Most popular "pitoresque" and the secrets of their success: from Ekaterina Usmanova before Arina Skoromnaya

Shapes models and it girls are gradually yielding to the popularity of the lean forms of fitness bikinisex. Such holders elastic buttocks and a steel press, as Ekaterina Usmanova Ekaterina Krasavina, Olga Blokhina, become role models for millions of girls and the new generation stars of the Internet. Through daily demonstrations on the social media pages of results tremendous work in the gym in the biceps and oblique muscles, these motivated person could not only build relationships but also your own business in the fitness industry.

Ekaterina Usmanova, 26 (448 000 subscribers)

Location: in Moscow Ekaterina Usmanova moved from the small town of Krymsk. Still in the province and a graduate of the financial University exchanged the gray days of advertising managers in energy-intensive work of a fitness trainer and began to actively participate in the competition. Prize-winning places in the Championships of fitness brought Catherine the first crush, job offers and divorce with her first husband Alexander Usmanov. In the Russian capital, the athlete came with an impressive background of medals and prizes largest competitions in the country.

Downloads: Lots of pictures in bathing suits, emphasizing the sexy curves and delicious forms, quickly brought Usmanova half a million subscribers and advertising contracts.

Transformation: the Athlete has never hidden from its users to plastic surgery breast augmentation and young photos she has the perfect looks and figure. However Usmanova extremely nasty comments about other procedures plastic surgeon that she does not get tired to refute.

Business: For a substantial payment of monthly subscription, the athlete shares with his peers the secrets to building a perfect body in a fitness school Body Lab, and also produces her own line of swimwear and sportswear.

Ekaterina Usmanova


So Ekaterina Usmanova looked in 2010, when exhausting yourself diets


Ekaterina Usmanova graduated from financial University


Slim shape quickly tired athlete


Ekaterina Usmanova with her first husband Alexander Usmanov

Ekaterina Usmanova a student (left) and nowadays (right)

Ekaterina Usmanova a student (left) and nowadays (right)


Ekaterina Usmanova with her second husband


Ekaterina Usmanova with her second husband



Arina Skoromnaya, 27 years (149 000 subscribers)

From: Arina Varskaya (mother's maiden name. — Approx. ed.) is a hereditary Muscovite, mother, a famous psychologist, father — Director of the audit company.

Success story: from unremarkable girls in role model Arina became after meeting her future husband — the master of sports of Russia on bodybuilding Andrey Skoromniy. It beloved Arina gave the first push in body fitness, after which she started her own show "Body time". With the birth of the couple's daughter blog Fast "Diary of happiness" has become wildly popular among young mothers. It Arina tells in detail about how to recover form after the birth to eat right and exercise during pregnancy.

Transformation: unlike most heroines of the fitness of Olympus, the natural beauty of Fasting. Girl engaged in no breast augmentation, no beauty shots. Transformed Fasting only sport — Arina dropped the extra pounds, so the body athletes gained sexy curves.

Business: Recent projects of the stars of the Internet became a joint business with Dzhiganom and Oksana Samoilova Fit for you, as well as manufacturing its own product against cellulite cream Fatbuster.

Arina Skoromnaya a student (left) and nowadays (right)


Arina Skoromnaya a student (left) and nowadays (right)


Arina Skoromnaya a student (left) and nowadays (right)

Arina Skoromnaya with her husband Andrew Skoromniy

Arina Skoromnaya with her husband Andrew Skoromniy



Ekaterina Krasavina, 30 (86 500 subscribers)

Success story: for the first time about Ekaterina Krasavina talking in 2014 — then a little-known sportswoman has surprised the fans of the contest "Fitness bikini", taking the 2nd place in the Moscow championship in the category up to 166 see, Thanks to his charm and good physical shape Krasavina has become one of the main favorites to win any fitness competitions. Athlete receives regular advertising contracts and conducts master classes on posing.

Transformation: in addition to hard work on the forms, Catherine has significantly improved the external data at the expense of breast surgery, the installation of dental veneers, Botox injections and lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid.

The secret of popularity of a fitness career babe with appetizing forms combines with a nurturing 6-year-old daughter. Special popularity among subscribers Krasavina has also acquired thanks to his kindness and sympathy — she tries to answer all the questions of his readers, and conducts online lessons posing for girls from distant areas.

Ekaterina Krasavina


Ekaterina Krasavina after birth (left) and nowadays (right)


Ekaterina Krasavina after birth (left) and nowadays (right)


Ekaterina Krasavina a few years ago (left) and nowadays (right)


Such a number of sports supplements need fitness bikinithe to maintain shape and strength

Olga Blokhina, 25 (37 600 subscribers)

Success story: thanks to the titles four-time absolute champion of Moscow, champion of Russia and champion of the competition "Arnold classic" in the alluring shape of the fitness of bikinili Olga Blokhina drew the attention of the men's magazine MAXIM. And with it a whole army of single men. A few years ago a graduate student of art history, chose work in the gallery of heavy workouts on the Smith machine and it has paid off, achieving in this sport to unprecedented heights.

The secret of popularity: according to estimates of professionals, forms the Blokhin in the offseason, "far from perfect", but the girl has crazy sexual energy.

Olga Blohina to engage in professional sports


Olga Blohina to engage in professional sports


Olga Blohina to engage in professional sports


Olga Blokhina in our days



Olga Petrova, 29 (26 300 subscribers)

Success story: leggy beauty with blonde curls Olga Petrova for several years, is a living embodiment of strength and grace on any fitness Championships. The path of the former model in professional bodybuilding began with the desire to change your body, and led to the unconditional victories in several major Russian competitions fitness bikini.

Transformation: unlike many modern athletes Petrova has a spectacular of nature's appearance, making her a welcome guest on television and posters. On the way to fame Olga escaped with only plastic surgery for breast augmentation.

Business: not long ago, an athlete with her friend Olga Blokhina opened a school for women, where on a paid basis teach everyone to eat right, be confident and work on your body.

Olga Petrova to bodybuilding


Olga Petrova to bodybuilding


Olga Petrova to compete in the fitness bikini




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