10 bugs that were the main "chip"

Even though the computer can be perfect and immortal machine, it is still going and managed bag of bones, such as you or me. Therefore, almost every existing video contains this or that problem or, as we used to call it, "bug", and every day the solution to these problems is becoming more challenging as the game exponentially becoming more complicated in all plans. Some problems - a small aesthetic variations which only temporarily prevent you naslazhatsya game, such as the bodies or characters of the game to get stuck in the walls.

But sometimes, the bug becomes a kind of "chip" of the game, and therefore intentionally added in the next version. Sometimes, the problem adds novelty and dynamics of the game, sometimes a problem - just ridiculous nonsense, attracting everyone's attention, but one way or another, some of the most memorable moments in the history of the games were originally their problems. Today, just about them.

10. "marketing strategy" Lara Croft.

Problem: When Toby Gard created the first game of the series Tomb Raider, he conceived of the hero as a man with a whip and a hat (I wonder where he got that idea). But at some point he realized that Lucasfilm could easily sue him, so he decided to make the main character a woman. Gard considered several different characters, before settling on the name and image of Lara Croft. However, when it came time to create a 3D model of the heroine, a little absent-mindedness has led to the fact that a 50 percent increase in breast size has become a 150-percent.

Effects: Even though the first Garde broke the stereotype of using female characters in video games (Croft is strong, smart, rich and independent as opposed to being someone's love interest, and / or constantly kidnapped princess), it appeared that some of the stereotypes never will not die. This bulging new "feature" of the character enthusiastically took the rest of the development team, and the publisher saw this as the perfect way to sell the game. Curvaceous Lara has since become a part of it, for all games in the series, was certainly one exception in which Miss Croft was gifted a more modest size of the bust, but tradition is observed.

This is one of the most famous examples are occasional problems in the development of left in the game, and it is worth to remember that Tomb Raider was one of the first games in 3D, becoming the template for dozens of imitators, and Lara was one of the first strong female characters. In the end, attractive women have always been the inspiration for a large number of works of art, because even Botticelli painted a naked girl standing on a seashell. It was only a matter of time before the girl with beautiful shapes will be the star of the popular video game.
9. Peninsula power Final Fantasy.

The problem: Like many RPG games, a huge world of the original Final Fantasy is covered with an invisible grid. Grid this game with sections 8x8 containing 1024 (32x32) square, and a section on which you are traveling, determines which monsters you fight in random encounters. However, a small plot of land on the north-east of the location under the name «Pravoka» contains a section of the grid north of the continent, making it the most controversial peninsula.

Effects: Pravoka - this is the second town you visit during the game, and the northern region of the continent is the final stage of the game, which you are supposed to not be able to achieve without the airship, so the monsters you encounter in the four squares in end of the peninsula, much stronger than the ones you faced earlier in the game. Nintendo Power magazine called it "Peninsula of power" because there you can get a huge amount of experience points and gold. And you do not have to wait 15 minutes to get there again.

Thus, it has become a "feature", rather than just a problem. Game of the Final Fantasy series reissued frequently than "Star Wars" and "Peninsula of power" and not corrected, even when technical limitations have become less of a problem for video games. A FF6 is a "reverse" power Peninsula location at the end of the game, where players encounter enemies from the start.

8. Skiing in a series of Tribes.

Problem: «Starsiege: Tribes», in the first-person shooter created by Dynamix and published by Sierra in 1998, players quickly found an interesting feature of the physics of the game: Press the button to jump on a steep slope leads to rapid acceleration.

Effects: high level players abused this problem, later called "skiing", combining the "bug" with jetpacks, they gained greater speed and crossed the large maps in a very short time, which meant that the vehicles were no longer the only way accelerate gameplay. Some players also used the return on explosives, but that we will discuss later.

While these problems are well known for their negative effect on the entire genre, this error had the opposite effect. This playing style was unique for the series Tribes, and became the thing that underlies the game franchise. Dynamix used a "bug" in their own interests and included "skiing" in Tribes 2. The cards were designed to facilitate the "skiing", and vehicles were simply removed from the game. A specially created for new training mission, to explain the new players feature of this game. Since then, "skiing" was a mandatory part of the series; a new game «Tribes: Ascend» even has been called "the fastest shooter in the world." Fortunately, unlike other skiing-based video games in Tribes you never eats Yeti.

