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Benelli M3 Super 90 (Italy)

Benelli M3 Super 90 standard "police" the performance

mode selector switch M3 - Left mode "semi-automatic" right "Hand pump»

Type: pump-action switching inertia or semi-automatic recoil
Caliber: 12
The chamber is 76 mm
Length: 1040-1200 mm
Barrel length: 500-660 mm
Weight: 3.2-3.5 kg
Shop: Tubular under the barrel, capacity 8 rounds

Shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90 is a further development of the M1 rifles from the same company in the direction of versatility. Using the same inertial automatic unlocking the butterfly valve, the gun M3 received an alternative mode of operation - manually operated by means of a longitudinally movable forearm - so-called pump-action reload. Pump-action mode allows you to shoot a gun ammo develop too small or too big impact, for example - non-fatal shooting tear gas and rubber bullets. In addition, the design introduced cutoff store that allows shooting at a pump-action shotgun charge mode when retracted gate one patron through a window to eject casings. This mode allows you to shoot like one patron with rubber bullets, with the store ammo battle with buckshot in the event of deterioration of the situation. Trim Shop is operated by a lever located next to the trigger guard. Selecting "semi-automatic" - "pump" by a special rotating ring with the notch located at the front of the moving forearm. Shutter cocking lever in semi-automatic mode is located on the right on the slide frame.

Receiver guns made of aluminum alloy butt and forearm - plastic. Available in versions with folding stock, but folding up the butt folded covers sights. Sights - usually rifle type front sight and a high open or diopter entirely. Installation of collimator sights, laser sights, flashlights.

Shotgun M3 is widely used by various police forces around the world, and is also sold on the civilian market as a weapon of self-defense.

Benelli M4 Super 90 / M1014 JSCS (Italy)

Benelli M4, butt clozhen

Benelli M4, butt decomposed

Type: gas operated semi-automatic
Caliber: 12 (chamber 76 mm)
Length: 1010 mm (butt decomposed), 886 mm (stock closed)
Barrel length: 470 mm
Weight: 3.8 kg empty
Power: barrel-attached tubular shop 6 rounds

Shotgun Benelli M4 Super 90 is designed and developed in Italy by Benelli Armi Spa., And imported into the United States (including for the needs of the Armed Forces) company Heckler & Koch USA, inc.
In early 1999, US AARDEC (Army Armmament Research and Development Center - center for development Vorruzheny US Army) has issued a contract for the M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun - Single shotgun company Heckler & Koch USA, inc. Under the contract, the US subsidiary of the company Heckler-Koch from Italy must deliver 20,000 rifles to arm the US Marine Corps. There are also further deliveries for the needs of other branches of the US troops.
Technically, Benelli M4 Super90 is a semi-automatic rifle from shops. Drive automation - vented in two symmetrically placed under the barrel gas cylinder, with two gas poorshnyami and rods, for greater reliability. Locking barrel - turning the bolt on the two lugs. Cartridge chamber for cartridges made a length of 3 inches (76 mm), however, the gun is designed so as to operate smoothly and with cartridges length 2.75 inches (70 mm) without any adjustment.
Partial disassembly and assembly of guns is carried out without an additional tool. Standard rifle equipped with a telescopic sliding butt, which may optionally be replaced with a pistol grip or plain awkward butt. The sight - diopter rear sight and a front sight rifle usual type. In addition, on top of the receiver is mounted universal guide (weaver rail) to install a variety of sights (the night, collimator) and other devices. Cover all metal surfaces, both exterior and interior, made opaque, non-reflective, and have increased resistance to corrosion and wear. The trunk replacement, may be replaced by a shorter length of 355 mm. The barrel is equipped with a screw chokes for greater univeralnosti

Heckler und Koch MP-5 Navy (Germany)

HK MP-5N. The modern version designed specifically for the Navy US. It features a folding stock configuration A3 All-plastic housing USM (Trigger) a two-way translator fire mode and designations as "icons". In addition, the muzzle of the barrel is threaded for mounting removable silencers American design.

Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum (also .40S & W and 10mm Auto)
Weight: 2.88 kg unloaded
Length: 660 mm
Barrel length: 225 mm
Rate of fire: 800 rounds per minute
Stores: 15 and 30 cartridges

Development of a new sub-machine gun (PP) was launched by the German company Heckler und Koch about 1964. The first prototype, designated as NC MR-54 (sometimes refer to a SC-54), appeared at the same time, and in 1966 the police and border guards of Germany is adopting the PP under the designation MP-5 in two versions: MP-5 - with a fixed butt and MP-5A1 - with extendable telescopic butt. In the future, MP-5 purchased a variety of police and army forces in both Europe and other continents. Especially popular MP-5 began after the whole world to see them in the hands of the British commandos from the SAS during counterterrorism operations for the liberation of the Iranian Embassy in England in the 1970s and a number of others. Currently, MP-5 in various modifications is in service with police forces in many European countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany. MP-5 is in the US police in the Navy and Marine Corps, and many more where. Except for the German MP-5 is produced under license in Greece, Mexico, Pakistan, and Turkey. Interestingly, the German Army (Bundeswehr) did not adopted the MP-5 adopted, using as PP ... submachine gun ultrasound Israeli development, admitted in Belgium under license. By the way, the post-war designs ultrasound - this is perhaps the only competitor MP-5 on the number of samples produced in-class.

His success MP-5 is required, except for a very successful marketing policy of the company, its properties such as reliability, ease of handling, high accuracy. Especially for US law enforcement agencies (including the FBI) ​​in the 1990s have been released in a limited batch of MP-5 under a more powerful cartridges and 10mm Auto .40S & W. These options are easily distinguished from the 9mm models through direct box magazine made of plastic (9mm dressed with steel shops).

Structurally, MP-5 is no more than the reduction under the pistol cartridge is a copy of a German rifle Heckler-Koch G3. He inherited from G3 and stamped steel receiver box and drop-down detachable module trigger mechanism (USM), and delayed blowback with the slowdown roll back with a pair of rollers. Fire from the MP-5 is always carried out with the closed gate, which improves the precision and accuracy of fire, but it increases the likelihood of self-ignition of the cartridge in the barrel overheating weapons. For this slot bolt handle (on the left above the barrel) has a special cutout in the back. where you can make the handle and fix thereby the bolt in the rear (open) position. This will allow the barrel to cool better without the danger of inadvertent shot. To continue the fire we just bring the bolt handle from the cut and let it go, and then pull the trigger. USM MP-5 is completely analogous to trigger rifle G3, and is located in detachable housing with pistol grip. Earlier versions of the housing USM stamped from sheet steel, modern pouring plastic integral with pistol grip and trigger guard. There are many different versions of USM, other than the possible modes of fire (one - only single to three - single, all with the cut-off of 2 or 3 rounds, automatic fire), and the replacement of the module trigger to another requires only partial disassembly of weapons. Similarly, it can be replaced and the butt - butts type A2 awkward, made of plastic, Butts type A3 - sliding, steel, rubber butt pad. The trunks of the early models (SC-54, MP-5) had a double-slit muzzle compensator, with modifications to the A2 / A3 trunk got three radial stop for fixing the quick-silencing. In the embodiment, the MP-5N, was ordered by the US Navy, the barrel further has a thread for attaching silencers American standard. Normally, this thread is protected by a special sleeve. Sights on early models
includes an open fly and toggle the L-shaped rear sight on today's models is the fly in the ring namushnike and drum rear sight with a set of dioptric openings for different firing range. In addition, any MP-5 can be installed branded quick mounting for optical or other sighting devices (LCC, night sights).

To carry out special operations on the basis of MP-5, a special version of the MP-5SD, having a removable integrated silencer. This option involves the use of standard ammunition caliber 9mm supersonic bullet, so the barrel performed 30 small holes, through which part of the propellant gases diverted to the rear expansion chamber of the muffler. The velocity of the bullet falls to subsonic. MP-5SD can be produced as in the embodiment MP-5SD2 (fixed butt) and variant MP-5SD3 (with a sliding butt).

Steyr TMP (Austria)

Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight: 1, 3 kg empty
Length: 282 mm
Rate of fire: 800-900 rounds / min
Shop: 15 or 30 rounds, box.

Steyr TMP - modern compact PP. It is built on the basis of automation with a short recoil (similar to most sovremnnyh combat pistols). Locking is done by turning the barrel. Handle reload is located on the back plate of arms and fixed by firing.
The housing is made of high-strength PP polymers together with the main grip and the front handle to hold. TSR has no butt and out of the fire can be both one, and with two hands.
TMP can be equipped with a silencer, laser designator.
It is reported that TMP is a very convenient weapon, well-controlled during automatic firing.

Submachine gun FN P90 (Belgium)

Submachine gun FN P90 in the base case, left view

Submachine gun FN P90 in the base case, the right kind of

Caliber: 5.7x28mm SS190
Weight: 2.54 kg empty; 3 kg with magazine and 50 cartridges
Length: 500 mm
Barrel length: 263 mm
Rate of fire: 900 rounds per minute
Capacity: 50 rounds
Effective range: 200 meters

PP P90 was designed in the late 1980s by FN Herstal (Belgium) as a self-defense weapon for the military personnel, who are not put on the state machines (crews of tanks and combat vehicles, artillery calculations, etc.). Since pistol cartridges, used in conventional PP and pistols are ineffective against modern body armor, which became widespread in the armies of the world, the FN has developed a new cartridge having a high penetrating ability of the bullet at an acceptable slaughter and stopping power. The new cartridge has a caliber of 5.7mm and a few smaller 5.56mm NATO cartridge, with the pointed bullet with steel core. This bullet is fired from P90, develops a muzzle velocity to 715 m / s and is capable of hitting targets in Kevlar body armor at ranges up to 200 meters.

