How to implement the project through crowdfunding?

The principle that operates crowdfunding exists at least since the First world war. In every city in Germany has installed a wooden statue. Anyone could buy a personalised nail which is hammered. The funds raised went to support the army.

To date, under the scheme of crowdfunding funded inventions and business, creative and charity projects, even the election campaign of the President. Besides, according to the world Bank forecast that, by 2025, annual investment in crowdfunding will grow to $93 billion What is crowdengineering, or crowd funding, is the funding of the project a large number of stakeholders in its implementation people. As a rule, fundraising is among the online users on dedicated web sites (crowdfunding platforms). Sponsors relies intangible reward in the form of finished product or other gifts that are of direct relevance to the project.

Responsibility for project implementation is assigned to the initiator legally.

Crowdfunding is not only a way to raise funds, but a different philosophy of business. Unlike the usual "help me", the actual principle: "let's do it together".

Long before the beginning of the project you are already building a community around ideas, get feedback, create news hooks. People who believed in you at such an early stage, will become loyal customers and "brand advocates", self start "word of mouth". As soon as the project starts – you will already be customers, partners, and fame.

Crowdfunding is growing rapidly and is applicable in absolutely all spheres, from the purely commercial to cultural, artistic and political projects. According to statistics, a third of all crowdfunding projects – social. The leaders of successful projects: innovation, invention, revolutionary soft – all the things that traditionally attracts more attention.

Crowd funding has become a way out of the crisis, even for some of the world's media. Today in connection with the crowdfunding at all on hearing "Gromadska TV" and channel "Rain". The Russian socio-cultural newspaper "Colt" for about two years and is funded solely by Internet users. Our platform also there is a project, whose main goal – to revive the legendary Ukrainian magazine "Pepper".

Established two models of fundraising: "all or nothing" and "flexible funding." In the first case, the author either collects 100% of the amount or the money is returned to the sponsors. Second – how much is collected, so many take. The second variant seems more preferable for the authors of projects, but the first is much more confidence of sponsors.

Not to be confused with crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. In the literal sense, crowdfunding is "crowd funded", and crowdsourcing "work the crowd". A typical example of crowdsourcing – Wikipedia – volunteers from different countries fill this library with new information and editing without pay. It is a work in spare time to gain experience, connections, just as a hobby.

Crowdfunding platformbased designed to accommodate and promote crowdfunding projects on the Internet called crowdfunding platforms. The platform is a dedicated website for ideas. Playground takes on many aspects, including financial and legal, as well as promotes and facilitates the cooperation of all participants.

On the platform there are three main roles: sponsor, sponsor and sponsor. Curators there may be organizations interested in a broader support of the project. It may be sponsoring the advertising campaign, the provision of premises and technical means. From the platform with the authors of working project managers.

Each platform contains a system of creating the project: data on the time and the amount of the project, rewards, project description and video presentation, the author's data, bind to a Bank account. The platform integrated various payment systems.

Many platforms have a social component. On our platform you can go through the account in Facebook that automatically "pulls" data to friends also registered on the platform. You can follow the activity of other users, receive notifications about projects that they have created or sponsored. On the platform you can easily communicate with the author of the project is interesting – ask questions, comment, support.

The first European site is considered to be a nice platform Ulule, created by the French. She works since 2010, and boasts more than 4,500 successful projects. In addition to the main office in Paris has offices in Germany and Spain. Generally only in France such platforms about two dozen. More in the US – at least 30.

There are themed: for example, in Britain working platform on which you can Finance a horse to perform at competitions. Is crowdfunding for students, where they look for grants and funds to sponsor his University education. Is the platform focused only on the music or fashion industry.

The largest areas – in attendance, the number of successful projects and the frequency of mentions in the media – Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Some of the most high-profile Kickstarter projects have collected up to $10 million (Pebble UbuntuEdge). Free to post projects on Kickstarter can only citizens of the USA, UK and Canada. Residents of other countries will have to find an American "agent" to interact with the platform. The same applies to platforms in other countries.