7. Diablo II: Stop Hammer!

Problem: The RPG from Blizzard called «Diablo II Paladin» player can pump the aura (passive skill that affects allies within a certain radius, called the Concentration). It also increases the damage from physical attacks. But because of an error, it affects more and magical combat skill called «Blessed Hammer».

Effects: Before the problem was detected, the ability Blessed Hammer (which consists in the appearance of a magic hammer, spinning around your hero and affecting all the monsters on the way) had an average level of damage was rarely used second time after Paladin move to higher level. However, once people realized that Concentration significantly increases damage from Blessed Hammer, hammer wielding this paladin (he was named «Hammerdin») has become one of the most popular heroes of the game. And all because in the center of the cyclone flaming hammers, players become almost invincible.

Blizzard, which could easily fix the problem, but instead decided to leave her in the game. Hammerdin briefly fell out of favor until the "synergy." With their appearance and pumping, players sought even more severe damage from Blessed Hammer, and Hammerdin again became one of the most popular characters on servers D2. If you download the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction today and join a multiplayer game, do not be surprised unusual room full of hammers.

6. Spy in Team Fortress.

Problem: In 1996 three Australian friend named Robin Walker, John Cook, and Ian Caughley created a game called Team Fortress. In the game there was a curious problem, due to which the player's name to appear in the wrong color, as if it was the opposing team.

Effects: Correct the error was easy enough, but the creators have seen the character of a new class based on deception and sabotage. He was able to play the role of the members of the other team and get their trust and then betray them literally. About a year later game update (now called Team Fortress QuakeWorld) contained a new character a spy who, as they said, "was based on a small graphical issues in previous versions of the game."

Sierra Entertainment Team Fortress noticed and hired the three programmers to create Team Fortress on the engine Half-Life (Team Fortress Classic), and still Walker and Cook are still part of the team working on Team Fortress 2.

Interestingly, the spy in TF2 has its own problem, which has become a feature of the (to some extent). Squatting and walking in any direction distorts the skeleton hero fancy way. This bug has been named «Spycrab», and the community of players were asked not to correct an error (because it does not give advantages during the game).

5. Dante learns to juggle.

Problem: When Capcom created his first game for the PlayStation 2, entitled Onimusha: Warlords, they found a stupid mistake in a combat physics. When the enemy jumped, fast attack could save them hovering in the air.

Effects: the developers have decided that this is a flagrant violation of a realistic approach "character" game in which the samurai swords and using magic stealing the soul to fight against zombies, monsters, lizards and a ninja demon, so the error was abandoned. However, Capcom have recognized the potential that this type of manipulation gameplay could be among these games, so they moved the gravity-defying combat system in another game: Resident Evil. In early versions of the game the main character was a man named Tony, who has provided genetic mutation immortality and the incredible skill of the fight. Ultimately, this gameplay Capcom considered improper for Resident Evil, and so they decided to make a new character, completely based on the bug combat system. Tony was renamed Dante, the main details of the plot have been rewritten, the game was called Old Yeller, and this is a new franchise. But many people about it have not even heard, but heard its sequel Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry was extremely popular, and fighting style has influenced it to a new sub-genre of games, including the critically acclaimed games like Xbox's Ninja Gaiden, God of War and Bayonetta.

4. Rocket jump.

Problem: In the video game, where the main objectives are: A) to stay alive; and b) to prevent all others have reached the goal A, you might think that installing a missile shot from right under your feet hurt you achieve these goals. However, players in many first-person shooters started to do just that. Depending on what game they played, many of them have found a spectacular new trick: if you jump and immediately rocket was fired at his feet, the explosion threw you into the air (unless, of course, the damage did not kill you).

Effects: the first case of a rocket jump is difficult to remember exactly, but you can certainly say that this practice appeared to modern 3D-shooters in the first person. In the original Doom (where there was no jump button, nor the true axis Z) can be used missiles to quickly move horizontally. The first game, which was attended by a vertical rocket jump, was Bungie's Marathon (but with grenades instead of missiles) and Apogee Software's Rise of the Triad - two games that were coincidentally released on December 21, 1994. However, only in Quake 1996 rocket jump became popular.

