30-ka's most famous, best-selling video game in the genre of 3D-shooter, since 1973.

So, imagine you think 30-ku most famous, best-selling, most-most video games in the genre of 3D-shooter, since 1973.

All stated below my IMHO, so that will be interesting to your opinion about games, talk, do not hesitate.

Maze War

Creator - Steve Colley, 1973.

First person shooter, the first online game, the first implementation deathmatch'a.

Two players wandering through a maze trying to find and destroy each other.

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Tail Gunner

created by Vectorbeam


You - Space bomber tail gunner, you pursue the enemy ships. Try to destroy them before they approach and will fire you.


Developer Atari

Publisher Atari


The game successfully to combine the several genres. It has elements of first-person shooter, real-time strategy and simulation. In other words, you are invited to lead an army into battle, staying at the forefront in a special tank and coordinating the actions of their subordinates. The Eidolon

Developer Lucasfilm Games

Publisher Epyx


From inside the mechanism Aydolona (Phantom) you move through the dungeon and destroy their inhabitants.


Developer Xanth Software F / X

Publishers Hybrid Arts, Bullet-Proof Software


This is a variation of pacman in 3d. LHX: Attack Chopper

Developer Electronic Arts

Publisher Electronic Arts


Helicopter simulator. The game features 4 models. Light Helicopter Experimental, LHX, copied from the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, Boeing AH-64A Apache, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk and Boeing V-22 Osprey.

Oh yeah. I remember this game! Then it seemed the acme of perfection!

Nover Tank 3D

Developer id Software

Publisher Softdisk


Hover Tank 3D is a game about the tank duels in a large number of modes for even wider range of arenas. The goal is simple - to get more kills than your opponent.

Satacomb 3D

Developer id Software

Published Softdisk


Catacomb 3D - a computer game, released in November 1991 by id Software. This is the third in a row game in the series Catacomb; two previous games have used two-dimensional graphics. The game was published by Softdisk branded Gamer's Edge.

The game is considered one of the first representatives of the genre of modern first-person shooter, the direct ancestor of the games that made the genre popular. The game was released for the DOS platform and used EGA-graphics. A notable feature of the game was the presence of the player's hand image, superimposed on top of the three-dimensional images; such imposition has become a tradition for the next game of this genre.

Wolfenstein 3D

Developer id Software

Publisher Apogee Software


Wolfenstein 3D (Wolf 3D) - cult computer game, the founder of the genre of "first-person shooter» Wolf 3D developed by id Software and published by Apogee Software May 5, 1992 under DOS. For the game was bought by the name of two famous games of Muse Software Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein for the Apple II, released in the 1980s.

In Wolfenstein 3D, the player controls a soldier trying to escape from the eponymous Nazi fortress; he is opposed to a lot of armed guards and guard dogs. The building is filled with hidden rooms where you store all sorts of jewelry, food and medical kits, as well as a variety of weapons and ammunition.


Developer id Software

Publisher GT Interactive


Doom - cult computer game released by id Software December 10, 1993, one of the best known and most popular products in the genre of "first-person shooter." By some estimates, the game purchased least 150-160 million. In many respects it had a decisive ideological influence on the further development of the genre.

The player assumes the role of a nameless soldier Space Special Forces. He is described as "one of the most robust, hardened in combat and trained Earthlings" from his unit, sent to Mars. After the attack on the officer who gave the order to open fire on civilians, it becomes his last mission. He is protected, while his companions dealt with obscure incident on Phobos in the Union Aerospace Corporation (Union Aerospace Corporation, UAC). Suddenly, the protagonist loses touch with his team-mates, and to escape from the guards, goes in search of his squad. Later he learns that the corporation conducted experiments on teleportation given failure, and through the gate, standing on Phobos before the man climbed into the hellish creatures that kill personnel or turned into zombies. All that remains to be the main hero - is to find at least someone from his party and get out of this hell.

Duke Nukem 3D

Developer 3D Realms

Publisher Apogee


Duke Nukem 3D - cult computer game in the genre of first-person shooter created by 3D Realms (podrazdelenieApogee) in 1996. Duke Nukem 3D is a logical continuation of game series Duke Nukem, but if the first two games of the series were very exciting two-dimensional platform, the third part was made in the then popular style of Doom (pseudo corridors, kind eyes of the main character, uncompromising battle with the use of different kind of cold, firearms, as well as fictional).

The game's plot is quite simple and unpretentious. Duke Nukem returns to Los Angeles after his next triumph (events Duke Nukem II). Suddenly, the radio signal is a disaster: the city by storm previously unknown enemy - an aggressive alien race, who arrived to kidnap women. Spaceship Duke shoot down missiles, but he manages to catapult onto the roof. He takes up arms and begins to slaughter hurricane, sweeping mountains of aliens on the way to their leaders.


