25 stylish women

Birkin, Bardot, Deneuve, Huppert, Bear ... French women long ago captivated the fashion world his gorgeous, amazing and very special taste in clothes. Style Women from France and praise today, looking back at the past and its representatives litsezreem today, the basis of which the 25 girls of different professions, from actresses to journal editors.

Marion Cotillard

Profession: Actress
Note the style: rarely puts on social events anything other than Christian Dior
Quote of the style: "I do not think that my style is such a complex and unique. Although maybe I simply do not know Him all times assert the contrary? »

Audrey Tautou

Profession: Actress
Note the style: after transformation in Gabrielle Chanel in the movie 2009, "Coco Before Chanel" prefers exclusively things from Chanel
Quote of the style: "I'm not a girl-girl. I am a woman »

Clemence Poesy

Profession: Actress
Note the style: like unusual accessories
Quote of the style: "In the evening I'm wearing the same thing as in the daytime. I do not like to dress up. Usually I go to the places where the most simple dress code in the world: jeans and a sweater »

Juliette Binoche

Profession: Actress
Note the style: the style has become more mature, but still the same sexy
Quote of the style: "I'm not obsessed with their appearance. I sincerely believe that a person can become a prisoner of his own reflection, and I do not want this ... »

Bérénice Bejo

Profession: Actress
Note the style: developed a good taste with the release of the painting "The Artist»
Quote of the style: "I have children and a dog, so in everyday life, I do not dress glamorous. To go to the store, school, or a walk is not necessary to look at all 100 »

Lou Doillon

Profession: Actress, model, musician
Note the style: style is close to the bohemian chic, but at the expense of "childishness" it is not so pathetic
Quote of the style: "At some point I felt that I could be sexy. It was such a relief! I realized that to be open-minded - my vocation »

Eva Green

Profession: Actress
Note the style of: Lady vamp
Quote of the style "clothes - it's just an image. In this I was convinced because of the profession, which represent fundamentally different characters. It's fun, but when you have to play a stately woman is not hard for me because I can not do that, but because I'm bad I go on heels »

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Profession: Actress, singer
Note the style: favorite - Balenciaga
Quote of the style: "Style for me - a way of expression. I perfectly see how to style affects a person's lifestyle »

Berenice Marlowe

Profession: Actress
Note the style: sexy
Quote of the style: "I like the style of Asian women and like the era of film noir. When it merges, get my own style »

Josephine De La Boom

Profession: Actress, singer
Note the style: favorite color in clothes - black
Quote of the style: "French women do not wash their hair as often as women from other countries. Furthermore, they have little use for cosmetics. We are all very sloppy, well, except for shoes and bags »

Astrid Berger-Frisbee

Profession: Actress, singer
Note the style: another girl from Chanel
Quote of the style: "I am not very interested in fashion and all projects related to it, I approach with skepticism. Although I am now gradually changing their opinion, participate in the project "Chanel Little Black Jacket" »

Léa Seydoux

Profession: Actress
Note the style: no
Quote of the style: "If I impose too much makeup or dress too bright, you become like a clown. I would like to take a risk and make their hair pink, but I'm afraid I do not work ... »

Melanie Laurent

Profession: Actress, singer, director, writer
Note the style: very feminine
Quote of the style: "What are your favorite brands Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and yet I have a few things from Balenciaga. But it is not on the things I'm obsessed, and shoes. I'm just going crazy, when you get in a shoe boutique! »

Roxane Mesquida

Profession: Actress, model
Note the style: light with a touch of style glamor girls of Los Angeles
Quote of the style: "I can not wear sneakers and leave the house without make-up, for me, this is equivalent to what I prodefiliruyu naked! I feel more comfortable when I am on the beautiful clothes and shoes, and in the face of my right make-up »

Anna Mouglalis

Profession: Actress
Note the style: can not live a day without clothes Chanel
Quote of the style: "I like to wear nice things, but at some point I want to forget about clothes. The only thing that I'm looking for in this life - freedom »

Vanessa Paradis

Profession: actress, model, singer
Note the style: do not feed bread, give only posochetat incongruous
Quote of the style: "I almost did not think about fashion. I believe that we should not do this if there is a result »

Carla Bruni

Profession: Singer, model, former first lady of France
Note the style: Classic + shoes with low heels or completely without
Quote of the style: "If you from head to toe dressed in designer clothes, it looks ridiculous. It is the opposite fashion. You do not want to become a Christmas tree? »

Emmanuelle Alt

Title: Chief Editor of the French «Vogue»
Note the style: stylish casual
Quote of the style: "make-up? I have black eyes, I do not need. Stacking? I just prichёsyvayus, never to walk in a hairdressing salon. I'm not sure what to do as a Frenchwoman, but that's my style »

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Occupation: model, art director
Note the style: leather loves things
Quote of the style: "When I was a teenager, I used to wear a lot of ugly things, but now it's in the past»

Virginie Ledoyen

Profession: Actress
Note the style: a long time was to ensure that look like today
Quote of the style: "I do not Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. Do I look like the average woman »

Eliza Sednaui

Occupation: model, actress, director
Note the style: Slim Sexy
Quote of the style: "I like minimalism. I do not like when people are too many accessories »

Carine Roitfeld

Profession: former chief editor of the French «Vogue»
Note the style: black - the main color in the wardrobe
Quote of the style: "Many people say that I am the queen of" porno-chic ". I do, of course, do not like it, but like the word "chic", so I do not mind. I love to look glamorous »

Ines de la Fressange

Occupation: model, designer
Note the style: wearing only clothes a class "lux»
Quote of the style: "Women should dress for themselves, rather than showing off. In the first place, to feel better »

Constance Jablonski

Occupation: Model
Note the style: fresh
Quote of the style: "I'm only 22 and I dress according to my age. I like comfortable, but at the same time, the tight stuff. Most places in my wardrobe devoted to jeans »

Laetitia Casta

Occupation: model, actress
Note the style: creation adores Yves Saint Laurent
Quote of the style: "The real beauty - is honesty with oneself»


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