Born in the USSR!

Sometimes referred to simply as the USSR Russia, but we know that it is fundamentally wrong. Russia is the largest country, part of a union, and the entire USSR was 15 republics. People who were united in their values, people who work together to solve all of the most difficult problems.
Here it is our Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - the USSR. Here are our memories

Soviet kids madly glad the first game "electronics", and almost all have dreamed to get it? Boys and girls in geography lessons, drawing on a contour map of the Soviet Union, and one could discern where and how the country is located. Education of the USSR - schools, colleges, institutes with their Subbotniks, meetings, impossible to forget. We ran with briefcases behind, riding on these portfolios with the slides, and the boys always helped carry them girls. We dreamed of becoming astronauts, seamstresses, teachers, builders. We were taught to love work, taught to respect elders. And in fact, very sorry that such traditions now lost relevance! Generally, high school years - a separate story deserved a longer conversation on our forum. We all longed to become Octobrists, then "beat" the Pioneers, and finally became members of the Komsomol! No, our children do not understand. For them, the level in a computer game is much more important.

We have been collecting wrappers from the candy shells from the coveted chewing gum brand USSR were a real treasure for each student. Representatives of the stronger sex, who lived in the USSR, remember how proud of the fact that the USSR was a football at a high level. A USSR national football team - the main pride. In general, sport in the USSR has always been on top, not only the players, but the players, gymnasts - all took first place. We were proud of their athletes! Sports medals of the USSR was a real pride of the Soviet people.

Only now, today's children had no idea what to sit by the fire with a guitar, do not know what to collect trash and have no idea that you can take the bottle. In concept, the consciousness of the modern child can not understand how it is possible to live without a computer and mobile phone. But we have lived! And good living, by the way.

Many Soviet people keep some nice things from the Soviet Republic, for example, coins of the USSR, the Soviet Union and the other posters dear to the heart of things. This is now the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians are people of different countries, and before we were citizens of the same country, citizens of the Soviet Union! Previously, these countries were republics of the USSR. All born in the USSR still remember our great hymn "Union ironclad free republics"! Anthem of the USSR, to unite the people, the hymn of a great power.

Of course, the development of the Soviet Union took place is not always so easy and fun. Therefore, the history of the USSR has some unpleasant moments, but remember them by themselves, and do not want to. Yes, it was a long-time policy of the USSR and has few people are interested. The control system in the USSR was not perfect, but there is no perfect government in any country! Whatever it was, but we come from the USSR and should be proud of their homeland.


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