Developer id Software

Publisher Activision


Quake - cult computer game in the genre of first-person shooter developed by id Software and published July 22, 1996 (full version).

Before the official release of the full game, namely 24 February 1996 was released technology demo version of the game called QTest. There was no support for the single player game, and the gameplay has not yet been finalized, however, due to the presence in the game support multiplayer, just a day in the world there were dozens of servers for online play. Then, June 22, 1996 was released shareware-version of the game includes only the first episode, and is available for download from the official website of id Software.

The game made a breakthrough in 3D technology, using textured polygonal models instead of sprites, thereby realizing a fully three-dimensional world, instead of a two-dimensional map with height information (as in Doom).

With the advent of the first Quake originated the concept of "e-sports", there was a large community, were held major championships and appeared in relation to the notion of tricking kompyutertnyh games: the application of some bugs in the game character movement to achieve sverhvozmozhnostey professional players, specially adjusted to the professional modes.

You - the nameless soldiers, awakened in the morning their commander. Unknown enemy codenamed Quake devastates your military base zasylaya legions of death through teleportation gate called «Slipgate». You are called to lead the operation for revenge, having passed through the gates to the enemy, and destroy it in its dimensions. In the final part of the game is that Quake - it's actually Shub-Niggurath, motionless ancient god that looks like a swollen mass of flesh with stirring tentacles. Demon seem is invulnerable to conventional weapons, but the main character eventually finds a way to destroy it from the inside ...

Quake 2

Developer id Software

Publisher Activision


Quake II - a computer game, first-person shooter. Released December 9, 1997. Developed by id Software, publisher Activision.

The game is sustained in the sci-fi style. Player - a soldier by the name Bitterman those involved in the "Lord" (Eng. Overlord). In a desperate attempt to protect Earth from alien invasion, humans begin a counterattack on the enemy's home planet of the Strogg cybernetic civilization (Eng. Strogg) - Stroggos. The main goal of surgery is to close the portal through which trafficked Strogg their troops on the ground.

Golden Eye 007

Developer Rareware

Publisher Nintendo


Game James Bond on the same film "Golden Eye»

The game was released in 1997, received critical acclaim and has sold 8 million. Copies.

There is a multiplayer (deathmatch) and elements of stealth action.


Developers Epic Games, Digital Extremes

Publisher GT Interactive


Unreal - cult computer game genre 3D-shooter developed by Epic MegaGames (later renamed the Epic Games), in partnership with Digital Extremes, and published by GT Interactive. The official release of the game took place on May 22, 1998.

The game is different exciting gameplay and game engine, which was developed over three years prior to the release of the game and now bears her name.

The player assumes the role of the convicted for a crime unknown prisoner number 849 on board the prison space korablyaVorteks Rikers (Eng. Vortex Rikers) (tail number NC114-85EKL8), crashed in the mountains of unexplored planet Na Pali people, after which killed most of the people who were on board. Natives of this planet (four hands naliytsy) were enslaved Confederation alliance of alien races and incorporated into the Empire Skaarj - hostile earthlings advanced civilization. When Vortex Rikers caught in an abnormally strong gravitational field Na Pali, crashes, Skaarj penetrate into the wrecked ship, killing all found survivors. After all prisoners and almost all the crew are killed in the crash and attack skaarzhey, the player remains alone on an unknown planet him.


Developer Valve Corporation

Published by Sierra Studios


Half-Life - cult computer game in the genre of sci-fi first-person shooter, developed by Valve Software and published by Sierra Studios November 19, 1998 for the PC. The first game in the series Half-Life. Technically, the game is based on a much revised Quake engine from id Software.

Half-Life was one of the first games in which the story develops entirely within the game space (without videozastavok). Game publication praised the innovative style of narration, which is the main advantage of the game. Another strength of the Half-Life called artificial intelligence opponents (AI). Half-Life is one of the first games where the players will be allies. Many publications note that Half-Life revolutionized the genre of first-person shooter, and marked the beginning of a new stage of its development.

The game's story is told without the help of cinematics, gaps in time and similar techniques. Development of the plot takes place by means of scripted scenes, operating directly within the game action. Gameplay and storytelling with this approach form a coherent whole. The game is not divided into levels or missions; dividing the game world on the map due to technical limitations. All the events through the eyes of the player watching the main character - Gordon Freeman. Listening to another monologue or watching an important plot events, the player does not lose control of the main character (except for a few scripted scenes). At the same time, the very character can not be seen from the side, or to hear his voice. All of these techniques contribute to the immersion player in the gaming reality, creating a sense of presence.