How to organize an crowdfunding finansirovaniya important setting: crowdfunding is an important and major event. Treat crowdfunding project is no less serious than, say, to attract venture capital investment, and possibly more responsibly. Although finding one big investor still harder than 1000 interested persons "of the people". You have a lot of hard work, and the responsibility for implementation will be legally required to do so under the contract.The initiator of the project can be any person over 18 years of age or organization. Individuals after successful completion of the project pay 17% tax from the attracted sum, legal – about 5% (depending on activity). Do not forget about the Commission of the platform, on average it is 5-10%.

The project can be divided into five stages

1. To turn the idea into projectportfolio to write a business plan – assess market needs, audience, budget, risks, consider the step by step work plan. Before start you have to assemble a team, establish contacts with experts, journalists and bloggers.

The key is to consider the essence and the mechanics of reward. The reward is part of the project, which largely determines the success.

2. Consider PR strategiclevel to compile a list of media, blogs and forums, to prepare a group of VK, FB, YouTube, etc.

A very important point here – the video presentation, it needs to be sincere and informative. As a rule, this is a story about the author of the project or the team (what has been achieved, how the idea of the project); the story about the uniqueness and social significance of the idea; and a cover part, which must convince every sponsor that the author is really ready to implement this project, and this is really important.

3. Razreshennogo to choose a platform and place it on the project to coordinate all conditions with the moderators, to sign the contract.

4. Reklamedata promote lies entirely on the shoulders of the author. Sponsors are attracted by the clarity, the abundance of photographs, simple and clear video presentation, the presence of the eminent curator, the activity of the author in the work on the project and, of course, the interest of other users, expressed as a percentage of the amount collected. According to statistics, the first 25% of the amount invested by friends and relatives of the author, and a stranger would hardly be an interesting project with 0% fees. The curator for their project looking for the author, but the platform is busy with attracting organizations to placed on it projects.

5. Implementation projectdesign – only the "start" button, this is followed by the main work. After successful completion it is necessary to distribute rewards and to continue to develop the project with the already formed base audience.

If the project did not collect the required amount in time, it is considered unsuccessful. In this case, the author can either just forget about this idea, or to find other ways of implementation, or to do work on the bugs and re-run the project on the platform. At least on our platform there are no restrictions on the republication of a failed earlier project.

Perspectivei the right approach to the PR campaign the chances of success appear like the music group, and technological genius. It all depends on how to idea how to discover its potential to the audience.

A little simpler situation with political crowdfunding. It is no secret that Barack Obama is on the campaign trail in 2008, they collected about $750 million in this way. The contributions rarely exceed the threshold of $200. In Ukraine, as now it is considered, therefore, was sponsored by the Euromaidan and the Ukrainian army, although in fact it is a charity. Crowdfunding for candidates for the highest political positions are a great opportunity to get a real picture of its rating among the population and another step towards transparency in elections.

In the field of innovation for a successful crowdfunding project requires a visual prototype of the future product. The exhibition of the artist's need reproductions of his paintings. To record the album is already recorded songs artist or video speeches. Visibility is very important, because sponsors need to see that they are going to support. A simple verbal description of an idea that sometime in the future it will be implemented, are unlikely to attract attention.

The first successful project at Na-Starte, we have organized yourself. I proposed the idea of creating a nationwide publication, and made every effort to be able in the end to set a positive example. The essence of the book "miracle country" is that any person could buy a page in this publication (electronic or printed copy) and fill it yourself. I talked to a lot of people talking about the book, and received a lot of positive reviews. Of 10 people two have become sponsors. The result is a successful project.

Crowdfunding only works if applied to the project implementation effort. As in any other field. So go ahead, work, develop and will certainly succeed! published

Anastasia Kutuzova, PR Manager at crowdfunding platform Na-Starte


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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