Solar Impulse 2 broke the world record for the length of a single flight

Andre Borshberg spent in the air in an airplane Solar Impulse 2 более eighty hours , without touching the ground, and without refueling - using only solar energy, comes from the seventeen thousand solar panels. Andre Borshberg will fly for about forty hours, before landing in Hawaii.

About to start my fourth night over the world's largest ocean #Pacific - André Borschberg (andreborschberg) July 2, 2015 < / a> blockquote>
The flight across the Pacific Ocean - «moment of truth" for the project Solar Impulse . In April, Bertrand Piccard landed in Nanjing, and the team began to prepare for the long journey to the flight - he was supposed to last five days. Because the weather was waiting for a few weeks, but even after takeoff the plane had to make an emergency landing at the airport Nagoya in Japan and again wait weather window.

June 29 Solar Impulse 2 continued to travel around the world, that went in on March 9 . The aircraft departed the airport in Nagoya, the American Hawaii.

The previous record belonged to the non-stop flight duration Steve Fossett , which is on board the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer spent in the air 76 hours and 45 minutes in 2006. Fossett crossed the Atlantic twice and crossed 41,467 kilometers.

Remembering when I met Steve Fossett with my partner bertrandpiccard a few months before his accident. A great man! - André Borschberg (andreborschberg) 2 July 2015 blockquote>

Beautiful: I can see the full moon and the sun at the same time from # Si2 's cockpit - André Borschberg (andreborschberg) < a href = ""> 2 July 2015 blockquote>

. andreborschberg started the second half of # Flight8 , further advancing @bertrandpiccard 's vision! #futureisclean bn6HvPBDUd - SOLAR IMPULSE (solarimpulse) July 1, 2015 blockquote>



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