Idols of the USSR. Dean Reed

Years of life of Dean Reed
September 22 - was born in Denver, Colorado (USA).
Entered the Cadet School. I studied there a year.
Dean father bought the horse for $ 150 Blondie.
September 22 - the birthday of the Dean's father gave his son a guitar.
In honor of the beloved Dean wrote his first song titled «Do not let her go» («Do not let her go away»).
July - Dean sets record in the marathon, running 110 miles.
August 6 - article in "Newsweek" about Dean's record.
Dean goes to the University of Colorado at the Faculty of Meteorology.

August - Summer Vacation Dean goes to Hollywood and contracts with the record company "Capital Rekords" (Los Angeles).
February - the song «Search» («Memory") by Dean Reed takes 96th place in the list «Hot 100 charts» hit parade magazine "Billboard».
With the song «Twirly twirly» Dean Reed appears on TV in the «Bachelor Fater Show».
Dean Reed goes to acting school film company "Warner Bros." under the direction of Paton Price.
October 4 - Dean Reed song «Our summer romance» («Our summer romance") took 2nd place in the list of «Top 50».
Dean Reed lives in New York.
March 9 - Dean Reed was leaving New York.
March - from the "Capital Rekords" Dean Reed goes on their first tour - in Latin America (Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina). In Chile, he met with the future president Salvador Allende.
December - the song "Our Summer Romance" took 1st place in the Latin American charts.
Beginning of the year - Dean Reed travels (several months) to the Indians of the Brazilian Amazon.
May - Dean Reed writes a letter to the well-known Chilean newspaper against the US nuclear weapons tests.
May 22 - article about Dean Reed in the "Los Angeles Times».
June 9 - met at the World Cup (in Arica, Chile) with Lev Yashin.
June 11 - is present at the match Chile - USSR.

Dean Reed was in the movie "Guadalajara in the summer." At the festival in Acapulco (Mexico), the film won two prizes.
In Mexico, Dean Reed marries Hollywood actress Patricia (Patty) Hobbs.
Dean Reed performing at the Argentine TV show «Todo es amor».
Released film "First Love" (Argentina) with the participation of Dean Reed.
Dean Reed is every Saturday in the Argentine TV own show.
July 10-15 - a part of the Argentine delegation Dean Reed went to Helsinki for the World Peace Congress. After the forum is visiting Moscow.
August 6 - Dean Reed in the US is involved in Peace March on Washington.
August - Dean Reed participates as a guest at the festivities in honor of the 15th anniversary of independence of Argentina.
Dean Reed absentia goes to 1st year University of Colorado (Department of Meteorology).
Released film "New Wave" (Argentina) with the participation of Dean Reed.
February - Dean Reed in Caracas (Venezuela) wrote the poem "Without Wars planet lives».
March - in the house of Dean Reed in Buenos Aires overnight holds Che Guevara.
June 13-16 - Dean Reed participation in the session of the World Peace Council in Geneva.
End of June - Dean Reed leaves Argentina and moved to Spain.
October 1 - November 30 - Dean Reed in the USSR: 3-5, 7-9 October - concerts in the GTE; October 8 - press conference at the Soviet Peace Committee; October 11-15 - concerts in Leningrad; October 17-21 - concerts in Yerevan; October 24-28 - concerts in Tbilisi; October 30 - November 1 - Concerts in Baku; November 5 - performance at the Taganka Theater in Moscow; November 12-13 - concerts in Rostov-on-Don, November 15-18 - concerts in Kislovodsk, November 20-23 - concerts in Riga; November 27-29 - concerts in the Variety Theatre in Moscow.
Patricia is in the "Kremlevka" and there is losing a child.
December - Dean Reed gets to Spain in "black lists" and together with Patricia moved to Italy.
Spring - Dean Reed and Patricia have left: Dean is living in Italy, and she went to the US, where is going to marry a football player from Texas. But Dean takes her back to Rome.
July-August - Dean acted in his first "spaghetti westerns" "Bukkaro" (Italy - Spain).
August - Patricia pregnant.
September - Dean Reed in Rome wrote the poem "We - revolutionaries", dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the October.
October 28 - The premiere of the film in Italy "Bukkaro" with Dean Reed.


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