80 years (42 pics + text)

History of the USSR 80 from family albums - such as people saw it recently, of course, these pictures can not cover everything, then what was happening. We, those who are older, well remember the time, but born in the 80s, not to mention the later born, know him mainly disgusting slander of zomboyaschika. "If we keep silent, the devil will prevail.»

Old Master. 80th. Kolomna. Photo: G.Chistyakov. Some photos have a "sequel" to this day. As it was in the Soviet Union and became now. The first half of the 80's is very similar to the 70's, so the schools, kindergartens, holidays, etc. photos selected is very small. Interested parties can view the previous album.

80 years - a very difficult period in the history of the USSR. This is his "golden period" when the world did not have armies, we are able to defeat the time space stations and lunar settlements projects, the emergence of future technologies and the conquest of the severe nature of the USSR. But at the same time - this period of his illness, which was fatal - degeneration in the top loathsome clique. The destruction of morality, lies and duplicity ideologues began civil and ethnic wars, Chernobyl, the murder of a great country.

80 - it is a bifurcation point, a fork - the Soviet Union could not become the embryo, and the present society of the future with the development and harmonious people, technology to transform nature, interplanetary missions, settlements on Mars, unprecedented rise of science, technology, medicine, education. So he, in general, and planned. But events took a different path and the USSR-1 was killed by traitors in his own top.

Now, when we look at the rolls global crisis and economic poverty of the West, we see that until complete victory was just a few steps. We do not come down quite a bit.


Bibirevo. Early. 80

Still intact and the glass front door, no iron doors and sealed steel sheet large windows - in the stairwell light. Children can safely let out on the street. Now it seems almost incredible.


Hayfield. 80th

Horror Soviet collective farms.


New School. Mid 80s

It is now building a new school - an event of national importance, which is reported in the news. During the years of Soviet power in the USSR were built nearly 200 000 (two hundred thousand) new schools. And enough money, and gave birth to a sufficient number of children. The Germans destroyed 82,000 schools, their rebuilt. In the 70 th - 80 th each year built from 1500 to 3000 schools, depending on the Five-Year Plan - a 5-10 new schools every working day if told about at least briefly - the time it had not been for the rest of the news. Now it is hard to imagine, right?


I will not! & Quot; 80th

Trusting relationship between student and teacher.

It is in the West relations between student and teacher in any case can not be personal, human. For example, in the United States and Canada, the teacher can easily deny a license only for the human relationship with the students. Nothing human in the new order should not be - disparate people-vintiki- ambitious, unhappy, lonely, easy to manage. In the Soviet Union was seriously wrong. Ideal since the formation of the USSR was a harmonious personality and the education system has been constructed for this purpose. Another thing is that there were many errors - for various reasons, partly out of ignorance - still a country made the very first attempt in history to create an education, partly because it was too low was the original starting position of the "Russia-that-we-lost" partly because it is very much energy is going out to fight off enemies. And a certain period degenerated party leaders began to fear a possible harmonious human and not too persisted in his upbringing. But despite all the shortcomings of the Soviet system of education was the best in the world. Could make it much better, but it was not possible.


The first camera. 80th

A lot of boys enjoys photography, electronics, model construction, sports. For this there were special House of Pioneers with a lot of clubs to suit every taste - photos, radio, dance, biology and so on.


The first "triangle". Nach.80's


Scooter. Sakhalin. Ser. 80

In the USSR, they were made with the 50-ies. For the production of motor vehicles (1.5 million annually), the Soviet Union occupied the 2nd place in the world after Japan. Our machines are very actively sold for export. Met on our roads and imported scooters and mokiki - Czech, Japanese, even Italian. Mopeds (mokiki) and small scooters cost a little more than 100 rubles., Right on them were not needed. The photo shows, formally speaking, minimotoroller - no need to "step over" through the frame. The word "mokik" refers to the 50th and meant that his factory kick kick-starter. In reality, they are often produced with electric starter. What kind of car in the photo - and not guilty. Seen them sometimes on the streets. But mostly there were other "big" like "Verhoviny».

A lot of the boys in the USSR to drive a moped, especially a lot of them began in the 80s.


Cigarette behind the school. 80th


Barrel with kvass. Siberia 80th

Kvass cost is very cheap. Glass - 3 kopecks., Half-liter mug - 5. Apparently, people celebrate some event - judging by the clothes she is wearing a dress, not the most comfortable for everyday life.


Shish kebab on the nature. Siberia. 80th

"Meat in the USSR was not" yeah. No matter how you look at pictures - entirely picnics with meat kebabs yes.


