Women's Watches 2013

Watches - accessory that will never go out of fashion. In 2013, most people know the time by looking at the screen of a mobile phone. With this watch from a utilitarian object finally turned into a fashion accessory designed to emphasize your sense of style. We present you a women's fashion watches 2013, which will be the perfect gift.

Choose clock as a gift? Very simple. Focus on the way a person dresses, and we will help you with the choice.

She values ​​quality and exclusivity

Hours Rolf Cremer - a fine example of German quality. This watch brand was founded in 1989 in Northern Germany. This is a product for those who need a truly reliable watches, while made in a unique design. Each model is manufactured in limited edition, and exports to Russia is not great. Fashion Ladies Watch 2013 Rolf Cremer for those who appreciate the exclusivity and does not want to meet a man at a party with the same accessory.

Hours Rolf Cremer, Model Art 50 Black Black, 7 920r.

Hours Rolf Cremer, Model Turn Beige, 6 840r.

Hours Rolf Cremer, Model Running Point Green, 5 880r.


Dress Richmond Denim
8190 rubles.

Shoes Christian Louboutin
10 700 rubles.

Clutch Eleganzza
1510 rubles.

Blouse GF Ferre
17 280 rubles.

Hours Rolf Cremer
7920 rubles.

Hours Rolf Cremer
6840 rubles.

She prefers vintage things

Since 1991, the brand TOKYObay, created by the British art historian and Japanese designer, produces men's and women's watch in a recognizable retro style. Classic round silhouettes, big numbers in vintage style - all signs collection TOKYObay 2013. These women's watches for romantic natures, who appreciate the details, aromas and memories. Almost all of the watches are made in sleek stainless steel housing. Despite the vintage design in the manufacture of hours TOKYObay used modern materials. Heavy-duty mineral glass is not afraid of scratches, and some models use a more modern optical plastic.

Hours TOKYObay, model Austin Red, 6 270r.

Hours TOKYObay, model Charing Red, 3 870r.

Hours TOKYObay, model Classic Claire White, 3 420r.


Dress Pink Loop by Even & Odd
1620 rubles.

Shoes Sprincway
4350 rubles.

Dress mint & berry
3600 rubles.

Dress Pepen
5580 rubles.

Hours TOKYObay
6270 rubles.

Hours TOKYObay
3870 rubles.

She loves hi-tech stuff

If your girlfriend loves Campaign products Apple, its apartment is decorated in a loft style and clothes she prefers Maison Martin Margiela or Acne, perfect gift for her will be women's watch brand TACS. This Asian brand in 2013 is becoming very popular among Japanese fashionistas are carefully suited to the creation of his image. Women's watches collection Drop-D in 2011, received the prestigious award in the field of design iF Product Design. In 2013 the collection has a lot of different models. Dial one resembles a multimedia player, to create models Screen designers inspired instrument panel sports car, while the 2013 model called SHM and does not have a dial.

Hours TACS, model Drop-D-A, 4 950r.

Hours TACS, model Dice-A, 4 200r.

Hours TACS, model Channel Box-B, 5 270r.


Sneakers Converse
4730 rubles.

Jeans Calvin Klein Jeans
4770 rubles.

Bag Richmond
11 940 rubles.

Dress mint & berry
1800 rubles.

Hours TACS
4 950 rub.

Hours TACS
4200 rubles.

It - very feminine

Fashion Ladies Watch 2013 Californian brand La Mer Collections - a work of art. Special attention should be paid to the strap, because the designer Martine Ilana made them a little different. Each strap length of 55 cm several times wrapped around the arm, like a bracelet. As a result, you get not just a women's watches, and stylish, high-quality leather bracelet with a beautiful face. Stylistically, the band is integral with themselves for hours and emphasizes femininity and sense of style holders. Since 2001, all hours, and the straps are made by hand and meet the most stringent quality standards.

Watch La Mer Collections, model Crystal Roman Coral Croation Blue, 12 970r.

Watch La Mer Collections, model Crystal Plum, 11 520R.

Watch La Mer Collections, model Crystal Plum, 11 520R.


Dress Pepe Jeans
4450 rubles.

Dress Ichi
1500 rubles.

Ballerinas CITY WALK
699 rubles.

2999 rubles.

Watch La Mer Collections
12 970 rubles.

Watch La Mer Collections
11 520 rubles.


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