Solar plane Solar Impulse 2 make an emergency landing in Japan


Weather brings about changes in flight plans Team Solar Impulse 2. Only on May 30 the aircraft flew from Nanjing, China, scheduling a stopover in Hawaii. However, already now the organizers have asked the authorities to flight landing at the airport in Japan Nagoya. Today the aircraft landing and commits.

The problem - the weather does not allow aircraft to fly farther. In Nagoya airport plane will stay until the weather improves. As has already been written on the Geektimes , travel Solar Impulse 2 - around the world, it is planned to be completed within 25 days of flight. However, the aircraft will have a long time "to be laid up" in the fear of the different airports where the project team will conduct conferences and other events on the topic of alternative energy sources.

In the same plane Nanjing spent over a month preparing for the difficult flight across the Pacific Ocean. It should be noted that the pilot has a parachute, lifeboat and food NC, in the event of the most difficult situations.

Translation in real time i>

As soon as weather permits, Solar Impulse 2 go to Hawaii. After this "solar plane" will go to Phoenix, then to New York. Endpoint travel - Abu Dhabi, from where flight began.

The movement of aircraft in real time and other news you can follow the flight in a mode of real time here .



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