That served. 80th


Group of young people in the country. Beginning 80

This is not a major, not the children of sales staff - ordinary boys and girls. Likely to come from families of scientists. In my opinion, it's the suburbs.


Research Institute at a ski lodge in the Elbrus region. Beginning 80

Caucasian ski resorts are some of the best in the USSR. Could go there almost every Soviet citizen. Stress - any. Georgian famous resorts, especially Gadauri and Bahkuriani. Armenian Tsakhkadzor was odinm item preparation of the Soviet national team, were excellent Uzbek Chimghan, as well as ski resorts in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation - Altai, Ossetia, and so on.


Typical photoshop. 80th

It looked so typical Soviet photoshop. Cameras, all kinds of lenses, photographic paper, reagents, light, flash, and other personal belongings were simply overwhelmed shops. I remember very well that time - just doing photography since 1980.

Soviet cameras were among the best in the world - cheap, high-quality and highly reliable. They are exported to many countries, even such as England (from the 50s). Reviews of Western experts on the quality of optics and mechanics were enthusiastic. Complaints are caused by external finish - they looked not so presentable as Western, and, of course, packing. An interesting point - the British government has repeatedly banned the export of advanced Soviet models to save his producer. Only allowed the import of cheap like "Lover" and then "Change". Such a "free market", you know.

Now it is hard to imagine, but imitations of the Soviet brand "Zenith" were quite common - very much it was popular. Especially the sin that ... small firms in Japan.

Soviet cameras gladly exchanged or bought by foreigners in private. USSR produced about 10% of the global number of cameras (approx. 3.5 million). 60-70 years called "golden age" of Soviet photography. Starting with 80 became periodically appear deficit of some cameras. What is very interesting, problems began to appear when the product does not become more difficult, and their simplification and reduction of the range. That is, it was not a problem ease the system, and the problem of centralized control violations.

But still the USSR's position in this segment remained extremely strong. Fatal blow to the industry caused Gorbachev's reforms and "perestroika", as well as everything else.


Residents Pevek. Chukotka. Mid 80s

Just hard workers from the North. This is not the employees of the Central Committee, not thieves or huckster. Leather coat with fur collar and very fashionable then "inflated" jackets. "In the North," then went to make good money. After working in the north of 10-15 years could safely move to poyuzhnee, buy a house or a cooperative apartment, a car and many more remain. In the Soviet Union knew that "the money is in the northerners».


Kindergarten "Bear." Chukotka 80th

Therefore, the northern regions are absorbed very quickly. There were built beautiful cities and towns, with wonderful kindergartens, schools and hospitals. All in the USSR was built during the Soviet period about 120,000 kindergartens.

Horror totalitarian childhood. Tea emaciated children dressed in rags?


Northerner Temchenko. Chukotka 80th

That's because - in a leather jacket and "Kirov workers." The people of the North have always been harsh and strong - otherwise it is impossible.


Delivery of goods to the taiga. 80th

USSR was the first in the world began intensive development of the North. Build cities, military bases, spends a lot of research. Almost all of the resources that are used now, were discovered during the Soviet era.

Half of the territory of the USSR was in the permafrost zone. Even Baikal area belongs to the zone of permafrost dominated by taliks (large areas of the thawed soil). Despite the very large area (1/6 of the Earth's land) use it is extremely difficult.

Low economic sense in the area, which consists of tundra, wetlands and impassable taiga is not it? And there are mountains and deserts, is simply cold area where any activity is ineffective compared to the warmer regions. These are the areas of Karelia, the White Sea, north of Russia - permafrost is not there, but to live and work very uncomfortable. As a result, the area of ​​the territory is relatively easy for human activity in Russia has always been very small.

By area of ​​effective territories, Russia lags behind countries such as Brazil, USA, Australia and China. In particular, the effective territory of Russia is only 70% effective in the United States. This is despite the fact that a large part of our main enemy is in exceptionally favorable area for activity zone - the tropics and subtropics (Florida, Pacific Coast, Hawaii, South Texas). A very "effective area" Russia is very different from that of, for example, in England and France.

But other areas we do not have, so you have to use one that is. Silly somehow did not use half of its territory, is not it? Inconvenient and expensive? In the capitalist system - of course. For example, Canada, in principle, could not master their northern areas, despite several attempts - and 90% of people clinging to warm the border with the United States.


