Board Games Soviet children (51 photos)

Board games were popular in our country and with the kings, and the Secretary General. But if kings were just playing games, a means to pass leisure time, in Soviet times, the game began to carry more and educational and propaganda load. But let's look at the Soviet table games more ...

"Flight from Moscow to China." (1925) In 1910-s, and during the First World airplanes were built in our country, but the elite club of leading aviation powers our country is not included. Why? Well, for example, that one of the reasons - we all know that the plane does not fly without an engine and engine building was in Tsarist Russia in its infancy. And the most important "detail" for the Russian planes had to be bought abroad. The new government has decided to do away with the technological backwardness. The slogan "catch up and overtake" came into use towards the end of the twenties - in the era of industrialization. But aktsionerskoe Company "Dobrolet" (Russian Joint Stock Company Voluntary Air Fleet) appeared already in 1923.

The aim of the founders of the company was to facilitate the development of the national civil aviation - passenger, mail, cargo. Society lasted 7 years. During this time, the aircraft "Dobrolet" flown nearly 10 million kilometers and transported 47,000 passengers and 408 tons of cargo (very good result for the airline twenties). The activity "Dobrolet" advertised and using board games. The game "Flight Moscow-China" is very simple - throwing dice, players must as quickly as possible to get to Beijing, taking off from the Moscow airport.

"Electrification" (1928) "Communism - is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country" - said Lenin. The words of the first leaders of the country by the Council not with deeds. In February 1920, it was adopted electrification plan (State Plan for the Electrification of Russia). The result of this plan have been widely advertised "light bulbs Ilyich" even a light tan in the most remote villages of our vast country. Of course, "the electrification of the whole country" could not find a map and table games.

Play "Eliktrifikatsiyu" could from two to four players. It offers players large and small cards with pictures. Most four - village, town, village, port. These cards are divided between the players - are objects that they need to electrify. Small cards are shuffled and dealt to players. Players pull cards from their neighbors and lay the paired images. In the end, they have to stay without a pair of images with light bulbs. By the number of cards on the playing field, open the closed circles of the field - electrified objects. Anyone who electrified his first part of the playing field, he also proved to be the winner.

"We give the raw material plants" (1930) 1930 Year - the height of the first five-year plan, is in full swing industrialization in the country to build a plant - giants emerge out of nowhere a huge industrial areas. Of course, they could not ignore the topic of industrialization and manufacturers of board games.

In the game "Let's give the raw material plants" players had to throwing dice, move around the playing field and collect the different recyclable materials to be processed at plants game. He won, of course, the one who gave the plants more raw materials.

"Lenin comes to Smolny" (1970) And now, from the twenties - thirties, let's fast forward to the era of "developed socialism". In April 1970, our country celebrated the centenary of the birth of Lenin Lenin. I could not stay away from this festival and the children's magazine "Fun". On the pages of the magazine in the "jubilee" was published April issue of the game "Lenin comes to Smolny." The game is a classic "labyrinth" - the players to spend Ilyich historic night of 24 to 25 October to the old style of the safe house in the Smolny.


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