MediaTek Labs: the cradle of gadget projects of ordinary enthusiasts

Twenty five million four hundred thirty four thousand one hundred seventy five

The phenomenon of "crowdfunding", finding money through crowd, becoming more popular among enthusiasts of high technology, various startups, developers, dreams to realize the most daring projects. But unfortunately, today, to "cry" about collecting money for revolutionary fitness bracelet, or, say, drone helicopter can not all. Though, because many crowdfunding platforms simply don't work with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Of course, money to develop a gadget you can ask from investors. However, they are most likely to indicate to the enthusiast at the door: for he has not even a working prototype of the device. One naked idea! What to do, what to do? There are options. In September 2014, the company MediaTek has launched the project "Technocenter" MediaTek Labs. Its goal is to establish an international community for professionals and enthusiasts gadgetsteria regardless of their position on the map, education and status. Yes, some knowledge in electronics and high technology party MediaTek Labs to be still desirable. And yet the project is open not only for professional engineers and programmers, but also including just standard bearers (read – visionaries) and aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of computer hardware.

Fourteen million five hundred eight thousand seventy

Why MediaTek Labs is especially interesting to Russians? It's simple. If the U.S. and Asian countries have all the conditions for the independent development and production of modern gadgets, we can say that in Russia such examples, and does not reach a dozen. As a rule, our compatriots prefer to create online services and software products, but not the hardware. Thundered YotaPhone could be called a pleasant exception, if not a number "but". The most important of these "but" million financing, which is not enthusiasts who dream to develop their own gadget.

There are other reasons of a serious backlog of Russia in the development of portable electronics. For example, difficulties with logistics: trivial complexity of the operational order and delivery of electronic components from abroad. Plays a role the lack of a developed community of like-minded people who are interested in developing gadgets. And such situation not only in Russia – enthusiasts from India, Argentina, Egypt and many other countries face similar problems.

Forty six million three hundred ninety eight thousand five hundred forty one

On it drew the attention of the company MediaTek, the second largest global developer of processors for mobile devices. The project MediaTek Labs – a kind of "techno-incubator", which aims to create a global community with a large number of developers of portable electronics of different levels and profile. And this decision turned out to be more than the demand. Suffice it to say that over the past three months (the start was given in September 2014) the project has already registered several thousand participants. About a quarter of them from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Thirty eight million eighty seven thousand nine hundred ninety six

For today the main direction of development MediaTek Labs is the device of "wearable electronics" and "Internet of things". Registration in the project is free (you can get it here: After registration, the participant gets on the forums where you can chat with the programmers, 3D modelers, experts in prototyping, various experts in the field of cloud services... in short, all those who also engaged in the creation of electronics or any of its components. Know how to infect others with their energy? Of these professionals can assemble a virtual team, which deal with the creation of a gadget – CCTV systems, smart bracelet, robot vacuum cleaner, industrial drone, and so on.

It should be emphasized that MediaTek Labs is excited not only professional pros: the creation of any product, including electronics, starts with an idea, and then discusses its implementation. Accordingly, in the MediaTek Labs and waiting for just the light head, can generate interesting idea. The most curious thing is that MediaTek Labs supervise engineers and professionals from MediaTek, able to point out mistakes, give valuable advice, to help with the development and improvement of each project, each promising device developed by the project participants.

Fifty two million eight hundred six thousand one hundred seventy seven

If you go to particulars, then the participants of technoindustry MediaTek offers a comprehensive platform of LinkIt One. It costs $ 79 and includes the fee with the MediaTek Aster chipset (by the way, the smallest of its kind – 36% less than analogues, the size of a little more than a match head) and a set of wireless modules. This fee will help in creating a prototype of your gadget, be it smart watches or quadcopter. To create software for the forthcoming device MediaTek also offers a set of tools – SDK. and this time is already free. Diverse technical documentation is also available. For project participants it is free.

Sixty seven million three hundred thirty thousand four hundred fifty four

Fifty nine million four hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred fifty one

Feature MediaTek Labs and even in the extreme openness of the program, this Taiwanese technoindustry just no competition. Yes, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, and many other giants of the IT industry offer their programs for developers "Internet of things" and wearable electronics. But these giants collaborate, as a rule, with the large companies-partners. An exception is made only for the most promising students of the specialized technical universities, which participate in the project, you first need to prove their professionalism. So, on the universal openness of such affiliate programs developer support may not be considered.

Forty two million two hundred sixteen thousand three hundred thirty four

To participate in the MediaTek Labs absolutely do not need to provide a diploma of special education or to undergo a probationary period. You can just be an enthusiast, a loner. The experience of this wide open space completely unique and even allows you to create an alternative to traditional crowdfunding services. Using only one platform LinkIt One allows you to invent and design a quadrocopter, weather stations, smart watches and bracelets, robots and more. Inventing, and then producing: within the MediaTek Labs it is possible to meet the representatives of the factories which organize serial production of your gadget – of course, with the mediation of MediaTek. You just have to come up with something really brilliant.

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