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I recently heard an interview with Robert Holden, author and Professor of psychology, who noted that, in his opinion, most people do not need psychotherapy, their problem is lack of focus. Absolutely agree with him. Many of us believe that we have a mess in my head, and this is not surprising. This is especially true of people living in developed countries: when your immediate needs are met (food and shelter), you have time to think about life, its meaning, its purpose... So we start looking for the answers to our questions. So begins a crisis that, with luck, can lead to enlightenment. When we begin to seek answers to questions that most of us use for this thinking. And few can move beyond thinking and get your answers directly from the Source.

Under the authority of thinking

About the thinking I write very often, and to many it may seem that the ability to think I view very negatively. This is not so. Thinking the modern man really out of his control. Most of us can't stop the disorderly flow of thoughts in your head, we carry on about them, beyond their horror stories, live in a fantasy world created by them, sad about the past, fear the future... in Other words, the thoughts control us, not we them, – in this sense, reality is created by our thinking mind, called ego, and is often seen as something negative. However, I became more and more obvious that the development of thinking to such an uncontrolled form of humanity just need to get to the next stage of development, namely, to go beyond thinking. In this sense, thinking can not be viewed as something negative, it just is a reality of the present, without it is impossible insight.

To act or leave it up to fate?

When the person will sooner or later get up those questions, which I think scared and not to think even worse, like “Who am I?” “What is the meaning of my life?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How to find yourself?” “What purpose of my life?”, then most of us use reasoning to answer these questions. Since all people are different and vary in character and education, and the responses they have to these questions will be different.

— People are naturally strong and vigorous, most likely, will answer this question this way: “there is Nothing to wait for answers, you need to act themselves to create, you are the Creator of your destiny, so let the games begin, run, push, push...”

— People who are by nature softer and more uncertain, as a rule, either be completely lost or do you prefer to slowly drift, hoping that maybe somewhere out there they are lucky (get married or win the lottery).

The result is that we are dealing with two types of human energy: the first is assertive, determined, sweeping away everything in its path, often destructive, selfish, and ruthless; the second is inert, static, often indifferent to and fearful of change. Many of us believe that it is much better if you are in the first camp: you rule, dictate the terms, reach, buy Some... the second camp is more cute: slowly sailing through life, they don't mind if someone is there “puffs”, spending your energy and health while they are, though not gorgeous, but a quiet life.

Really need to choose?

Interestingly, when people begin to think, to seek answers to questions, read all kinds of literature, they certainly are torn apart from having to choose which camp they identify themselves. To work and something to “achieve” in the end, while much of life is missed and lost, or to be satisfied with little, no fuss, no stressout, trust fate, which itself will lead you on the right path? Friend choice? Bill gates says that you need to work, and the Dalai Lama argues that it is better to relax in silence. And I want both, I want peace and success... How to be? Really need to choose?

In fact, if you look for yourself on the level of thinking, then you have to choose. When we look at the world with our 5 senses, forgetting that we are spiritual beings, then we exist in the surface of reality and look for answers outside, instead of having to look inside. Surface reality (the material world) governed by the laws of physics. However, most of us forget that there is also another reality that we 5-TEW feelings not to feel (the spiritual world), it is governed by the laws of metaphysics, our only link with this world – through the depths of our soul.

What does this have to do with finding yourself, life plans and focus? Absolutely direct. When we are functioning at the level of thinking, then we think that we have to choose to take a passive part in the life or active, work, or pilgrimage, to write reports or to recite mantras, to advance or retreat, to believe in fate or fight to earn money or to have a clear conscience... Thinking is pushing us to make a choice, but did not forget to remind you that by choosing one, we will lose more.Thus, it appears that whatever we choose, we still lose? Where is the justice in this world? Justice is only a mind can not understand it.

The construction plans and the search for purpose in life, when one is absorbed in his own “ego”

Remembering that only units of all living in this planet of men has gone beyond thinking, it is easy to see examples of how most people make plans and life goals, focusing on the external world, forgetting about the depth of the inner world. Simply turn on the TV. All of that crazy house, which they show, is the result of limited thinking, our ego, which always exists in the atmosphere of lack, loss, stress, anxiety, struggle and stress. The more we busy our way of thinking, the farther we are from the present moment. And if you add to all kinds of progress the speed of modern technology, it is not surprising that our brain is Smoking and asks for help, not knowing how to digest and process all this flow of “knowledge”: Where to go? What you want?

