat the phrase:
 - You get great, I do not know how.
By the way, the proposal is truly magical. With it you can achieve almost all of her husband and children. Personally, I taught her ten year old son to make coffee. Since then, whenever I come to Cezve as Arkady easy movement pushes me away from the plate, saying:
 - Sit down, you still like me, no one will.
What, in general, true coffee he gets a dirty, worse than in catering, but when guests come, I'm after the hot, quietly resting in a chair, and with coffee cups in their hands worn Kesha.
Yes, I almost forgot! One of my friends, have successfully applied this method at the beginning of failed and called me with a question:
 - How to ensure that a healthy woman thermometer showed 38 °?
It's very simple. Remember the childhood and sun'te it under hot water.

So, I want to ask the female part of society: you, too, to do so?
And the male part: how do you feel about this?


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