The Influence Of Seven Generations Of Ancestors On The Fate Of The Descendants

Seventy seven million two hundred seventy three thousand one hundred thirty six

Departing to the hereafter, the souls of the dead do not disappear, the information and genetic relationship between them and their posterity is preserved. The most ancient traditions recognized the importance of the influence of ancestors on descendants. Few who have not heard about printing any kind of curse, lying on the seven generations of some terrible sinner.

In Greek mythology, the seven generations of Tantalum was paying for the sin of infanticide. Genealogical research of the criminologist Cesare Lombroso has proved that the killers, rapists and brutal killers in the genus has previously been criminals. Now almost no one doubts that the talents, abilities, and many psychological traits are inherited. Astrologers also believe that children inherit not only the disease, the outward signs and talents of his ancestors, but in many cases, the very fate, often paying for the sins of their parents, grandfathers and great grandfathers.

The cumulative impact of seven generations of the ancestors of the Avestan astrological tradition called "genoscope", which differs significantly from the individual horoscope, as it represents a kind of cliché situations and events, which are certainly implemented in a person's life, if he would not show their personal individual qualities, and will just "go with the flow". If spirituality motivates people to change for submission to the fate of the correcting and directing of programs, implementations of which in exceptional cases is able to completely block the effect of genoscope, to liberate man from the oppression of karmic potential built up by his ancestors for seven generations. Such seldom, but happens, and only in those cases when a person appears as a bright charismatic personality, live a memorable life, and he becomes the father of many — progenitor of a new kind.

Much more likely people are to some extent victims of their own ancestors, and sometimes not living my life, and a variation on the theme of genoscope, a kind of potpourri of the fate of their ancestors. There are a few basic rules that determine the action of genoscope:

1. The lack of influence of the horoscope (when man does not have his own rhythms, date of birth);

2. The repetition of the fate of their ancestors, the manifestation of hereditary diseases, psychological complexes and problems of the older generation;

3. The repetition of the signatures of the ancestors (moles, birthmarks);

4. The coincidence of dates of birth with the date of birth or death of ancestors;

5. The birth of a child preterm (less than 7 months) or post-term (10 months);

6. Early appearance of teeth in a child;

7. Contact with deceased ancestors through dreams.

If at least some of the above rules will take place in a person's life, then it is likely to argue that his individual fate will largely depend on genoscope — collectionary ancestors. Such a person will unconsciously lean in the direction of ancestors, providing him the greatest influence, Express their own individuality he will not be easy.

In this case, is to rely only on themselves ancestors, because people can invisibly lead as the best representatives of the family, and those ancestors, whose influence could be detrimental to the child. In this case everything will depend on the significance of his horoscope, one of the seven planets (visible to the naked eye), since each of the seven generations in genoscope associated with a particular planet.

The connection between the destinies of their ancestors and the fate of the descendant is precisely determined by the date of his birth, as the astrological influence of the planets is highly variable. To determine which of the 126 ancestors (and seven generations of them) will have the greatest impact on the fate of the individual whose genes will prevail in his character, one must study the horoscope of the person for the purpose of identifying the planet Explorer, the effect of energy Kind. You need to know that genoscope the first generation is associated with the Sun, the second Moon, the third mercury, the fourth to Venus, the fifth by Mars, sixth by Jupiter, seventh by Saturn.

A Scheme Of The Kind. 7 generations that are behind each of us, a total of 256 people

Let us discuss this point in some detail:

Generation No. 1 — is ourselves. It is, of course, associated with the Sun — center of our planetary system, energy source and symbol of life. Indeed, in contrast to the cold planets of a star called the Sun is in a continuous boiling of fusion, she's "seething", throwing into space a powerful prominences and the solar wind that pervades the entire Solar system. In short, the Sun is alive, and so it is associated with the generation of the living and not just alive, but young, whose tireless energy and desire to Shine can be likened to the Sun. So, it all starts with us personally, which is the first generation in a seven-step pyramid of genoscope.

Generation No. 2 — our parents, the two of them, i.e. a pair. Fathers and mothers are associated with the Earth satellite the Moon has a huge impact on the formation of the emotional world. Unconscious, instinctive, a reflex manifestation of a person subject to the influence of the moon changing her phases and movement of the moon across the zodiac circle. Everything is laid in childhood: habits, direct connection to the world and adaptation to it, the emotional perception — that we owe our parents. Some people in horoscopes where the influence of the moon prevails, and in adulthood remain great children — emotional, touchy and Moody. Naivety and infantilism, which manifests itself in Mature years, — a negative consequence of excessive love and obsessive care of their parents. The second generation is extremely important for the formation of personality, her receptivity and adaptation in society.

