That eating pilots Solar Impulse 2?

mass of food, water and oxygen cylinders, which takes on board the pilot Solar Impulse 2 a > should not exceed 30 kg. This is not such a problem for flights, occupying 12-20 hours, but if we are talking about five days - and so much time it would take to travel from Nanjing to Hawaii - the team needs to maximize every kilogram. Nestle helped the team to develop a diet for pilots.

Every day pilot eats 11 times - the mass of food per day is 1, 8 kilograms, and the energy - 3, 5000 calories. Once a day, Picard or Borschberg can indulge in hot food. The diet entirely lacking preservatives and artificial flavors, in the preparation of meals are subjected only to heat treatment.

Food during the flight can be heated using a special envelope filled with water. The menu includes tomato soup, baked potato, chicken curry, muesli, risotto with mushrooms, cereals. The type of food depends on the altitude: at an altitude of more than 3, 5 thousand meters in the diet should be higher in fat and lower - emphasis on proteins.

Within four years, Solar Impulse team worked with eight scientists from Nestle, to make up the diet of pilots for the world tour. Food had experience in different conditions, check the integrity of the packing in the heat and cold, to come up with ways of its use during the flight - for example, it is easier to warm up dinner. Direct work with scientists from the pilots Nestle helped make the diet so that the food was enjoyable. "Suhpayki" include bottled water and coffee Nescafe. Pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg sure that proper nutrition is a critical role in the success of the enterprise. Dr. Amir Cassis, team leader Nestle, will follow the airplane Solar Impulse two along the way. The journey will take about five months, during which time the aircraft will fly 35,000 miles in 500 hours.

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