You is what affects you, not what you have

Considering the picture of the world only in the material plane, it is difficult to explain why we are born into different circumstances.

In Buddhism, this is explained by karma, which man has accumulated in his past lives, and what are the conditions he created in a previous life and such got in the present life. Everyone believes in something he will believe.

Everything can be explained through such processes that has a definition in psychology as interiorization and internalization, conscious and subconscious or unconscious.

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Interiorization and internalization (from lat. interior — internal) — the internal structures of the human psyche through the use of external structures, the acquisition of experience, the formation of mental functions and development in General. Any complex action, before becoming the property of the mind, must be implemented externally. Due to the internalization or internalization of the objects of the external world have a permanent mental representation through which perceptions are transformed into images that form our mental content and structure.

Consciousness — reflection of reality, as expressed in a person's ability to be aware about the surrounding, about the present and past time, to make decisions in accordance with the situation to control our behavior.

Subconscious — mental structures and processes without displaying them in mind and beyond conscious control.

From the description of this system follows a clear sequence of causality, and if many people of science say that it is only a desirable condition is that all returned, even though it confirms their experience, they prefer to attribute it to chance.

My experience confirmed this always, only sometimes came through big time. Repeats everything that has an emotional and important to us, what would be the assessment of what happened we gave, positive or negative.

Even on the basis of scientific approach, material picture of the world, in my opinion, turned out magical. Why we have what we have, and can not explain it, the answer will be sought in the hidden consciousness, in the subconscious.

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What about those who have not formed a basic trust in the world? Many of the world scares. Such people find it difficult to start something new, it is difficult for them to interact with other people. They are often in a state of stress, waiting for anything, nor about what I get on the head and usually usually get.

Considering the situation on the example of the symbol of Yin and Yang, dark and light sides have points, remember that the white dot on a dark background is consciousness through which we perceive the external world, the whole dark side is the unconscious mind that contains repressed painful memories.

Conscious and subconscious or unconscious, is a part of our psyche, our inner world. A negative situation that is strange or painful consciousness, pushed into the unconscious. Our subconscious mind is filled not recycled and are not learned, of information that the mind evaluates as painful and tries to hide.

The information is not recognized, but present as frightening a busy background or a kind of veil, which is manifested, under certain conditions, similar to the initial one. The conditions when this information was obtained. In most of these conditions such as the initial, it begins to act like a distorting prism of reality perception and how virus program in behavior, given sufficient exposure manifests itself as psychosomatic illness. In such situations, the external world is perceived distorted.

External reaction of the world to certain actions it is possible to reveal negative information hidden in the subconscious, because what is the incentive, and such a reaction, as claimed by representatives of the direction of "behaviorism", which rejects the role of consciousness and the unconscious as a regulator of human behavior. But if a response to a conscious stimulus does not match the expected response then this can only be explained by the presence of distorting information. Neobehaviorism identified it as intermediate variables, which is our experience, knowledge, intention etc.

In psychology this is explained by the principle of determinism, which is one of the basic principles of scientific knowledge, based on which science is able to adequately theoretically to explain your subject. According to this principle all phenomena are interconnected and interdependent naturally. S. L. Rubinshtein formulated the principle of determinism as:

"The effect of one phenomenon to another depends not only on the nature of the exposure, but also on the nature of the phenomenon to which this impact is provided; in other words: external causes act through internal conditions."

That is, mediated reality is refracted through our perception.

What to do in cases where there is a distorted perception of reality?

First and foremost, you must realize that there are distorting information, and it gives the degradation in the perception of reality. Do not dismiss this information, not to hide it behind positive thinking, because it naturally manifests itself in a negative evaluation of the world. At the time of manifestation this information becomes our essence. Excluding or ignoring it, the effect is such that it may be a feeling of denial itself. Of course distorting information to prevent, but on the techniques many people protect it, hide, protect, because I do not want to part with some of his self. These mechanisms underlie the processes of resistance Freud called the mechanisms psychological protection.

How would people not getting along and not merged with the disturbing information to him, it is destructive, distorting reality, and it should work, to identify aware of its existence and fix it by taking all its aspects.

It is important to replace the bad thoughts with good, and to understand the causes of bad thoughts.Positive thinking is a consequence of the proper operation of consciousness and the process of reflection of reality. It can be used as a tool to identify destructive programs and distortions of information. To hide from the presence of virus programs, or try to convince yourself that all is well, you just really try to think correctly is to deliberately drive them into your subconscious. Such a dismissive attitude to the subconscious mind turns against us. The subconscious mind interacts with the reality of the external world and how the architect builds the matrix of reality, realizing everything that is hidden in its depths.

Phrase: "You is what affects you, not what you have»― very accurately reflects everything that happens in the conscious and subconscious processes. You can practice and hone the right habits, but not yet realized negative information hidden in the subconscious, it will affect the person and manage them.

Program distortion inherent in us, in our inner world, our soul, builds the external world as the matrix. Positive thinking, visualization desired is only the tools which help to start to identify the negativity inherent in us, because only we perceive, evaluate, and inadequate assessment fixed in his inner world this information. Usually, it manifests itself again and again makes itself felt at intervals, perhaps in the next generations, the generations of our children and grandchildren it will manifest itself until it is realized and tested the information underlying the distorting program.

Usually people perceive this as some kind of curse, spell or evil eye, but we discovered the way this negative information in our subconscious mind, evaluating it as undesirable for us, frightening themselves took it so I hid it. Someone to blame — a dead-end path, which does and does not help and will only aggravate the situation. Taking responsibility for what happened and what is happening, you can correct or delete the program.

No matter how sad it sounds for many who did not have the relevant conditions in childhood, but the proper education in an atmosphere of love, equality, respect and dignity contributes to the success of a person. But this reality must properly use and multiply. To whom much is given and greater demand.

If you had a difficult childhood and has not formed a basic trust in the world, it is difficult to take responsibility for themselves and justify yourself what is your fault, the fault lies primarily in the fact that you found the culprit. Accused going to be the External world, and as a consequence man will find himself as the accused.

Our worlds are equal, and as a rule, all comes originally from us, from our Inner world. If you go with an accusation or a claim to a world with a challenge it will be — as the best defense is a good offense. The external world will respond the same way you came in, interacting with it, and got it.

First you need to understand that we see the world through the prism of the not quite bright child-parent relationship. Realizing that in the subconscious there is negative information, and our relationship to the world is the attitude to yourself, and the world, in turn, will respond the same, in the end we will get twins.

The mechanism of the interaction of the Inner world with the Outer world, is noticed in everyday psychology, for example — the avaricious pays twice. Applies to all emotionally charged processes. On the basis of the answers we are the world, we can determine how we relate to the world and to ourselves.published


Author: Ekaterina Rogacheva

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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