Since then, players and developers of first-person shooter, which does not care about such a thing as "realism", used rocket jump to their advantage. This is a popular tactic in speed runners, and often the card can go multiple rocket jumps and developers, in turn, put "Easter eggs" in places that can be reached only by using this method of travel. Imagine that bots in Quake III: Arena is sometimes used rocket jump, and even a multiplayer mode Painkiller contained hotkey for it. The most famous game in the past few years using the technique - Team Fortress 2: the Soldier class - built mainly around the rocket jump, and even received an update, which reduces the damage wrought himself from the blast.

3. Race'n'Chase accidentally added a key element that radically changed the genre.

Problem: In 1995, the studio called DMA Design began work on a game called Race'n'Chase. It had to be action game in which the player could perform the mission or as a criminal or a policeman. Mission largely been built on moving the vehicle, although the player can go out and continue on foot, if you like. Unfortunately, the developers made the game too boring, and testers reported no pleasure from the game. But one of the updates forced police to move more recklessly, to arrange enchanting accident and chase the player more often.

Effects: This error was aspirin in a quiet glass of water. Suddenly, every pursuit became a struggle for life against the insane military police patrols, which sought to turn your car into a pile of burning scrap iskarёzhennuyu. Testers began to ignore the mission, and the team found that the race of the police have become more fun than the passage of missions.

Even if you do not like video games, you know, what it led to. The game has been redesigned so that you can only play as a criminal, the police have been improved, and the name was changed to the now cult GTA (Grand Theft Auto). After many transactions and mergers, DMA Design was the company we know today as Rockstar North. In 2001, they released a remarkable sequel, Grand Theft Auto III, which has become incredibly popular and had a great influence on the genre.

While GTA3, of course, did not invent anything new, they still remained faithful to his idea, and they put together the first 3D-engine and police lawlessness. Today the world is playing the fifth version of the game, but this principle, but rather "bug", inspired many other games such as Saints Row, inFamous, Prototype, and Just Cause 2.

2. Combo Street Fighter II.

Problem: Launched in 1991, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior named one of the most influential games of all time. While the majority of innovations games have been carefully planned and meticulously worked Capcom, one of them, in essence, a "bug." By testing the game for errors Noriteka Funemizu manufacturer discovered that it was possible to cancel the enemy attack, the beginning of another.

Effects: During the battle, the use of the problem allows the hero to strike a few blows to the enemy, not giving him enough time to react, even if they managed computer. Funemizu felt that choose the time to properly use the "combo", it will be too difficult, and that the implementation of strikes useful sequence was virtually impossible, so he left a "bug" as "hidden features".

Obviously, the problem does not go unnoticed for very long, and soon children in forums around the world raged because their friends are doing great damage to their health Nonreflecting flurry of attacks. Fortunately it did not destroy elaborate nature of the game, because the attacks are rarely carried off more than one third of the vital forces of the enemy, but it added flavor to the gameplay. When was released Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Capcom error was introduced as a feature of the gameplay, and a few months later Street Fighter II was the first game that counts the number of strokes and rewards the player bonus points.

Two decades later the game, the game of this genre can no longer afford to go without this "error." Games such as Tekken, BlazBlue and Dead or Alive thrive on the "flavor", which appeared in 1991. Street Fighter II would not be the first game that included the "bug" (Shanghai Kid in 1985, he already had), but this was the first popular game, which made it necessary feature of this genre of games. And all because the tester found the mistake and decided to leave it.

1. Space Invaders changed the entire industry by mistake.

Problem: Space Invaders definitely deserved the first place. This is a template for a whole genre, because it was the first game that kept records, as it was among the first video games to simulate the experience of a digital equivalent. But the biggest contribution of Space Invaders was something else. And it was a "bug" game.

Space Invaders was designed and created by one person, Tomoiro Nisikado. He even built his own machines for the game from the ground up as Japanese microcomputers of that time were not sufficiently powerful to program and control the game. Even self-designed hardware, the game is not managed properly, he would. The processor just could not get antagonistic aliens to move as fast as it needs to. The more aliens being shot player, removing them from the screen, the more accelerated the game.

Effects: I think you have guessed that the way in which aliens move faster and faster, and it was a problem. Nisikado decided to leave the bug in the game instead of trying to fix it, because he realized the potential benefits that this could have for the industry (and his wallet). Other video games have the same level of complexity in the whole of their length, and the end of the game came when the player has run out of patience, or he made a stupid mistake.


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