If you compare a person living a thousand years ago, with us, it is easy to see that physically, including the structure of the brain, we are not much different. However, the amount of information that the brain needs to process today, is different incredibly significantly on the amount of information that worked together with the human brain of the past. People living thousands of years ago, I accepted many things on faith. However, faith has replaced science, then TV, then computer. If before we could learn about the news of a neighbor from a personal communication, now we get news from all over the world from TV, where for half an hour for us to collect all the negative, traumatic and cruel. Personal communication is minimized and is replaced by another, someone's joy, anger, drama, inspiration, sadness, emotions of all colors and calibers we, without realizing it, conduct through me, charging my body who knows what kind of energy, forcing our brain to smoke from overload.

It is not surprising that more and more people suffer from depression and increased anxiety, resorting to the help of various sedatives and antidepressants. And the more susceptible a person is, the easier it is to get lost and go crazy in all this information and emotional madhouse.

And if you add to all this an almost complete loss of connection with nature and the surrounding wildlife, which has always provided the earthiness of man, as well as an increasing lack of physical work and movements, which provided the awareness and attached to a specific point (to the present), it becomes clear why with all the advances in information progress to us humans, though, and easier to live in the material sense, but he was so unbearably hard to exist in the spiritual and psychological attitude.

People don't know themselves, they physically do not have time to know yourself, learn yourself to listen and hear, they don't know what they really think on a particular subject, most often they simply repeat heard on TV or read on the run on the Internet. People also don't know what they really want, that is desire really what their soul requires, without which their lives would be completely empty and meaningless. They just copy other people's desires, somewhere seen or heard, imitating their favorite celebrity, or following traditionally established concept of “happiness”, common to a particular culture. Car, apartment... bars, restaurants... vacation at the sea, shopping in the Emirates... children, dogs... dress like in the magazine, legs like a model... service stairwell, mortgage... If someone has something, I want some... But why? What is behind this “want”? Why should I do it? Why there is no happiness, though all seems to be there? It may have most of what others have?

It is a world-level thinking... I Really want to share with you my thoughts about life planning on the inner spiritual level, but you must first consider the question, and perhaps whether it is life planning.

Everything in life is predetermined? Or man is the master of fate?

Is it possible to plan a life, thinking creatures, do you think? Do you treat those who believe in destiny? Or do you think that you are the masters of your destiny? Want to know my opinion? I believe in it, and more. Like this? Tell.

It all started with meditation. During one of these exciting get-togethers with myself in my head suddenly came the realization that I am my own destiny once wrote, drew and painted. This realization was for me a bolt from the blue.

I used to not very evenly breathing in the direction of the concept of “destiny”. I didn't want to believe that someone was once for all determined, leaving me such helpless, which only remains that obey a predefined. On the other hand, I internally felt that I get some guidance, someone or something guides me in a certain direction, and when I do not interfere, do not make sudden movements, life itself leads me on the right path, I get just the lessons I need to for my personal development. And suddenly I literally got an idea... I myself chose the fate of any uncle with a beard in the sky decided for me, as my life to build, nor he to me has determined, under what stars to be born and how the lines on my hand to post... Is myself. I myself drew the map itself has chosen destiny... I decided to come to this material world, and not to get lost and not forget why I am here and why I myself tip-Cribs picked up. So really I am my own fate is predetermined? And what follows from this?

Huge exhale... this implies the following. I have no one to blame for his fate, for my trials, for the people that I meet fall in love with, with whom I go... I'm not a helpless creature, whose life is predetermined. I – creative being, independently choose its own path. I myself have written clues that have answers to all the questions, I just need to find access to these truths. And where to find them? From the TV? From the experience of others? Of the achievements and desires of your friends, neighbors, or celebrities? No, of course. The answers are not on the surface, they're inside. Another breath and exhale... the Answers inside as well as in the stars, in the lines on the hand, my character, my abilities, the maps, in my desires, in a magic sphere, in the tea leaves... Everywhere. Everything is a manifestation of the same. All these are clues, signs, surely designed by some ingenious formula, which I do not necessarily understand in order to fully live my life. I don't need to know what formulas make up the card I need the card.

