2 Solar Impulse will fly on the first trip around the world in an airplane without fuel at 6:30 am (GMT) on Monday, March 9

Seventeen thousand solar panels built into the wings span 72 meters, will help aircraft Solar Impulse 2 overcome 35 thousand kilometers in 25 days flight. Pilots will be responsible for writing and giving interviews in the cockpit of 3, 8 cubic meters, they will have to breathe with the help of an oxygen cylinder, sleep for 20 minutes several times a day and can withstand temperature changes from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. In Abu Dhabi, held a press conference where you can ask questions project participants and pilots.

Read more about the journey, the technical characteristics of Solar Impulse 2 and the daily routine of pilots at the time of travel - under the cut.

Pilots already collected.

Solar Impulse Responses to questions from users Geektimes
Enchanting performance Bertrand Piccard at the Forum "Open Innovation" in Moscow
manned aircraft Solar Impulse Solar has successfully completed its first flight
Solar Impulse 2 successfully completed its first flight
Video: Solar Impulse test flights 2

Aircraft Specifications h4> The four brushless electric motor located two on each wing at a distance of 4, 95 meters apart. They develop the capacity of up to 70 horsepower - 17, 4 power each. Reserve rotation speed - 525 rpm. The aircraft is equipped with four two-bladed propellers with a diameter of four meters. The maximum speed of the aircraft - 140 kilometers per hour, and height - 12 kilometers.

In the wings at an angle of 2 degrees 2 integrated solar panels in the amount of 17 thousand pieces. They are protected from the weather and UV light using a waterproof rubber - its layer is only 17 microns. As the drives use a lithium-polymer battery with an efficiency of 260 Wh / kg. Maximum battery capacity - 38 kWh.

"Smart" electronics created from scratch. This is Mission Control Center - it monitors telemetry communications system and autopilot Stability Augmentation System (SAS), which allows the aircraft to fly several hours without human intervention.

The volume of the cockpit - 3, 8 meters. The cabin is equipped with oxygen cylinders, there will be food and equipment. Pilot with flight suit must weigh up to 110 kg, food and water should be - up to 30 kg.

Wingspan - 72 meters, weight - 2, 3 tons. First Solar Impulse 2 flew on in June 2014. .

Video test flight to Abu Dhabi.

D-2 before the #RTW Departure! Enjoy some of the best shots of # Si2 flying above # AbuDhabi ! #video pic.twitter.com/ mKLpflSNVS - SOLAR IMPULSE (solarimpulse) March 7, 2015 blockquote>

The daily routine of pilots h4> The limited carrying capacity creates the need to think of a diet as accurately as possible - the total weight of food and water should not exceed 30 pounds. Responsible for food Nestlé Health Science. Have to sleep several times per day take 20 minutes, which requires pilots possession technicians quickly achieve deep sleep. Temperatures will range from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Every day, pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will respond to letters, giving interviews to journalists and fly the plane.

Single cab, so the second pilot will get to the next landing place not in Solar Impulse 2. Each flight will take from 12 to 120 hours.

D-3 #RTW ! Pilots bertrandpiccard & andreborschberg are ready to leave with their equipment! #solarimpulse pic.twitter.com/ YuimBKw7So - SOLAR IMPULSE (solarimpulse) March 6, 2015 blockquote>

Great article in ParisMatch about the #RTW preparation! bertrandpiccard andreborschberg

http://t.co/48pAacOMkh pic.twitter.com / 05BAUMec4J - SOLAR IMPULSE (solarimpulse) March 7, 2015 blockquote>

Itinerary h4> The flight plan and touchdowns may vary depending on the political situation. For the success of the trip will be responsible Mission Control Center . The plane starts from Abu Dhabi, the administration initially was scheduled for March 1, but due to weather conditions has been rescheduled for Monday, March 9.

D-3 before the First #RTW # Solar Flight: 35, 000Km, 25 flight days & 500 flight hours without a single drop of fuel! pic.twitter.com/7wNbJIcRqS - SOLAR IMPULSE (solarimpulse) March 6, 2015 blockquote>

Ask your questions in the comments - I will post again their team of Marie Solar Impulse. H4>

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