The strength of the parents' blessing

To never interrupted link between generations and that freely flowed ancestral energy, our ancestors existed a rite of blessing. Bless the parents and older in the generation of his children and grandchildren in the family, in the accomplishment of any business. This is an important ritual. It allows each family to access the energies of Roda.

Mother gives the power of life, the Father - it fills the mind and sense

By the force of the impact of allowing the installation - refer to the Father, both physical and in Heaven, have incredible cosmic force

. Mother teaches us to find a way out of different situations to deal with losses and unfulfilled dreams. In other words, it teaches the emotional component of our lives. Opening a new chapter of their own destiny, do not forget to ask permission from mum. It is a blessing - the key to successful business. Energetically child - the mother continued. That's why she can change his fate.

Family clan, ie the set of relatives, united by one name, forms the energy-education - egregore. This energetically egregor involved not only currently living people. In it are also traces of the energy of the dead members of the family name.

The father represents the masculine forces of nature and gives a child with such qualities as responsibility, determination, optimism, tenacity, toughness, willpower, enthusiasm, generosity, self-discipline, generosity, enjoy the work.

Mother symbolizes feminine energies. From her child transferred to the ability to influence others, the appeal and the ability to negotiate, the ability to accept gifts and money for the work, good luck. And if the relationship with their parents are violated, the violated and the impact of these energies in your life.

Heritage of our ancestors on this planet for a long time. According to the Vedas, it has a few million years. And all this great experience, all of this information is contained in us. She recorded at the genetic level. What a tremendous power! If our actions will meet the aspirations contained in the ancestral memory, if we fulfill the commandments of ancestors and sacred honor traditions, the obretёm FAMILY SPIRIT (sharing knowledge with Rod). That is, we can use obscherodovoy memory and all that has been accumulated in it. With respect to the ancestors and the elders, to the Magi and spiritual mentors to us comes strength of Roda. Before any sort of important things not do without the blessing of parents. The children were obedient, they understood that this relationship with Rod. This huge force. This special power. Life Force.


Just cover your eyes right now. listen to yourself. All of us carry within us the image of his parents, his mother. We carry the image of his father, who is associated with different feelings. And now we turn our attention to what takes place in the soul of our mother. Where is it? And where is our father? Should any of the parents in the foreground, and the other is next? It draws our attention if any of them to a greater extent than the other? Does someone from our parents, maybe more weight, and the other - less? Where is your love? Who is more? Who she is special? And with whom it may be, to a lesser extent? And now we allow ourselves to that of our parents, who have remained in the background, to come forward. So that it was on the same level or at the same height with each other. And so he has got the same weight for us, as the other. And the same love.

Generic communication can be represented as graphs system with the flow of energy between all members of this genus. If communication between any two members of this genus is broken, energy is this connection fails or goes negative (depressing). Especially important are the communication between parents and children, which most energetically "tied" mother and son, father and daughter. These links to a large extent determine the energy supply and the protection that a person receives from his family, which determines the energetic background of this man.

The essence of blessing is that the mother creates around the child a kind of a protective cocoon that does not allow him to get into trouble and directs all actions that are blessed mother, in the right direction. Blessing works even at large distances. It is believed that the man blessed mother, becomes invulnerable.

Due to the rite of blessing I never interrupted link between generations. Bless the parents, grandparents and their descendants in the accomplishment of any cases in the family.

Refer to your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Ask them blessings for yourself, your children. There is not provided by elaborate rituals and verbose prayers. "I bless you!". And right there is the inclusion in the genus, though immediately after the flashing light switch clicks.

Ask for forgiveness and blessing of hindsight. After that, it is sure to begin to change the life of not only a single person, and the whole clan as a whole ...

If we lose touch with their roots - we are degrading, and perish

. Our roots go back to infinity ... Infinity - is what connects everything with everything. Connect - and in common ...

Nowadays, young people in many cases do not know this ritual and live without the blessing of parents. Moreover, much is being done against the advice of their ancestors, if not overshadowed them curses. Maybe our parents did not receive the blessing of their parents. And they themselves need help and support of Rod.

A person deprived of parental blessing, blocked access to the energies of Roda, and it becomes much more difficult to cope with certain situations in life.

Meditation for connecting to the power of the kind you can do it yourself. The main thing - to realize the importance and blessings be sincere in his desire to get

. The second important action - sincerely apologize to the parents for disobedience, for what were often against their will

. The third - again, sincere thanks to my parents for the act you were born in this world. You have to realize that your parents - the best for you. And you - the best for their child. Your soul has chosen them among the other couples and wished to incarnate it was through this man and this woman.

And finally, the fourth - make any real step towards their parents. This may be a specific behavior, if they are close by. Or a phone call, a good letter, if they are far away.

In the end, come to their parents and ask for their blessings, as they say, hindsight. Try to explain to them what you need. I think they will understand you.

program Man can not exist without some kind. These programs will operate on us, whether we like it or not. The only thing we can do - is to change the program by working on themselves. After all, we are the masters of their own lives. Of course, this is not an easy task, but it needs to be solved.

Generic program always meets our personal Karma. Before you appear in this world, our soul "chooses" the parents, Rod, nationality, place and time of birth. Each one of us - a link in the chain of generations. And we rely on the experience of their ancestors.

Generic program - a set of actions of our ancestors. At the same time, it fully reflects our personal karma. Explore your Rod with love, care and respect. This will help you better understand yourself, your problems, realize his destiny. Believe me, you will find a lot of interesting things for themselves.

You need to know their roots, it is necessary to study their family tree. Those who do, often exhibit a certain event communications, which are repeated in the family from generation to generation. Many of our current problems are somehow connected with some events from the past. Where to start?

For deep work, it is desirable to collect information on three or four generations of their ancestors. Start with the fact that you will question their close relatives of key events: birth, school, marriage, death. It will also be useful information about the kind of activities, family relationships, about the financial situation, which had been in a sort of disease. Gather as much information as possible about the brothers and sisters of relatives, your uncles and tёtyah. Arrange family photo album. Maybe Rod kept diaries and letters. After that, reconnect with distant relatives. Send them a letter. Explain that you create a kind of history and you need detailed information about loved ones.

So, our family - it is, on the one hand, the source of strength that gives us life, and on the other - it is our karma, our path. There is our path and the path of Roda. One can not exist without the other. Each of us has his own destiny. And it is closely woven into the destiny of Rhoda. Something we have to do through something must pass in order to change your personal karma and the karma of a kind.

Our ancestors knew that the man who has reached perfection, helps its kind for seven generations into the future, and for seven generations in the past. It builds strength of Piety kind that passes from one generation to another. Conversely, if we are "we return his soul to the dark forces," that we do not only degrade themselves, but also pump out some kind of energy for tens of generations back and forth. This, incidentally, explains why one person at birth, there are some good, and the other - no. Why one is born healthy, and another - patients. It is not only his personal karma, but karma in Roda. How will we manage this force - it depends only on us. The strength of Piety Rod - is the foundation for the birth of a child genius

. The challenges we face in life - this is the way to solve our generic tasks. That is, allowing, at last, a difficult situation, one is freed from domestic bonds, which prevent him to rise to the next level in life, to make the next step to success. Any obstacle in our way is the best chance to gain invaluable experience, which is necessary in order to achieve our own goals in life. Recall that solving generic problems, you not only are adjusting their own destiny in better quality, but also to get rid of this heavy burden of their descendants. And this is - the best inheritance that you can leave them

! As a rule, after receiving the blessing of life not only begins to change from the past this ritual, but also the relatives around the Rod. We establish favorable relations are improving communications, leave the problems easier to solve various problems.


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