Northern pilots. 80th

The USSR was built as an integrated system, as a integrated whole, and it is inconvenient and development of the North was very cost effective. Everything is built in the complex - the city, power, roads, ports, mines, etc. Obviously, the big power for the mine has a greater efficiency than a small and temporary. It is obvious that a large power plant does not make sense to build a mine and only a small village watchmen. Therefore, it is necessary to use the power for sufficiently large settlements, transport, processing cycles, port, etc. And if there is a port, why not use something that gives the sea - fish, crabs, clams? Life shift workers, to be honest, very so-so - not comfortable, away from the family, but here everything is nearby - schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sanatorium, excellent sports facilities and libraries, television cherz satellite - program "Orbit».

Individually, it was ineffective or inefficient, but also was very effective. And when you consider what role it played for the security of the state, it becomes clear that the role of the North is enormous.

Immediately available storage of minerals. At the same time appeared the northern routes, ports, infrastructure, resorts, hiking trails (Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kolyma) on the basis of the already established infrastructure and so on. Brutal northern nature turned its other side - amazing and austere beauty. It is only necessary to be able to handle it.


Neighborhood of p. Sinegorye

The USSR was able to do it better than anyone in the world, ahead of the whole world not years - for the whole period. His leadership in the development and transformation of the cold lands was absolute. Integrally planned single system - the know-how of the USSR, the first company of this type.

But that's not all - the finished project space mirrors, which were to cover the northern cities, creating a kind of thermal oasis in the Arctic without destroying the ecosystems surrounding tundra.

Harness the North is much cheaper than, for example, Mars. Although the development of Mars and Venus are also planned. Interestingly, the exploration of Mars was planned to carry on with the development of the Soviet experience in the North.


Hostel. Cape Schmidt 80th

Network of small well-planned cities began to cover the North.

First built hostel for builders and shift workers, and then to build cities and towns that pleasure to look at. Without exaggeration.

By the way, as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union for 65% of the territory of the Russian Federation is in the permafrost zone and development of the North tip of the country is not interested - they are here temporarily.


"Yuzhak" - Pevek, Chukotka 80th

In addition to severe cold weather in those places there is one more test - windstorms. Yuzhak - usually spring breeze, bringing a storm.


Pevek now

One thing is clear - the market economy many times, many times less efficient than socialist. Example before our eyes - the USSR. The "inefficiency" of the USSR have enough money for the construction of cities, the contents of a powerful army, brilliant science, an excellent education, cutting-edge technology in many areas, the most advanced space, many schools and kindergartens, a decent, though not rich by Western standards for virtually all life population enough money even to support developing countries and communist movements around the world. None of this in the Russians in the form and do not close - there is no money, despite the fact that the accelerated pace exported our children's future - raw materials, and the country just sucked to the bottom.

USSR exported raw materials, but ONET makes up most of the income from exports, even in the worst - the Gorbachev years. In the 80 years of the USSR earned from hydrocarbon exports only $ 12 billion. Dollars per year of about $ 80 billion. Dollars of total exports.

The Soviet Union was a major exporter of metallurgical, power, chemical and other industrial equipment, raktorov, cars, boats, helicopters and airplanes, television (mostly b / w), watches, optics, high-tech devices, isotopes, light medical equipment, medicines, weapons . All this is almost destroyed, leaving only part of the Military Organization and metallurgy since Soviet times, and then only old - with "effective owners" do not create anything new. Lion's share of the export of raw materials.

That is the conclusion really is that - "Freedom from totalitarianism" Russia is much less effective than the Soviet Union. Not to mention such concepts as humanity, morality, and so forth.


Pevek now

Moreover, the continuation of the "reforms" and the existence of the current ruling elite - is the death of Russia and many other fragments of a great country. Fast and violent death.


Kadykchan 80th

Kadykchan mining town. Once one of the most beautiful cities in the north-east of the country. The deposit is unique coals.


Dead City Kadykchan now

City, as they say in those parts, "unfreeze" (severyansky slang), that is, the system froze the water supply in the northern cold. The authorities considered it unprofitable - a sharp drop in production in the country has made unnecessary unique coals. Now, to repair it absolutely necessary to change all the pipes in the city, within each building, each room. That is basically it means to rebuild the city. All. The city is completely killed.


Dead City Kadykchan now

These cities were quite profitable in the Soviet Union. The new regime and formed the socio-economic system showed complete nespobnost manage complex device. She can not even keep the legacy inherited from the Soviet Union - the city infrastructure, plants, science, education and the army. On the construction of a new, even speech is not. So who is there to talk about "inefficiency" of the USSR?


Sinegorye. Kolyma, 80th

The most beautiful city-town of Magadan region. - Sinegorye. City Hydropower - the world's first large hydropower plants built in the extremely harsh climatic conditions.



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