Submachine gun FN P90 has Bullpup layout, its body is made of durable plastic. Automatics FN P90 is built on scheme with a free gate, firing from closed bolt. Stock is made from a store located above the barrel. The cartridges in the store are arranged perpendicular to the barrel and before it enters the trunk unfolding on the built-in store turning ramp. FN P90 has a charging handle, located on both sides of arms, guard / translator fire mode is located under the trigger. Shoot shells thrown down through the hollow handle fire control.

P90 is equipped with a built-in red-dot sight multiplicity 1X with the sighting of the grid in the form of letters T. reticle is automatically adjustable backlight depending on the ambient light. In addition, the P90 is equipped with redundant outer sighting devices. Option FN P90 TR does not have a full-time optical sight - instead, it set three guiding type Picatinny rail, which you can set various options for optical and night sights, as well as additional equipment (tactical lights, etc.)

P90 can be equipped with special laser designators visible or infrared range, as well as a silencer (requires the use of special cartridges with subsonic bullets).

P90 is in the control of armaments in the armed forces and police units in Belgium, Denmark, the United States (a number of police departments and the Secret Service guarding the president and senior officials of the country), Saudi Arabia, Peru and Thailand, and widely offered for export.

SMG Ingram MAC Model 10 (US)

Caliber: .45ACP and 9x19 Luger
Weight: 2, 84 kg empty
Length: 269/548 mm
Barrel length: 146 mm
Rate of fire: 1145 (.45) / 1090 (9mm) rounds per minute
Capacity: 30 (.45) or 32 (9mm) rounds
Effective range: 50-70 meters

American Ayngrem Gordon (Gordon B. Ingram) began to develop sub-machine guns in the late 1940s, and even to establish serial production of some models (see. Ingram Model 6). In the mid-sixties Ayngrem began to develop a compact submachine gun, suitable for concealed carry and use. The first prototype of the new weapons, received the designation of Model 10, was assembled Ayngremom in 1965, but serial production has been deployed only in 1970 when Ayngrem joined the company Sionics, soon transformed into a Military Armament Corporation (abbreviated MAC). Military Armament established production of two pistols guns Ayngrema design that had the same device, and vary in size and caliber - MAC Ingram Model 10 (M10) .45 ACP caliber and 9x19 and smaller version of the MAC Ingram Model 11 (M11) 9h17-caliber Browning. In 1976, the company Military Armament Corp ceased to exist, and the rights to manufacture Ingram M10 and M11 moved to another American company, RPB Industries Inc. Later variations on the theme of the submachine guns Ingram M10 and M11 produced a number of companies in the United States, both in automatic and semi-automatic in the options (for the civilian market).

Submachine guns Ingram MAC Model 10 and Model 11 consisted (and in some places in service so far) in service with various units specials. destination and US police and some other countries, including Taiwan and Israel. Copies of the M10 were made in Taiwan and Japan.

Submachine guns Ingram MAC M10 (all of the reasons mentioned below applies to M11) is an automatic weapon, built by the scheme with a free gate. Shutter milled, the drummer still installed on the mirror shutter, shooting is conducted with an open shutter. In the forward position the shutter a significant part of its length is incident on the barrel (to reduce the overall length of the weapon). The charging handle is located on the upper surface of the receiver during firing and moves together with the shutter. In the forward position the shutter turn the handle 90 degrees to lock the bolt, serving as an additional fuse. The main fuse is located below the receiver, to the right of the trigger guard and has the form of longitudinally moving engine. Translator fire mode is located on the receiver on the left and has a pivoting lever. The receiver is stamped from steel, consists of two halves - the top and bottom, joined in front of the pin. The barrel muzzle has a male thread for mounting the muffler. Sights simple construction, and consist of unregulated dioptric rear sight and foresight. Butt telescopic, with folding shoulder rest from steel wire. In front of the receiver is available for a short sling swivel belt used to hold the second hand weapons.

M10 and M11 are simple in design, compact (suitable for concealment) reliable types of weapons. The high rate of fire provides significant firepower at short distances, but in combination with the low weight and short barrel leads to a significant dispersion of bullets while shooting, significantly limiting the effective range.



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