Solar Impulse 2 began a five-day flight across the Pacific Ocean

Solar Impulse 2 continues to travel around the world by plane on solar energy. Andre Borshberg flew from the airport in Nanjing, China, and across the Pacific Ocean goes to Hawaii.

In March 2015 a solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse flew to 2 round trip . According to the plan the journey includes a flight of 25 days for 4-5 months with stops, during which the team will participate in a variety of activities on the theme of renewable energy and the environment.

A couple of weeks the team was waiting for the right weather window for the seventh trip in a row - from the Chinese Nanjing on American Hawaii over the Pacific Ocean. This flight should be moment of truth for the entire project . Solar Impulse 2 overcomes 8000 kilometers in five days of flight.

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