How to do it in a hurry? Infographics

What used to be done quickly and easily in ten steps being addressed in one click. And even faster! An interesting infographic about how much easier it becomes our life right now thanks to new technologies implemented in the gadget. How to quickly publish a "hot" self, get a smartphone consume less battery and do a "slow-mo effect of a film about the Matrix" in the minimum steps? It seems that the modern manufacturers of smartphones and tablets has nothing to surprise us: continuing senseless "arms race" to enhance individual performance. Some companies constantly increase the screen size, the other - trying to overtake each other, making the thinnest body in the world (sacrificing "survivability" batteries), the third lens bolted from the real SLR. But nobody wants to answer the main question - why is it necessary? The objective of any "smart" devices - make life easier, not complicate it. Is baggy slim body that can no longer embrace the one hand, or the constant need for recharging search sockets make life easier owner? There is another approach. The company's engineers have developed MediaTek chipsets for smartphones and tablets, mobile gadgets to help learn how to really make life easier for its users. Already in the first quarter of 2015 will start selling the first models in the new chipsets MediaTek, which will be "one-click" to perform tasks before consuming more vremeni.PortretSkolko necessary actions in order to publish a social network really good photo, which will be similar employed professional photographer? In smartphones on the new chipsets MediaTek number of relevant action is reduced to a minimum. It seems that smartphones with intelligent processing algorithms photo soon take away the last piece of bread for the virtuosos fotoshopa.

Super selfiGlavnaya problem shooting self (for those who are not enough of his own face in the frame) - choose an interesting background. Here to help another interesting photo-feature new smartphones - "picture-in-picture". It is interesting that a similar "You" came up and video.

As in the "Matrix"

New flagship smartphone, and heaped sports camera really opened wide horizons for film-lovers. For example, anyone can photograph any subject in slow motion video, «slow-motion», catching shots that distinguish with the naked eye simply do not have time. Remember shooting bullets in flight "Matrix", with spectacular twists air?

"Love in our village battery!" All modern gadgets quickly "eat" the battery. It's kind of payback for the big screens sverhchёtkie, slim body and powerful processors. What can be done to reduce the consumption of precious electrical charge? Now modern smartphone users have to tinker with the settings and installing additional software. A new model for MediaTek platforms, this problem is solved by default. How? See below!

Instead zaklyucheniyaV the material included only those "chips" smartphones next year, which have already been shown in the concepts or announced by the manufacturer. It is very likely that a couple of trump Aces tricky Taiwanese saved up his sleeve, so as not to leave the audience without syurprizov.Samym as enjoyable can be considered that the smartphone platform MTK produce not only "Grand" world of mobile electronics (HTC, LG, Meizu and others them), but also manufacturers of inexpensive devices - Explay, teXet, Highscreen and others. So, the interesting new features will be available and relatively cheap smartphones priced below 15-20 thousand rubles.



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