Electric vehicles in Europe: IBM Cloud as an IT platform for the project Green eMotion

Now many companies are going to release (or already released) own version of electric vehicles on the market. Among the first, of course, Tesla Motors, the company, through which electric cars are not only practical, but also stylish. Then come the BMW, Renault, Toyota, Nissan, and all other automakers. The number of electric vehicles is growing, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, only in this country in 2020 will drive about 1 million electric vehicles.

Needless to say, the whole of Europe will be more electric cars, and for their normal work needed electricity and gas stations deployed IT platform for communication partners, cooperation and work associated with electric service.

To create such a platform in 2012, the project was based Green eMotion , which is developing successfully. The basis of the project makes the service IBM Cloud.

In total there are 43 Green eMotion partners, including representatives from industry, universities, research organizations, energy companies, state bodies. Thanks to the work of all partners, in Europe, there was a well-developed infrastructure and developing gas stations for electric vehicles, as well as related services.

Team Green eMotion developed cloud information and communication platform to support the work of the entire infrastructure for EVs. Green eMotion includes:
  • Service providers;
  • constructor of electric vehicles;
  • Operator Electrical AZS;
  • The authorities;
  • Energy companies ;
  • The drivers of electric vehicles.
     IBM is responsible for the IT infrastructure project Green eMotion. Due to this in a short time was able to develop a variety of specifications of standards, protocols, and developing core service standards, standardize the description of service work for electric vehicles. Use to create a platform, you can buy, sell and manage services market Green eMotion.

    The role of the IBM SmartCloud

    The entire IT infrastructure is based on the Green eMotion IBM SmartCloud , which allows a platform to make the project sufficiently flexible, scalable and customizable.

    Any partner of the project is to work with the cloud IBM SmartCloud, and scale their resources without the need for manual configuration - everything is done automatically in the platform environment Green eMotion / IBM SmartCloud.

    Advantages platform Green eMotion

    Green eMotion platform provides the following features for the various participants in the project:
    • Drivers of electric vehicles, electric vehicle battery charging her anywhere in Europe, regardless of the company - the owner of the charging station. Locate the nearest station with information about the available points for the connection, form of payment or the cost of the service.
    • Energy companies: a single communication channel, performance standards, which reduces operating costs, including the need to create their own financial environment, or service support. Increased efficiency in the use of the charging infrastructure, less bureaucratic downtime.
    • Operators of electric filling stations: compatible standards for charging stations and billing systems, the ability to obtain information analytical services project, less bureaucracy.
    • Service providers: Scalable Cloud to connect to different services and service platforms that are compatible standards for services and payment systems, development of new and improvement of existing solutions, less bureaucracy.
    • Government: continuous monitoring of CO2 emissions, a gradual reduction of air pollution, increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads, less bureaucracy.

    Source: habrahabr.ru/company/ibm/blog/238259/


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