About the dangers of positive thinking, qualities of rich people and the rational love of the work

Talked to a management consultant, author of several books and blog sorokoumoff.com Alexander by Sorokoumova about the bread – the money and the rules of building a business. Twenty three million nine hundred fifteen thousand seventy one

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– You many years advising businesses. Have you noticed any patterns as to why some people make money and others don't?

In my opinion, the "psychology of money" a lot of conjectures and speculations. It always organizes some ecologicheskie exercises like seminars on "how to make a lot of money sitting on the couch and reading mantras." But this is a typical operation of the eternal human desire – we want a lot at once and it does not work.

But still there are some reasons which prevent the person, for example, to build a business or start normally earn?

– In the beginning, you will not hurt positive thinking is if you need to focus on finding new opportunities or somewhere to take the strength to keep trying. But if you have something earned, or, conversely, you have a very long time to get to make – there is time to turn negative thinking.

In General, evolution is so complicated that a person's pleasure centers more than centers of anxiety. And it is clear: the human being is weak, without fangs and claws, and all of its systems are set up in time to notice danger and to escape. And when we practice "positive thinking", by all these tricks and autotreninga trying to suppress the signals from our natural centers alarm – and ignored the danger.

– That is, a human being is disturbing.

– Yes, and rightly so. Especially if money is already earned and they should keep it. If, for example, experienced a period of rapid growth and reached a plateau, the first thing that must be done by the managers, is not to seek "new opportunities to increase income", and look where leaking the fact that the company already earns.

The stage of rapid growth does not last forever, and, if the income has stabilized, pull the company further is useless. First, we need to plug all the holes (then steal there not doing their job, then they lose customers), to accumulate resources for the next pull. Then to detect and eliminate factors that make it difficult to grow further. And then the company will be able to take advantage of new chances.

Or take a normal person. If you have a long time nothing happens, and you all of a are positive, then probably you have something serious do not notice in your life. Until you begin to notice it – you will not be able to cope with it and will not have success. There's one harsh fact of life that sooner or later notice have any: success fact can not be. This understanding gives more responsibility for their actions.

– With a positive all clear, and what further obstacle is there to make money?

– In second place in my rating is the inability to obtain negative feedback.

In sports there is a rule: when person is new, it is not necessary to tell him about the errors. It is necessary to maintain and to pay attention to the slightest success. But with the growth of competences about the successes speak less, and about errors – more and more. Yes, the athletes themselves and they are oriented – that is the elimination of errors will increase your results.

But in life, many people get stuck on "stage of the beginner" I'm afraid of negative feedback and try to avoid it by all means. Real beginners can still understand. But when the same pattern of behavior shows a person with a certain experience and achievements, I begin to wonder. Whether he's stuck in a comfort zone and doesn't want to get out of it, hoping that our achievements will remain with him forever, whether he was really a beginner and all that he has achieved is the result of luck and not skill.

– Why is it so important negative feedback?

– Until you get it right, you learn nothing. The real learning starts where you run into some problem and to bypass it it is impossible – it is necessary to find a way to cope with it. So you have reached your personal limit, and things should work. In these moments instead of trying to understand people, and start to run in search of the answers and the top 5 recommendations.

Generally, life consists of periods of success, when you have some skill and work you have achieved something, and failures, when you got to your limit and can't continue. That skill gets triggered and there is some success, is the reward for what you've learned sometime in the past. But the period of failures – this is the area, where to go, to grow.



– That is, to read the stories of someone else's success is useless?

Yes, focus on all kinds of guru – the third error in my rating. This, of course, the good old principle of "do as I do" – if one happens, I'll do it all again exactly the same, and I should also be prepared. But rest assured: any advice about which write in books, or has worked, and brought the bulk of the income, or outright quackery, or very subtle manipulation of the audience to do exactly what you need someone to earn.

Read books about the secrets of success, popular in the 1970-1980-ies: there's a large part was about how to behave in order to make a career in a large company. People make money on it? Large company. Now a very popular literature about how to create startup. Who profits from this? And who, creating a startup and getting investment, suddenly finds himself desperately vpahivat his uncle-a venture capitalist?

There is no program of success for all. The program should develop everyone for themselves – step by step. Tips from the guru is useless. Some pieces you can use, but all of them need to try, double-check and be sure first, minimum-scale. And gradually learn new skills, to keep track of what you are missing, display of the resources and time to experiment in advance of writing off these experiments in the flow. All this just in order to learn.

And care in the esoteric, all kinds of imaging and the search for ready answers is a good way of making money. But not for himself but for those who these tips sells.