If the genetic relationship between children and parents is violated, the person even being talented, not being able to adapt to this world. The opportunity of unimpeded communication with kindred spirits, the ability to find the right solutions in the world, if not absorbed with mother's milk, it is certainly formed in the first years of life under the direct influence of parents.

Generation No. 3 is our grandparents — 4. With this generation connected planet mercury, which are areas of communication, training, exchange of information. From grandmothers and grandfathers people adopt the intellectual capabilities, the ability to perceive, talents, many of the behavioral characteristics. It turns out that generation more important genetic information, rather than directly from parents.

If any of the grandparents were engaged in the science, teaching, literature, one might expect a manifestation of talent or scientific abilities have grandchildren, but not children, because we know that the children of geniuses nature rests.

Generation No. 4 — great-grandparents and great-grandmother to 8 people. This generation is under the heavenly patronage of Venus — the planet, the great cycle of which is equal exactly 8 years. The fourth generation is considered to be the median of the seven generations, but because great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers considered to be the keepers of harmony and balance. With Venus (the fourth generation) are associated with concepts such as love, joy of life, attachment to material goods. It is believed that wealth, earned by honest labor, or received by inheritance, we need to strengthen and multiply. If the ancestors of the 4th generation were rich, then their offspring will be transmitted the ability to earn, and if they sinned for the material part, then the sin will lie on the continuation of the kind, and will not allow them to become rich, as if they'd like.

Generation No. 5 — great-grandfathers and great-grandmother to 16 people. With the fifth generation relates to Mars, is associated with willpower, energy, passion, ability to achieve goals, to win. Mars is the impulse to action. Without the will, energy, passion, we have nothing to achieve in life. It is from generations of the descendants of Mars are transmitted to military talents, determination, willingness to take action. Apathy, cowardice, or cruelty, unprovoked aggression can be a continuation of the wickedness of the ancestors of the 5th generation.

Generation No. 6 is grandfathers our great grandfathers. These ancestors 32. The sixth generation associated with Jupiter — the planet of power, authority, spirituality, and worldview. Number 32, each is represented as a totem or also symbolically represented in the form of one of the 32 teeth. Before your missing teeth talking about the destruction of this generation. So not just interrupted link of times and broke the connection of these generations, the historical connection. The sixth generation is an invisible link between the individual and national cultural (including religious) egregore. Ancestors in the sixth generation holds immense collective (egregorial) forces, they can become for us a link in the chain of transmission of traditions, commandments, of the true knowledge and teachings.

Generation No. 7 is the great-grandfathers of our great grandfathers. Only 64 people. The most distant from us in time the generation associated with the most remote from Earth planet — Saturn. Just as invisible to the human eye remain Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and other celestial bodies, as well virtually indiscernible impact on human ancestors of the 8th, 9th and 10th generations. Know anything about the lives of ancestors who lived more than 200 years ago, can only descendants of noble families, of which, of course, quite a bit. This link points to the problems of the seventh generation, it is possible to see predestination, this fate, fate, purpose, inner law, and the true duty of man. This is the best generation.

So, 7 generations (126 people) in the following way affect our lives:

1st generation is ourselves, our "I", Ego, as a starting point. Related to the energy of the Sun.
2nd generation – parents (two, i.e. pair). Related to the energy of the moon. They form our immediate environment, emotional attitude to the world, potential health. It is also a possibility of further adaptation, the ability to find their place in life. Particularly affects people with a strong Moon.
3rd generation- grandparents (4 people). They have given us the ability to perceive, intellectual abilities, talents, and interpersonal skills, ability to communicate.
4th generation- great grandparents (8 people). They form in our destiny love scenario, the ability to live in harmony, as well as the level of material well-being.
5th generation great-great-grandfather and great-grandmother (16 people). Gives us passion, will, desire and ability to win. Downside — aggressiveness.
6th generation- grandfathers of our great-grandparents (32). Reflect in our lives the relationship with the traditions, teachings, principles that we follow in life. It also gives social elevation.
7th generation great-grandparents of our great-grandparents (64). It is this generation indicates the fate, fate, purpose in our destiny.

Interesting fact: the resemblance with the parents — if the child is like the father, so he has more hard genetic link with the ancestors, and if more like her mother, so many problems kind of it is free, more independent in their choice.

Know your family tree need not just for the history, but in order to better navigate in the present and in the future, which is a direct reflection and continuation of the past.

To know about ancestors as much as possible is the goal of every person who wants to elect his own path in life. The merits of good ancestors can be a wonderful example to select proper development of the individual, while the knowledge of unresolved problems and sins are not the best representatives of the genealogical tree will help to avoid repeating their mistakes and worsening of negative karma of all Kinds.


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