Quake III Arena

Developer id Software

Publisher Activision


Quake III Arena - cult computer game in the genre of multiplayer first-person shooter published by id Software December 2, 1999, the third in a series of games Quake and the first not having a full-fledged single-user mode.

Single game - as such does not constitute a full-fledged single player. The aim of the game is a single lap during battles against bots. In each round of 4 cards, only 7 laps, including the final map. By lap unlock new. Also, the player receives a "medal" for accurate hits, two dead enemies in a row, and so on. N. Also present in a single game emulation for multiplayer games with bots are not on a network (Skirmish, «clash"). You can add up to 11 bots; all game modes in multiplayer.

Multiplayer - has 5 modes of play;

 Free For All - mode "every man for himself»;

 Deathmatch - The fight to the death;

 Team Deathmatch - command mode;

 Tournament - Tournament 1vs1. Players fight in pairs at a time on a "winning with the following»;

 Capture The Flag (CTF) - Capture the Flag. The goal - to capture the enemy flag and bring their "base».

Unreal Tournament

Developer Epic Games

Publisher GT Interactive


Unreal Tournament, UT - cult computer game in the genre of first-person shooter, published November 30, 1999. The game is a continuation of a series of Unreal, which is the beginning of the same name game from Epic Games, released in 1998. Unreal Tournament focused on multiplayer battles and became a successful attempt to bring Unreal multiplayer is not ideal to perfection. The game is positioned as a direct competitor of Quake III Arena from id Software, which was released 3 days later. Despite the grandiose name and form an army of fans who had Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament was able to compete with them. Largely thanks to the excellent graphics, dynamic gameplay, lots of game modes and good intelligence computer opponents.

Counter - Strike

Developer Valve Corporation

Publishers Sierra Studios

Release date November 8, 2000 - retail-version of CS 1.0

Counter-Strike - popular multiplayer game, has the support network and singles (with bots). Some analysts believe that the current Counter-Strike 1.6 is losing popularity as they become players more powerful PCs that support modern games with beautiful graphics and advanced physics engine. In 2007-2008, there has been a reverse process - strengthening the position of CS 1.6 tournament as a discipline. Many people around the world are in no hurry to leave the ranks of virtual fighters Counter-Strike. First of all, this is due to become familiar gameplay. However, now being actively developed and is becoming increasingly popular Counter-Strike: Source.

The basic idea of ​​the game - a confrontation between two teams - Terrorists (Terrorist team, T) and Kontrterroristov (Counter-Terrorist team, CT). Every player entering the game chooses a team for which he wants to play, or an opportunity to be an observer - Spectator - if it is possible to adjust the game server.

The goal - to do the job card or destroy the enemy. For an assignment, and destruction of the enemy player gets the money that can be spent on the purchase of weapons, ammunition and equipment. (The losing team also gets money, but significantly less)

Soldier of Fortune

Developer Raven Software

Publisher Activision


Soldier of Fortune - a computer game, first-person shooter developed by Raven Software and Activision released March 27, 2000.

The game is based on the performance of missions to destroy the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Before each new task, but the first two, the player can choose weapons and equipment. During the game, the choice is added new weapons and new things.

The game is considered one of the bloodiest and violent in the genre. The game dismembered bodies (can shoot limbs whole and half, shot belly so that fell out intestine). Natural enemies react to falling - grab the arm or leg, limp, loose arms and dying, wildly screaming in pain. Blood and most corpses do not disappear.

Unreal Tournament 2003

Developers Digital Extremes, Epic Games

Publisher Infogrames

Release Date September 28, 2002

Unreal Tournament 2003, UT2003 - a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter, the continuation of multiplayer shooter Unreal Tournament. Developed jointly by Digital Extremes and Epic Games, the publisher acts Infogrames.

The campaign begins with a kind of preparation for the tournament. Are invited to play four rounds in different game modes, each of which consists of several matches with the ever increasing complexity. Before the start of the fourth round there is an opportunity to create a team, who will need to win. The ability of a player is determined by four parameters: accuracy, agility, tactics and aggression. Next, open access to the four branches of the tournament: 6 cards Team Deathmatch, 5 cards Double Domination, 5 cards Bombing Run and 6 cards Capture the Flag. The finale consists of three parts; in the final opponent is the champion Malcolm.

Battlefield 1942

Developer Digital Illusions CE

Published by EA Games

Release Date September 10, 2002

Battlefield 1942 - a computer game, 3D first-person shooter on the Second World War, developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows (2002) and Apple Macintosh (2004). The game has a single player mode with bots, but the gameplay was made for multiplayer games on the Internet.

Gameplay consists of capturing and holding control points - special places on the map. Whoever controls this point, can use it to log into the game, after he was killed; early in the game, or at will.



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