Profession Trouble-shooter–the person who solves the problem.

Did you know that there is such a profession — trouble-shooter. The essence of their work lies in the fact that they fly around the world and solve people's problems. Any problems, any people. Usually — large corporations, less private parties.

All people in this profession no more than 100 people in the world. Some fees go up to $100 000 per hour, schedule — planned out months in advance.

The trouble-shooters, the main thing — business reputation. Customers literally pass them from hand to hand, hiding from its competitors. Advertising they have only one – a perfect result. The error is excluded.

In order to understand the essence of their work better, I will give a few examples of work trouble-shooters.

Was in America for two large firms that published monthly reference "yellow pages" On the market, they were closely, in the course went black PR, dumping, poaching each other's employees.

Nothing helped, went head to head.
Usually, all office workers bought just two directory on the dollar, not really pondering what is better what is worse. By the way, in both directories had the same information. Now one of these firms invited trouble-shooter

He penetrated into the situation, thought and said:
The next month will issue the directory of smaller size, and that information was the same, it needs to be small, but plump.
Received his fee and left, and a rival firm went bankrupt in two months...
And what's the catch?

And the fact is that when directories were the same size, they hung on office desks as maps, but when one directory is large and flat, and the second a small but plump, You will in any case put a little on top of a big...
And at the end of the month will realize that used only the top and large have never in a month did not open. So why do you need to spend a dollar if in a small all there?

The second example.

At the head office of the company Nike, 1000 people were powercivil their heads over an impossible task.

Invite trouble-shooter, outline the problem:

We started to produce shoes in some of the poorest countries in Africa. All considered, built the factories, trained the staff, the cost must be low, but then faced an unexpected problem: local workers of our factories, unmerciful steal finished products. Entire villages from small to large walk in sneakers at a price comparable to their annual income...

We tried to hire more guards from local, but it was only worse — guards and their families also love sneakers...

If you make security of the States, the cost generally tipped the scales.

Trouble-shooter: -what do you want from me?

Nike: — Think of how to make the theft down to zero, without spending money on security factories.

Trouble-shooter, of course knew nothing of the technology of production of shoes, but unlike 1000-and top managers, who understood, was able to look at any problem from a completely different angle. He sat alone in a cool dark room and gave the answer:

— You need in different countries to produce separate left and right sneakers.


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