From the realization that I myself once (but not without the help of some omnipotent force) itself wrote fate, as should the fact that I'm the Creator of your destiny, and the success of my creations will depend on how often I use pre-made card. If I'm looking for answers to my questions inside, not looking around, not measuring my achievements against the achievements of other people, I actively make their own luck, while not interfering with the life to take its course, I do not interfere, do not swim against the current, I actively rowing in the right direction, I act, and not idle, I do not destroy... Here is the answer to the question about the relationship between fate and human will. It's not two mutually exclusive concepts. They are different sides of one and the same. This is exactly what the mind does not understand. This is the living justice of which I spoke above. You can now exhale...

Map of life (or at least a compass) you need to look outside of thinking

Now, we all know that there is nothing contradictory in conscious active movement and the dictates of fate. Now we can talk about goals in life and plans for the future, but not at the level of thinking and beyond, at the internal level, on a soul level.

As we noted above, most people, when they make plans for life (or just dream about the future), focus on the external world at the level of thinking. They are either active or inactive, but as a rule, they are the result of internally unsatisfied.

People who act and choose an action plan from those offered by life options, usually achieve much. But the main question here is: and whether they achieve what they really want? Active by nature people need to be commended for the numerous attempts and efforts: usually the action is better than inaction. However, people spend a huge amount of its hidden energy is wasted, if you want everything and immediately, without knowing why or Wherefore. If people draw their inspiration from the outer world, focus on what others want and what life offers to choose from a list of possible options, they often dedicate their lives to the struggle for incomprehensible values and perceive the world and people around them as a means of achieving their goals. Often these people also cause great harm to the planet, spreading internal dissatisfaction and negative, no use wasting the earth's resources to achieve selected goals thinking.

As for the more inert nature of people, they prefer to be followers more active people, it is easier to go with the flow, picking the fruits of what life presents them. They also don't know what and why, and as a result, they spend this incredibly precious life, returning to a spiritual dimension, without having learn anything.

Fortunately, a third option – active action in accord with its own purpose. Finally we got to the fun part. Always, when I understand certain simple and brilliant life of truth, I want to scream: “Why is it not taught in school?” The answer is obvious: it is often taught in school and school programmes write the same lost people living their life under the authority of thinking.

Activity in accord with his own purpose

Remember, in the beginning of the article I mentioned bill gates and the Dalai Lama? At first glance, it seems that they just represent two completely different camps of people that is constantly and eager workers, on the one hand, and constantly relaxing and happy in the moment, on the other hand. But this is, again, superficial understanding. In my opinion, these two people belong to the third camp of people, namely, people who found their purpose, people who are following your admission, people who seamlessly perform their function in this world, clearly understanding what it is, while doing exactly what they need to do this. The manifestation of this function may be different, but this difference is only obvious on the surface. If you look closely, it becomes clear that these two people just follow their fate. They are all so good at it, because their goals reflect the inner true desires.

And you know what's wonderful? When we know our true desires when we make plans for life and define life goals, focusing and concentrating on these desires, it turns out that to overcome them we have almost all already there. Remember, we write your destiny before we come into this world? Therefore, we ourselves pick up certain talents, conditions, and circumstances to help themselves in this earthly adventure. We also pick up obstacles for themselves, while providing what we need to overcome them. We ourselves stock up necessary supplies. And if we follow our life purpose, we soon realize that we have everything to achieve our cherished desires. However, if we follow our inner and innermost desires, and to copy other people's desires, we soon realize that it is incredibly difficult to achieve certain goals. And even more sadly, when we achieve these goals, the inner satisfaction we receive.

A lot of interesting (and not) written about the purpose. Sometimes it seems that it is a very difficult concept. My formula of destiny in life is this:

inner desire + willingness to help + talents = life purpose

So, coming into this life, we have everything you need to become active participants in the life process without the need to constantly be in the process of the eternal struggle for survival. The struggle for survival (as well as envy, rivalry, hatred) begins when people, guided only by his uncontrolled thinking, don't use your own maps, strive to achieve what you need other people, not knowing myself, not understanding that they are for your own happiness you need. They see something someone has, and it makes that person happy, hence they believe that they should also bring happiness. Hence the modern world is like a madhouse where people copy other people's fate, chasing other people's dreams, and nobody thinks to look into his own cards. Own card we have inside and they are hidden in the clouds of our true desires. These desires are given to us in order not to deviate from the true path.published

Source: thinkingcreature.com/goals-with-your-soul-not-ego/


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