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Are directed to «KISS FM» in Toronto. I damn cold, but I'm not complaining.

Josh and I at the premiere of "safe haven" last night. I hope you guys enjoy this picture already February 14 !;)

Many thanks to all the girls who helped me to be particularly beautiful at this premiere!

My new hobby!

Ignite under "an On the Floor» Jennifer Lopez. To become a diva I urgently need a hair dryer!

Dance party in Miami is in full swing!

Julianne and her iPad - friends do not spill water:

A few minutes before I see their kids again! :)

Look who I had a chance encounter ...

Even autographs on posters we leave with smiles on their faces! :)

Hough without makeup:

Short stop on the way to the studio. What is wrong with me?

Playing ping pong behind the scenes. Congratulate me, I won 21-14!

Julianne and Josh Duhamel are preparing for the next premiere of his new movie:

Half "addicted" to "50 shades of gray»:

Ummm ... Again? I'm sorry, but I can not not dance, no matter what expensive dress me any ...

But once it started to dress not so sad. Julianne at the ceremony "Golden Globe»:

Stett and girls!

Beautiful sky!

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