The first successful gene rejuvenation in the world: minus 20 years!

45-year-old woman claims that passed the world's first gene therapy against aging

Elizabeth Parrish [Elizabeth Parrish], a resident of Seattle, and 45-years old, the director of a startup specializing in biotechnology BioViva argues that successfully passed the course of gene therapy against aging. Therapy focused on the fight against two well-known and obvious effects associated with aging: telomere shortening and loss of muscle mass.

Previously confirmed the success of the therapy in Texas SpectraCell medical laboratory. In September 2015, the laboratory blood Parrish was taken for analysis immediately prior to initiation of therapy. Then the doctors call rate of telomere length in leukocytes entrepreneur unusually low - 6, 71 kb (thousands of base pairs). On average babies, this length is about 8 kb, adults can reach up to 3 kb, and the elderly - to 1, 5 kb


Telomeres are marked in green

When in March 2016, after the end of treatment, in the same laboratory Parrish blood again subjected to the analysis, the average telomere length of white blood cells increased to 7, 33 kb. Thus, the white blood cells tested "rejuvenated" about 20 years. Parrish procedure took place in Colombia, since such experiments are banned in the United States.

Trailer for the interview with Parrish

The findings were confirmed by two independent organizations - a Belgian non-profit organization HEALES (HEalthy Life Extension Company) and the British Research Foundation biogerontology (Biogerontology Research Foundation). The results have not yet been subjected to expert estimates.

Telomeres - the end portions of chromosomes. When dividing cells, they protect DNA from damage, but each division themselves become shorter by about 30-200 base pairs. The shorter the telomeres, the greater the probability of DNA damage during cell division.

The second part consisted of therapy in an attempt to suppress the production of myostatin protein - it inhibits the growth and differentiation of muscle tissue. Formed in the muscles of animals, and then released into the blood. The man is encoded in the myostatin gene MSTN. Animal studies have shown that blocking myostatin action leads to a significant increase in lean body mass with an almost complete absence of adipose tissue.

Elizabeth Parrish

If it is confirmed the fact of the therapy and its success, courage Parrish, putting experiments on their own body, you can only envy. "I am 100% sure that this will work - otherwise she would not do that - Parrish said in an interview. - I have no desire to burn in the fire of glory. Studies clearly show that this should work. »

Realizing the seriousness of this step, the entrepreneur does not warned in advance scientists consultants working in its startup, about his intentions, because she was sure that they would discourage her. When she opened an accomplished fact, one of the consultants, medical researcher George Martin [George Martin], left the advisory board of the company.

"She's a good man and a good and very pleasant to me, - commented
Martin his decision. - But as a doctor, I am sure that before the experiments on humans is necessary to conduct clinical trials »

. Is Elizabeth Parrish will be a messiah and a pioneer in the field of practical anti-aging, or it will turn another scandal story in the spirit of "Jobs in a skirt" Elizabeth Holmes? There is no doubt that we are all looking forward to the results of peer review.


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