– And there are no universal recipes here can not be?

The only universal prescription is to go to a psychologist and take a minimum of 5 years. While at the psychologist's hope not. Not everyone will work with the money problem, and it is not necessary. Psychologist helps you understand yourself, and until you yourself understand – gradually find what skills you lack to make money. Sooner or later, the answer usually is – well, not for 5, so for 10 years. Some of this answer will never be found. And that's okay too.

Sounds not very optimistic.

–Life is, in General, the game, no matter how hackneyed the phrase may sound. But the essence of the game that guarantees you win no one gives, learn and play at your own risk. Can be a lifetime to play and to win nothing. But I personally think that more likely those who understands this clearly, rather than those who are full of positive thinking and all these "I will succeed, I will succeed".

But you advise people who have their own business. You notice the more successful ones differ from the less successful?

– If we're talking about people who have earned their first capital, then – nothing. What quality or take, there will always be someone smarter, more active, with the best sense of the market – but somehow not succeeding. Take, for example, the ability to take risks is a positive factor. But its presence does not guarantee you anything. We see one person who once risked and won. But we don't know how many others at the same time it risked and lost.

Therefore, the first capital largely luck. But then this capital should be held. And here already there have been serious differences from other people. For example, such quality as the ability to take a punch. Business is a matter that you're on a roll today, and tomorrow you have already trampled. And when you once again will rise, and you develop the right mindset, and rewarding experience. And since you remain in the game, where you have the experience to make, and it increases your chances to get lucky and not miss it then.

But the thing that I noticed when I talked with people who went bankrupt and then make my second, third capital, which could become his first success, earn and save a lot of money, they are fundamentally different attitude to the environment their society. They are better than others at building relationships. Moreover, the relationship is not a short-term and long-term: with others, with partners, with employees.

If people the "first success" is most common psychology of the small shopkeeper – "squeeze" the maximum, where every step forward is perceived as weakness and only whet the appetite, then these people every your step forward is regarded as a service. As the debt payment is red – response service. And this creates the social capital that helps to not only make money but to preserve capital and financial.


– And what kind of problems arise within the company? Why some businesses perform well and others not?

– It is now accepted that if the business is not working, it is due to the fact that it is "not as described" and "not embedded" business processes. But if you just describe the business processes and correct them on paper – they will not be able to implement. Because I already have some implicit rules that were created either by the chief or any of his connivance. Many, including the chief, they do not realize or are even afraid to say aloud. And they determine the life of the company, not pieces of paper with pictures of "how it should be." They tied work. And if the work is bad, it is necessary to go deeper, to find and change the rules for new. Not in words but in deeds.

If you decided that for some specific violation you will be dismissed, and this is no exception at any level of the company – and you yourself must never violate, and for violation will be required to fire anyone, regardless of posts and former merits. For this step you need a strong will – but only after it rules earn.

– And if there are exceptions?

– It's okay to have different sets of rules for the elite (management) and employees. But it is important to have a set of rules binding for all. Only it gives a feeling that we are together that we are in the same boat and that the implementation of the rules goes to the top. Without this feeling the company will not order.

– If rules are there, it remains only to work hard?

– Determination very important. This allows you to not go the distance. But this is not enough. It is important to constantly monitor the situation, to experiment, to try, to make mistakes, to learn from the experience and try again.

In business, every new level requires more and more knowledge, skills and competencies. The higher you climb the more complicated problems have to be solved, the greater the cost of failure. So the only thing that will help you not to quit and not burn out in the process, is if your business is like in itself. If you don't like it, then all this effort is so huge that it is not necessary in there and meddle.

– That is to love the job they do is very rational?

– Yes, because it justifies the enormous loads that are required to achieve success. If you have interest in the service or product, or to the process of creating and business management, this provides a better chance for success than just the desire to be rich and successful.

Well, in General, much more interesting to live when you love what you do. Then all the woes and losses are perceived as a natural stage of the great game. And it helps one to meet and not to miss your chance.

It is worth remembering that not all the chances. Or not all they can use. Life is relatively short, and may your paintings, books or music would be appreciated only after your death. And your company will bring to the international market, only your grandchildren.

And here you come to the end of life, and if you spend your life chasing fame and riches, and lost, – what do you feel? Or if doing things you love, develop, build something, trying to achieve something great, but failed? Still you behind an interesting life – planted trees, built homes, raised children who will go on. It will be a completely different feeling. Therefore, to deal with important, interesting and really their job is, at least, reasonable insurance against a big frustration at the end of life. published 

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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